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Bernie Sanders Is Sticking To His Guns

The modern day phenomenon of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is becoming legendary in the history of politics. With resistance from the political elite of both parties, the world of commerce, and the mainstream media, Sanders continues to stick to his guns and remains a viable candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination and President of the United States.

Debates are raging as to why Sanders won’t stay down, his following continues to grow as both primary contenders, billionaire Donald Trump and former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton continue to try to dismiss is presence and power, to much avail.

The difference with Sanders is that he's the underdog who has grown into the 500lb pit bull in the room. No matter how much the mainstream media sidesteps his achievements, they cannot go up against Sanders' popularity via the web, which most people now go to, to get the latest in-depth political news and news in general. Traditional news media has taken a severe beating in readership and revenue whereas social media and web based news sources, manned by both professional and armchair journalists have amassed audiences of frightening proportions. Here is where Sanders' rules regarding positive press where his opponents take a lambasting every hour on the hour.

The reason for this is that the corporate or mainstream media is easily compromised by sponsors, commerce, and the intelligence communities. They've all got a dog in the fight but where the web is concerned the people themselves are the pack to contend with and they love Sanders even if they disagree with his policies. It's because Sanders stands his ground and isn't plagued with such discourse as pending criminal and legal charges like Trump and Clinton. Dishonesty and questionable integrity have no footing regarding Sanders and it shows brightly. Clinton and Trump, however, are constantly overshadowed by past and present transgressions of considerable magnitude.

Clinton is considered to be the door-in Democratic nominee, but issues regarding voter fraud have erupted to the point that thousands of Sanders' supporters have filed suit regarding the matter. The final votes and delegate counts are still in question especially where California is concerned. With the Democratic convention just around the corner, it's a sure thing that the battle will go down to the wire and then some.

It's been suggested that even if Clinton gets the nomination, Sanders might still end up getting written in. He's said he'd have to support Clinton to defeat Trump, but Trump has considerable power in the similar vein as Sanders. Trump is a rebel. His campaign has upended the traditional Republican hierarchy who are leaving the party like rats from a sinking ship. Should Clinton win the nomination, it's speculated that the disenfranchised will gravitate to Trump because Clinton is seen as nothing more than as a puppet to the Wall St., mainstream media, and political elite.

Whatever comes to pass, this coming election is going to be a battle to the last and when the smoke clears, the fate of humanity will be in the balance.

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