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The RNC Party Is Over, Now The Fun Begins

As was expected, Donald J. Trump is the official Republican nominee for President of the United States. There was literally no competition as Trump knocked everyone else out of the block. He went into the convention with so many delegates that he was afforded the extra joy of having his son deliver the winning score for the state of New York.

The convention went along without a hitch save for Trump's wife, Melania, who gave a speech that was almost line for line from First Lady Michelle Obama's speech during the DNC event of 2008. Plagiarism from a potential First Lady just isn't going to sit well and Mrs. Trump's speech writer has admitted to willfully plagiarizing the speech with the blessing of Melania Trump. It was freelance journalist Jarrett Hill who broke the story with just a few tweets, from there things snowballed.

Other than that, the convention had its usual stars and celebrities pumping out the Republican rhetoric which is just what the rank and file GOP wanted. Of note, there were so few Black people at the convention that news cameras continued to pinpoint the participants thus making the Republicans look pitiful in regard to race relations. No matter though, the RNC participants hit all the hot button news issues of the day and capitalized greatly on them.

It got to the point that there was no suspense at what the spotlight speakers were going to say. It's the same rhetoric you get at any Republican gathering. The speakers hit the soapbox about the usual fare, such as support for the military (war), support for our troops (war), support for our police officers, supporting the nullification of government programs designed to help the poor and disabled and military so that these programs can be privatized, by guess who, yes the Republican hierarchies.

It's so easy to see between the lines of the Republican agendas and they do such a pitiful job of cliché meanderings of the mouth. Stereotypical character speakers who are only there to try to dissuade critics of the Republican core beliefs that minorities and women are inferior, so you had your Republican woman speaker and token black guy speaker and so on. It got really pathetic and quick. Even when ex NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani took the center stage he fell right into that right wing nutcase division, the stuff that nightmares are made of.

They keyword for the convention was 'war'. Republicans love to shout out that word. Why? Because their constituency is made up of the people and descendants of people who murdered and robbed all over the planet and they need a strong military to protect them against revenge.

That being said, enter one Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana. He is so right-wing he doesn't even need to talk. He appears to be one of those stimulus-response right-wingers who couldn't use analytical or critical thought if it jumped up and bit him in the butt. Trump didn't pick Pence, The powers that be picked Pence and probably told him that if he didn't endorse Pence, he wasn't going to be the nominee or worse.

Finally, the man himself took to the stage and tore the house down. Trump told everyone everything they wanted to hear. He missed not one issue nor the hot button keywords that they clamored for. He covered everything from illegal immigration to the police and continued his claims to be the 'law and order' president. Like his fellow Republicans, however, Trump didn't focus attention on the G.W. Bush years and the devastation they caused. Instead he blamed Hillary Clinton for everything it seemed from the sinking of the H.M.S. Titanic to the wars in the Middle East. He played the crowd well and they drank up every moment.

Where is all this going to lead the American people? If Trump wins, he'll establish another political dynasty like the Bush and Clinton families. Trump's kids could end up being executive branch heads for 100 years or more. Are they qualified? Not enough is known about their core personalities to decide and with American's upset about recent attacks on police, Trump's votes will come from the fearful of the population, and that may not spell good for all.

Posted by GregB at July 27, 2016 6:50 PM
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If Trump wins, he’ll establish another political dynasty like the Bush and Clinton families. Trump’s kids could end up being executive branch heads for 100 years or more.

Say What? Drumpf is running to establish a monarchy? More like running for dictator and end up getting stung up by his heels, like Mussolini.

Posted by: oraoghaile at July 27, 2016 7:03 PM
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