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Will Trump Tweet Willett Off the List?

If Justice Scalia was supposed to have a sense of humor, a Justice Willett would take it to another level.

Who? Judge Don Willett of the Texas Supreme Court. That would be Justice, as in SCOTX, of course. And Judge Willett loves tweeting almost as much as Trump. Sometimes about Trump. Mostly making fun of Trump.

Because Judge Willett is on Trump's list of 11 possible nominees to the Supreme Court. Willett has had the obligatory stellar career with a stint in private practice after clerking for a Judge Williams in the 5th circuit Court of Appeals. As well as high-level posts in Bush 43's White House, as well as under Texas AG Abbot back in the early 2000's. And now sits on State Supreme Court of Texas.

What kind of a justice would he be? Who knows, but here's a clue. In writing the opinion of SCOTX in a case challenging the constitutionality of the Texas Education Board's financial system, he says:

Judicial review, however, does not license second-guessing the political branches' policy choices, or substituting the wisdom of nine judges for that of 181 lawmakers. Our role is much more limited, as is our holding: Despite the imperfections of the current school funding regime, it meets minimum constitutional requirements.

So, he would be a strict constitutionalist one imagines. Would a Justice Willett tweet out during SCOTUS hearings? Maybe not.

But the question that people seem to want to know is: did Trump merely put Willett on his list because he was advised to do so by GOP stalwarts who are cuddling up to him? Has he actually read any of Judge Willett's tweets? Because if he has, or if he was shown some of them beforehand, that's great then!

If he hasn't, and then Willett quietly gets left off of any further deliberations by Trump's team on who he might nominate to the highest court, that's not so great.

Because as Trump reaches out to experts and assembles a team that will be ready - should he win the general election - to step into the White House and SCOTUS and various agencies around DC and America, he will have to consider people who may very well have publicly stated their opposition to Trump the candidate. And who may even have tweeted a few funny lines about candidate Trump.

We'll assume, however, that the tweets between a President Trump and a Justice Willett would be courteous. Right?

Posted by AllardK at May 19, 2016 7:15 PM
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