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Scott Walker Chokes on the Fog of Civil War

Within three weeks of Labor Day, Scott Walker started to clear the field with his own withdrawal from the race. This to enable a positive, conservative message to rise to the top in the GOP nomination race. Oh boy. So the less-than-impressive debater is back again with his home state primary coming up in early April. The great-on-paper candidate who of course is a successful governor, will endorse Ted Cruz. Now is the time


Maybe it's not too late for the anti-Trump forces to rally around Cruz, but this was a long time coming. It might have arrived sooner. But when denial is a big part of one's perspective then you have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the conclusion that only Cruz can defeat Trump.

But some are not there yet, nor will ever be. Kristol's possible third-party; badgering delegates in a potential second and third and further rounds in Cleveland; making sure no one gets to 270 electoral votes and then badgering electors and House members to select a president in a process that has lain dormant for generations.

The Ambassador Hotel has long been demolished, and Dealey Plaza is more than anything else, a tourist attraction for conspiracy buffs. So that alternative one can safely presume has never seriously been considered. Right Senator Graham?

The GOP needs to unite. The GOP does not want to unite. The GOP will never be the same, no matter what outcome. How do you unite a party that is in a civil war? How to reconstruct? Who will reconstruct? And what will be reconstructed? We are not even at the convention yet, and many conservative pundits are predicting the end of the Republican Party. Or at least as we have known it. Conditioned by a nod to the specific conservative coalition that was born in the Goldwater days and finally reached power with Reagan.

And as some have said, this is not just about Trump. The fault lines in the GOP might have been ruthlessly exposed by Trump's current attempt to take over the party, but they were heaving and cracking long before he rode that escalator. The fog of civil war has left all shadows and smoke, where silhouettes may be friend or foe. Depending on the latest primary vote, and who specifically Trump infuriated. Scott Walker's hope for a positive unifier last September seems hopeless. And he's being considered for VP? So. Can a little hope be tucked away as we await Cleveland? Maybe it's time to focus on the actual delegates: the men and women who will decide the nominee. And hear what they have to say.

Posted by AllardK at March 24, 2016 9:58 PM
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The Ambassador Hotel has long been demolished, and Dealey Plaza is more than anything else, a tourist attraction for conspiracy buffs. So that alternative one can safely presume has never seriously been considered. Right Senator Graham?
That’s not funny at all, if it was intended to be. Trump will probably moderate his rhetoric more in the future, and focus on Hillary instead of his “fellow rbplcns” They’re all filled with hate, stoked by their own media, which lives in a separate world of its own making. Blame the messengers, and the messengers’ owners. Posted by: ohrealy at March 25, 2016 12:49 PM
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The reluctance to support Cruz is not because of some psychological state of denial by the Republican establishment over the Trump candidacy. It is because they realize that he is a complete a..hole and not a team player. He is their reluctant and belated Hobson’s choice.

The resignation of John Boehner as Speaker of the House and from Congress was a clear signal that reason and compromise was impossible with the Cruz led wing of the Republican party.

Personally, I hope the stop Trump movement fails. An ideological fanatic that thinks he is doing God’s work scares me a lot more than a blustering egotist.

Posted by: Rich at March 25, 2016 8:07 PM
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Agreed. Trump says so many things off the cuff, it. He just makes stuff up as he goes along. His relationship with truth is a casual one, at best. He may or not be a racist, but he certainly promotes racism, as well as misogyny, bigotry, and hatred. He stokes fear, he encourages anger, and relies on an authoritarian appeal. How is that supposed to be converted into an ability to govern? I have no idea. At times he does say things that make sense. He favors preserving Social Security and Medicare. He stood in the middle of a Republican debate- literally in the middle, because he was the front runner- and called Iraq “a big fat mistake,” and stuck George W Bush with the full responsibility for failing to keep the country safe on 9/11. It’s about time someone forced GOP conservatives to come to terms with reality. But if he somehow won the presidency… Hard to imagine. What would a person who has no idea of what they are doing actually do if they became president?

Cruz, on the other hand, is a truly scary candidate. He will say anything- absolutely anything- if he thinks it will play to the most extreme and radical portion of the
conservative GOP base. It is hard to imagine just how bad things would get with an ambitious and totally unscrupulous theocrat at the helm. Cruz, better known as Lying Ted, truly gives me the creeps. He is famously unlikeable- a lot of people knew about that even before Trump shouted it from the rafters- and a person in the White House with a crappy personality would have a very difficult time getting anything done. He would have to resort to force, and rely on a radicalized base to push through his agenda. A Cruz victory would tear the country apart. It would just be a question of how much damage.

A theocrat in the White House… What a nightmare.

People who wear their religion on their sleeves use their religious fanaticism to excuse any behavior. Lying is fine if it promotes their cause. They feel justified in imposing their religion on everybody else because they think they know the truth, and other people outside their religion do no. It is the bad logic of fanaticism.

People like Cruz always assume it is their religion that will be imposed and become the state religion. Yet all those ‘family values’ candidates who so loudly proclaim their moral and religious superiority inevitably turn out to be nightmares of impropriety, whether it takes the form of mistresses, coke and whores, or whatever. Yup. Coke and whores gets them every time…

Posted by: phx8 at March 26, 2016 12:19 AM
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“Lying is fine if it promotes their cause.”

You are exhibit number one

Posted by: tom humes at March 26, 2016 10:12 AM
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