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The Devil and Hillary According to Bernie

Bernie and Hillary are finally getting a little muddy. You see, Hillary is fed up with Sanders and all those screaming, enthusiastic, young supporters. Fed up with the guy who didn’t even have the decency to go after her on the email scandal last fall. How can he still be in the race? Winning primary after primary lately. Yes, she has a clear majority of votes. And should Bernie catch up a little to her in terms of unbound delegates, then the DNC establishment super delegates will take care of her nomination for her.

Unless Bernie just keeps winning. Then that could be a problem for Hillary.Eight years later. All over again. She needs a little enthusiasm please. And for that, she needs more than a little win. She needs to crush Bernie in Brooklyn - and the rest of the state. So those hundreds of super delegates can be seen in Philadelphia as rallying enthusiastically around the true Democrat, the party's real leader. And not be seen as party hacks dutifully doing the dirty work for the Democratic Party elites.

So Hillary suggested Bernie is not fit to be president, by going straight for his throbbing jugular. Bernie does not understand America's banking system. Does not get the sublime details of Dodds Frank. Bernie doesn't have a chance of bringing effective change to Wall Street, like Hillary can. Because Bernie is an aging dreamer who doesn't get it.

So Bernie swung back. Boy did he ever. Hillary is paid for by Wall Street. Voted for the Iraq War. And voted for trade deals that threw good hard working shirt sleeved fists in the air sort of like a soviet poster people out of work. No subtle suggestions about competence. Bernie, you might say, did a Daniel Webster.

Or at least his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, did. 27 bucks a head for Bernie. Large shadowy evil tax-inversion-seeking conglomerates ponied up the cash for Hillary. So - according to Jeff Weaver - Hillary has done a deal with the devil. And - as Daniel Webster's fictional characterization in S. V. Benet's story knew well - "the devil always wants his dues."

Hillary started it. Will she finish it? The only true way to push back the devilish shadow that Weaver and his boss Bernie have gleefully cast over her campaign is to win big in New York. Wall Street's proud home. Can you believe that in 2016 Democrat contenders are bringing up the notion of Satan when disparaging each other? Don't they realize that's so medieval? It's like Stanford trying to bring back the classics in their curriculum! They can't do that!? Can they?

Posted by AllardK at April 8, 2016 1:58 PM
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