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Is Glenn Beck Anointing False Idols?

Camille Paglia in Salon let loose in a broadside against most of the candidates - including Hillary; she’s voting for Sanders apparently. And she questioned Ted Cruz’s Christianity, saying he reminded her of Swaggart and Bakker. Pride before the fall?

Or a Sanders supporter sneering at heartland values?

That all depends on the latest scandal-to-be. Did Ted Cruz actually have several affairs? Or is it merely National Enquirer trash news? You see, trash is a great descriptive. It does not necessarily mean false. It just means trashy. Whether true or made up. So you can call a story - like this one - trash and not really be accused of lying later on when facts start to support it. If that does turn out to be the case.

It can't be true can it? Glenn the Baptist (ok Glenn Beck is not a Baptist) knows that Ted Cruz is the anointed one. Lo, he saw him verily enter Salt Lake City and knew it to be true. Probably not helpful to the Cruz campaign. Seeing Beck himself has stated that should the rumors be true, he'd drop Ted ln a second. Ted as a savior is a narrative that invites ridicule, especially when it appears almost at the same time as the Enquirer story. And it gets in the way of the story of Ted Cruz as a constitutionalist and conservative.

If it is true, is it fair? Should Cruz's affairs be just that? A private matter. As if this was France for example? Not if Ted is a conservative Christian candidate seems to be the generally accepted answer. And all can cast stones at anyone who runs as a conservative Christian presidential candidate, seems to also be the conventional wisdom.

After Ted Kennedy was outed as an unfaithful partner in 1979, the rules changed and journalistic discretion on private matters became outdated. Hardly surprising seeing the personal has been more and more politicized with each passing electoral cycle.

So if it is true, how come no one - especially GOP Senators - spilled the beans on the Senate's most hated member? How come Ted Cruz was not cut off at the pass before he could even assemble an electoral campaign team? It may be that Ted was a very annoying member of the Senate, but was he considered a dangerous rival by anyone a couple of years ago? Or just a real pain in the establishment's butt? Which is not quite the same thing. And maybe there is so little evidence that no one in the media wanted to wade in and splash around in the muck without any corroborating facts. We can't be sure. But this seems like a story that won't go away.

Imagine at least one or two Cruz affairs turning out to be true. And imagine Hillary's email investigation comes uncomfortably close to charges being laid. Sanders versus Trump? It could never ever be. Right??

Posted by AllardK at March 29, 2016 2:33 PM
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