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The Unbearable Pain of Inappropriate Pronouns in NYC

Thank you Heather Mac Donald. As she wrote in the National Review:

A pipeline now channels left-wing academic theorizing into the highest reaches of government and the media.

No kidding. You might even say the pipeline has been in construction - by the deconstructionist proponents of post-structural whatever-you-feel-likeism - for some time now. So why should we be shocked and angry that gender is merely a construction? If academic radicals figured this apparent truth out a few decades ago - after bombing government buildings didn’t work out too well - then the masses will have to bow to their guidelines. Right?

And if it starts germinating in academia and then eventually starts spreading quickly like a pandemic to government and the media, can the courts be far behind?

So as Mac Donald asks: have we thought this through? Because the aggressive progressives have. And they are hard at work disassembling - or trying to - the structures and values that were and hopefully still are, essential to America's success. And what better way than through the courts? Think this election is just one more? Change up a justice or two and do a thought exercise on how they would rule on the North Carolina case for example.

So the conventional wisdom is now that a complex issue of gender and identity in which affective psychological issues clearly also have a role, is reduced to supposedly brutal discrimination. The comparisons to cases of blatant and violent discrimination in the past borders on the absurd. But if you can have one soundbite of a distraught teenager then you have a cause and you can go marching arm and arm through the cities of the offending states.

Ok, that would be a lot of work. How about just hissing or tweeting bigot at anyone who pauses and reflects on what Trans may or may not mean in terms of bathroom access? Yes, that's easier and it shuts people up. Because that's what we do. Shut people up who question our radical ideas.

But that's only a start. Are you up on your epicene pronouns? What? You don't know what the (present participle of a non-specific intensifier) (place of eternal suffering) I'm taking about? You bigot! You don't know about pronouns like ze and hir (or hier)? You are ignorant. Obama says so.

The pain that unthinking people's use of pronouns inflicts on victims is thankfully being rectified, however, in New York. Thank you Bill de Blasio! In NYC, you may be fined for not using the correct pronoun if the complainant requests to be addressed that way. As the New York City Commission on Human Writes states in a guideline:

Refusal to use a transgender employee's preferred name, pronoun, or title, may constitute unlawful gender-based harassment.

Now that's a micro-aggression that's headed to the courts. Can you hear it whooshing past you down that pipeline?

Posted by AllardK at May 17, 2016 6:39 PM
Comment #404814

You cannot legislate away people’s thoughts. The law has no Constitutional basis.

Personally, I find some people’s preferred pronouns to be a tad ridiculous. That said, I do make an effort to avoid pronouns when speaking about such people.

Posted by: Warren Porter at May 20, 2016 1:38 AM
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