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It Ain't over Until the Fat Lady Says It's Over

It Ain’t Over Until The Fat Lady Says It’s Over

Last week was the long awaited California Democratic vote. Both sides of the top contenders, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders felt they would take the state by a good margin. What finally turned out was that Clinton’s preliminary vote theoretically gives her the Democratic nomination for president.. On the other hand, debate is still raging regarding votes that were classed as ‘provisional’ by mostly independents who changed to Democrat in order to vote for Sanders.

The press jumped the gun on Monday night last week declaring Hillary was the winner when not one vote was counted. This upset many Americans and darkened the glow of the Associated Press who were first to make such declarations. This did not sit well at all with the Sander's camp. They've vowed not to concede until the last vote is cast during the primary convention. Sanders' people, along with several watchdog groups are calling for a full tally of the Californian votes, including those that are provisional as it indicates that Sanders actually won California. Should this be the case it will be the biggest voter upset since the Dewey/Truman run for the presidency.

Many feel all is lost for Sanders, but he's now bowing out yet. He knows anything can happen between now and the convention and he's hoping that at the convention, super delegates who may or may not vote for Clinton do indeed flip the script on her.

This is going to be one big roller coaster ride of an election year where both top contenders, Trump and Clinton might not end up being qualified to even run for office as both may have criminal investigations in the works and should investigators find anything of substantial merit, they'll both be kicked out.

So, hold on to your seats, this is going to be some ride!

Posted by GregB at June 12, 2016 9:41 AM
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Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee of the Democrat Party and will be so until she is awarded the nomination at the convention. There is no “criminal investigation” into Hillary, we tire of these made up scandals and gotchas.

There is some feeling that the joke that is the Trump campaign is being driven by Trump’s ambition to fleece the Republican Party coffers to pay for his campaign finances and he really has no interest in getting elected. That to me is a much more plausible activity by the ultimate three card monte dealer, Mr. Trump. He likes suckers.

Posted by: Speak4all at June 15, 2016 5:04 PM
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