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Bernie Has to Do a Little Dance

A delicate minuet? The WaPo has declared that a subtle dance to bring together Sanders’ supporters and co-opt them into Hillary’s identity-politics machine has begun. Harry Reid - a very delicate dancer himself especially at home doing his workout routine - is leaning, delicately, on Sanders of course.

And this Thursday, the Chief Leaner himself, President Obama, will tango - sorry that's a minuet they're doing - with Sanders. At Bernie's request apparently, having seen the video footage from down Argentine way.

Whether they strut across the carpets in the Oval Office or do the minuet - 2 prancing steps forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps to the left, and 2 steps to the right - Barack could whisper in Bernie's ear a few things about how to be an effective radical.

That's because Marco Rubio was right: Obama is far more radical than he appears, and he gets away with it. Despite the best efforts of conservatives to call him out. The Trans Bathroom fight is merely a logical outcome of Obama's drive to push identity politics as far as he can. Farther than Hillary might have done a few years ago. But Hillary is, of course, now well on board the Obama bus.

So what Obama has to do is convince Sanders to drop the old-fashioned left-wing rants and get with the agenda. You don't break up Goldman Sachs into tiny little pieces and legislate away the returns investment bankers make. No Bernie. You wrap the big banks up in a protective cocoon of endless regulatory red tape, spiced with a good dose of identity politics. Like gender-neutral bathrooms up and down Wall Street.

The goal isn't to shut down Wall Street Bernie. It's to ensure that a Trans-Sometimes-Queer-I'll-Call-Myself-Latino-But-Don't-You-Dare with a degree in sociology gets a nice job in the human resources department at Goldman Sachs dealing with diversity compliance. At a frugal low six-figure salary with commensurate bonuses. And that way lawyers and activists will determine who produces what in America, and who sells and earns what, and what price is unfair. And what range of prices is acceptable. Through a justice system headed by a Supreme Court stacked with justices like Sotomayor.

And as Bernie supporters begin to realize the job possibilities they can aspire to, they will come - senators, congressmen and all - flocking into Hillary's broad cash-stuffed tent. Ok, maybe Bernie can bring some of his cash and his e-mailing list. The times have been a-changing under Obama. Bernie just has to get with the music. And do a little dance.

Posted by AllardK at June 8, 2016 6:38 PM
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Sanders, Clinton and Obama all support the same things, the only difference is with how they deliver the message.

Any dance Sanders needs to do will only be to convince the bernouts that they will still get their free stuff under Clinton.

Posted by: kctim at June 9, 2016 9:51 AM
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