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Hillary and Bernie Will Have to Bare Their Fangs

At the Thursday Democrat debate in New York City, Sanders will try to claw back Hillary’s lead. Will he be able to? NYC is all about identity politics and big money. So Bernie will rail against the Wall Street Banks and hopefully show a little more depth of understanding, without seeming to be bowing before the complexities of high finance. And both Bernie and Hillary will scuffle and scrape over identity politics. Like giving illegals - mostly Latinos - driver’s licenses and who voted for what on similar micro-issues.

But they'll still vote for each other. Ok. What was said, was said by Jane Sanders, who said she and her husband would still vote for Hillary if they lost the nomination. Would Hillary do the same? That's a theoretical that the Clinton team rightly deems unlikely. But not statistically insignificant. Hillary needs New York. Desperately in order to put a stop to string of consecutive victories for Sanders. Bernie also needs New York even more desperately. To keep alive the possibility that he can somehow defeat the Democratic Party establishment. Which he can mathematically only do by corralling the establishment itself - the super delegates.

This debate could get more than a little feisty. And the question is who is going to lose their temper and really have a blow up moment? Hillary has had a few. Bernie on the other hand, is always shouting up a storm about his favorite topics. With occasional pauses to gather steam and rest his vocal chords a little.

But you trust Bernie's anger even if you disagree with the reasons why he's angry. Hillary's occasional outbursts of anger are a different matter, however. They seem to betray her real motives - power and money - and her supreme irritation towards those who call her out on any given topic. And when her anger is a part of her spiel, it feels rehearsed and carefully targeted at whoever in the audience she needs to target.

Hillary is a classic politician, in other words. While Bernie is an angry dissident. Two very different political animals who will both, regardless of their differences, be forced to bare their fangs tonight in order to survive.

Posted by AllardK at April 15, 2016 1:22 AM
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