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Michelle Steals Hearts, Hillary Steals Trust

Did Michelle Obama give the speech that Ted Cruz should have? That can’t be right? Well think about it: Ted Cruz summed up what he believed was America’s greatest attraction: the promise it gave to people around the world whose desire is summed up in five beautiful words:

I want to be free.

And his vision of freedom and the responsibility it demands in order to have a great republic and not anarchy, would have been inspiring in any context aside from the one in which it was maliciously and defiantly delivered.

And, by the way, if he had just used the word garment instead of, once again, reminding us of those mythical 100 dollars sewn into the sweat-soaked underwear of his dad. Please. Ted. As you wander through the wilderness seeking again the valley of political fulfillment, use garment from now on, ok?

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, spoke of what it sometimes takes to be free. Of endurance and persistence. Of the slow and steady march of gaining a rightful place in society. Not - at least not explicitly - through the violence of a new revolution, but through the American Republic and it's courts and laws.

Makes you think of Justice Thomas, doesn't it? As the cameras panned across a pensive and subdued Jessie Jackson, sitting in the stands.

She sold herself as America's First Mom, and the convention hall loved it. It was a well-written speech and she delivered it passionately, at one point on the verge of tears. Bill Clinton's eyes were all shiny but hardly teary - like a Wile E. old coyote suddenly seeing a new prey tossed his way - as Michelle deftly handed off the First Mom thingy to Hillary Clinton.

But there is a problem. After a speech like Michelle's, the object of that admiration and endorsement - and don't forget all that love floating around the hall - falls short. Way short of any reasonable expectation of someone deserving of that teary and passionate praise. All that love and unity didn't stop chants of "lock her up" from what seemed to have been the California delegation. Democrat delegation, just to be clear.

In an age of identity politics, it's who Hillary is - a woman first, then a politician - rather than what's she's done as a politician, that merits the praise. But it's Michelle who's now stolen Democrat hearts and left her legacy as the Great First Mom. And it's Bernie Sanders who's stolen minds with his dystopian visions of socialist equality and bankers in chains. The only thing Hillary has stolen from her own supporters is trust. Which she can't quite get back.

Posted by AllardK at July 26, 2016 7:37 PM
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Makes you think of Justice Thomas, doesn’t it?
No, It doesn’t.
And it’s Bernie Sanders who’s stolen minds with his dystopian visions of socialist equality and bankers in chains. The only thing Hillary has stolen from her own supporters is trust. Which she can’t quite get back.
What a lot of nonsense you write. It’s a shame there’s no longer a Third Party forum at Watchblog. Posted by: oraoghaile at July 26, 2016 7:55 PM
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The 1st lady ‘wants to be free’. The President is ‘inferring’ that the Russians hacked the DNC to support Trump. Dems are espousing that Paul Manaport and Trump are in bed with the Kremlin. They cite Manaports lobbying activities for the ustabe President of Ukraine and Trumps business dealings and visits to Russia as evidence.

Ain’t it so that the experts are saying the DNC was being hacked a couple of years back and warned them.

I can remember the ‘reset’ with Russia and the off mike remark by Obama to Putin; ‘after the election I can be more flexible’ to be followed shortly by an unfettered takeover of Crimea.

Then, we allowed the Iranians to have the bomb along with a $150B stimulus, and so on - - -

I want to live free too - - - and that means I want a super strong military and gov’t officials that can keep classified information secure, and so on - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at July 26, 2016 8:38 PM
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Sure is good to read some comments on Obama by Roy that others have apparently forgotten.

Donald Trump gave a news conference today. It is so refreshing to hear a non-politician answer political questions frankly and directly with no hidden meanings or diplomatic obfuscation.

He challenged “The Hillary” to have a news conference soon. Can’t wait…it will be filled with evasion and outright lies.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 27, 2016 12:42 PM
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