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Can Bernie Sanders Go The Distance?

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders I-VT, is still in there swinging as the Democratic nomination process heads to the big California primary next month. The question is, if he does win over California will he be able to go the distance all the way to the convention?

Pundits agree that Sanders doesn't have the math behind him to win the nomination, but there's still breathing room for him. Hillary Clinton has a small lead of delegates but a majority of super delegates. The final decision will take place at the convention, and there's no telling what will happen between now and the convention. Sanders hasn't given up yet and he's still got massive support.

In Sanders' favor is the math should Donald Trump take the Republican nomination. Statistics show that Trump would beat Clinton hands down, but would lose to Sanders. The reasons are obvious. Men aren't going to vote for Clinton no matter how competent she is. She would be up against an estimated 70% of the male vote and 60% of the female vote who will vote for Trump because their husbands and boyfriends would make life miserable for them should Hillary win.

It's sexist but it's reality. Sanders on the other hand would have the majority of the minority vote, just over 51% of the female vote, and a good 60% or more of the male vote. Trump wouldn't stand a chance demographically.

Clinton also still has trust issues. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton keeps doing damage to Hillary by publicly sticking his nose into her business and looking foolish at it. He's so swamped in scandal himself that he can't utter a word without being lambasted by his accusers especially the women who claim he'd been engaged in a myriad of sexual trysts ranging from sexual harassment to even rape.

Clinton needs to clean up her act and fast. Sanders hasn't attacked her on moral standards yet, he's smart enough to leave that hole opened for the press and the people.

So Sanders does have what it takes to go the distance, they'll probably have to drag him away from this campaign.

It's all about personal and professional integrity.

Posted by GregB at May 23, 2016 6:17 PM
Comment #404876

What is it with this strange fascination among conservatives, this elaborate fantasy about Sanders winning? In the previous post the author fantasizes about what would happen if Sanders won, and spending on proposals was enacted, but not the ways to pay for it. Understandable, since conservatives operate on a borrow and spend version of government, where nothing ever has to be paid for. In this article, Sanders supposedly will do well against Trump because polls say so, which conveniently ignores the fact that Sanders has not come under any attacks from HRC or Trump.

HRC has an insurmountable lead in delegates. It is nearly impossible to change anything at this stage of the game. Furthermore, technically, Sanders is not a Democrat. The super-delegates are mostly members of the Democratic party serving in positions in Congress and at the state level. The idea these people will miraculously side with Bernie is fantasy.

The fact that a poll today showed HRC ahead of Sanders 57-39, and 18 point difference will the primary just around the corner, should throw cold water on that fantasy once and for all.

Seriously. Stop wasting time. Focus. The general election will be between HRC and Trump. It just will. That is what is going to happen. Accept it.

Posted by: phx8 at May 23, 2016 8:42 PM
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This year is the election cycle of malice and ignorance. Trump is a joke that some people are taking seriously, and Sanders is a fantasy that some people are taking seriously. People were laughing at the idea that Trump would be the nominee of that party a while back. Sanders has no possibility of getting the kind of concessions that BHO was given 8 years ago, but he seems to think he will. He’s wrong. Neither one of these candidates are card carrying members of the party whose nomination they seek. Their relative success says a lot about how people think of the political parties, but no one is going to change the way they’re organized this year.

Posted by: ohrealy at May 24, 2016 2:38 PM
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