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If It's Tuesday It Must Still Be Primary Season!

It’s Tuesday, so it still must be primary season! And in the great plains of Nebraska, there is a slender shoot of hope sprouting up to warm the sunny hearts of all conservatives who fear being scythed down-ticket come November. Ted Cruz might just be willing to come back baby. You can blame it all on Trump. And on that last personal stab at Ted, and his father. Not to mention dragging the senator’s wife into the mud, a month or so before that.

So Senator Cruz has indicated that if the GOP voters of Nebraska actually vote him to victory in their state's primary, he could very well make a comeback. In other words, there is no way Ted Cruz is willing to bear the humiliation of climbing on board the Trump Train. Unlike other congressmen and GOP party figures who are climbing on board, if a little reluctantly.

Strategically, would it make sense for Cruz to re-enter the primary race? Unless he can seriously hurt Trump in California, it is unlikely he can stop Trump from achieving 1,237 delegates. And polls were showing Trump with a serious lead in California before Cruz suspended his campaign. Yes, he has plenty of reasons to dislike the front runner in what has been an astonishingly competitive and nasty primary race. But there's plenty of ways to let off steam. On radio, on Twitter, on cable news, in print, blogs, and just letting GOP colleagues know what he thinks of Donald Trump. So they can tell any reporter who's willing to take their calls.

But re-entering the race? It's a state or two too late it would seem. Unless Ted Cruz is really considering a third-party bid. The question is: would he have the fund raising necessary to support such a bid? And would those pushing for a third-party candidate really want Ted Cruz - a recent combatant in the GOP Cage Rage - to be their choice? Not likely.

What it does do, is continue to show how divided Republicans are over Trump's almost-certain nomination. Maybe somehow they can keep the GOP nomination fight going (Trump vs. Zombies?) as long as the Democrat battle seems predicted to last. So there you Dems! We can do that too!

Posted by AllardK at May 10, 2016 5:45 PM
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