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How Can We Correct The Sins Of A Two Party System

Trump is sailing along towards winning the GOP nomination for President. In direct response to his candidacy, voters have turned out in two to four fold numbers. Numbers never seen in the history of the country. Now, that is impressive.

One would think the GOP would be euphoric over the situation. The party is being invigorated with new members and pulling in some Independents and even some democrats. Many believe Trump brings more 'energy' to the fray to best Hillary in the general election.

But, 'great, green gobs of grimy greasy gopher guts', core members of the GOP are rejecting Trumps bid. Controversy breaking out all over. Threats to leave the country. Conspiracy to deny Trump the nomination should he end up with sufficient votes. Threats to run a 3rd party candidate or a write in candidate. Why is Trump so unloved within his party?

The WaPo published a succinct assessment of this historical conundrum in today's paper. She relates that the Trump phenomenon is very similar to the Regan landslide in 1984. Large numbers of Southern working class white and Northern blue collar workers went to the polls for Regan based on economical issues. They came to be referred to as 'Regan Democrats'.

She says that Trump is a change agent which the GOP establishment will do anything to avoid. And, that rank and file Republicans are fed up with illegal immigration while the establishment "doesn't want to lose this source of inexpensive labor." That rank and file Republicans are tired of seeing jobs offshored to Mexico, India and Asia, while the establishment doesn't want to lost the short-term corporate profits this brings at the expense of manufacturing and high tech industries.

She says Trump is inspiring folks with novel ideas like requiring that immigrants and visitors come into this country legally and properly vetted. That corporations should not be rewarded for outsourcing jobs to countries that have no minimum wage, environmental or child labor laws so that they can turn around and sell cheap goods to Americans whose jobs they exported. And, not expanding benefits to illegal immigrants while veterans are dying through lack of proper care.

The Democratic Party is experiencing the same trend in that the base is dissatisfied with the party core and voters are turning to Bernie Sanders as a change candidate.

Not a conspiracy theory. Established GOP core members and flat out making statements that they have, for years, deluded the base as to 'securing the border' and using immigration as a source of cheap labor. They talk openly of donors extracting favors for business in return for campaign donations. They are talking openly of pushing globalism and trade policies without due regard for the US labor force.

How did our federal republic become an oligarchy? The culprit is the voting public. Since the Founding voters have given scant attention to politics, voting infrequently or not at all and being misinformed or disinterested about the world around them. This left responsibility to govern, deliver social welfare, set trade policy and so on, to big business and elected officials. A natural and strong symbiotic relationship developed over a couple of centuries and delivered us to where we are today. In real bad shape with a future that looks bleak; first generation that is expected to do less well than their parents.

Well, I'm telling you how it got broke so I might as well tell you how to fix it.

Our oligarchy was formed and grown through the two party political system. Intentional or not, it became real easy for business and elected officials to conspire to give favorable legislation to business in return for campaign donations and other sundry quid pro quo actions. (I really do want to see a copy of the speech Hillary gave to Goldman Sachs).

A small exemplar can be found in an article in today's WaPo Magazine. Jonathan Lundgren, a USDA scientist found that Neonics, a new type of pesticide which becomes fully incorporated into the plant tissue, was causing the decimation of the bee population. CONGRESS and BUSINESS didn't like him pushing against pesticides so he was fired, according to Lundgren. His lawyers allege that nine other USDA scientists have been ordered to retract studies and water-down findings. Notice here, that no VOTERS came to the rescue, and so on - - -

Well, voters are not going to vote incumbents from office in large numbers. Elected office tenure runs something like an 85-90% rate of re-election. Therefore, we have to fight fire with fire. We need a new 3rd party with a different political attitude. A party designed at it's Founding to shunt special interest money to ground. A party with rules designed to prevent the co-option of the party through political donations.

A third party so designed would be well received by a voting public longing for the demise of oligarchy. Such a party could weigh in against the corpocracy and status quo in place today.

The current political climate seems an opportune time to initiate a 3rd party. Consider the number of disaffected Republicans, Democrats and Independents that might be willing to move to such a 3rd party.

However, it should be understood that just forming another 3rd party won't get the job done. Voters know that just another run of the mill 3rd party would quickly be overtaken by special interest money and become part of the corpocracy.

A 3rd party, properly bolted together, can serve to return gov't to the people and implement REAL reform on critical issues such as Campaign Finance Reform.

Otherwise, we have the Corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by Roy Ellis at March 6, 2016 10:38 PM
Comment #403244

Roy I have to disagree with you when you point to the voter as the crux of the problem. Although we hold some of the blame we don’t own it all. The oligarchy has been a work in progress for many years. The media has become more concerned about the bottom linen and is controlled by only a few corporations who do not consider informing the voters in this country a priority. Look at the degeneration of the press over the last 40 years. The perfect example is Fox news. One sided distorted propaganda where opinion passes for news is the best that can be said for it.

But that is only 1 part of the problem. As you have pointed out earlier the train came off the track in the early 80’s. Now we need to look at that time frame and figure out why the train came off the tracks. Some ideas for you to consider include the most corrupt administration in modern history happened at this time. The attitude of the corrupt leader was “the problem is government”. Blaming our system of government, that previously put men on the moon and won world wars, while corrupting the government.

The conservative movement grew wings in the late 70’s as well as the Libertarian party and the books of Ayn Rand became popular. Business became big and government became small. The natural progression over the years has led us to where we are today, dumbed down and mad about it. Unfortunately we don’t even know where to point the finger.

We all know money and politics equals corruption yet the best and brightest on the SCOTUS would have us believe the founding fathers wanted billionaires to hide their bribes to politicians to be a natural right of some kind. Hell as the world changes we become scared and look to blame anyone but the oligarchy, we mostly refuse to believe it exists. Instead we blame immigrants and minorities just like the people of Germany in the 20’s under somewhat similar circumstances.

SO when you point the finger at the voter remember the sophisticated ways the voters are manipulated today by hard core ideologues who will stop at nothing to own the country, yes the conservative movement. Again just a part of the problem but supply side economics! still ! No wonder people are wondering what is happening, blaming immigrants for taking jobs but rewarding corporations for moving jobs out of the country! 30 years of dumbing down the voter and suppressing the vote has worked for the conservatives.

Posted by: j2t2 at March 7, 2016 11:44 AM
Comment #403254

j2, I can agree voters are not the entire problem. But, far too many don’t take their role as a voter seriously. And, way far too many continue to blame the other guys rep while re-electing their rep over and over and over. And, far too many voters are misinformed or ignorant on political issues.

And, you are right too, in that much of the media exist to entertain and deliberately misinform. And, there is a plethora of un-vetted information on the web. One has to work at filtering thru the BS to develop something of an understanding of the political situation.

Further, many voters feel their vote doesn’t matter much. So long as all four wheels are rolling they are willing to let the corpocracy run things.

Such was the case with NAFTA and open borders. The folks have watched the affect of globalism for some 30 years and have decided they want a change. Corpocracy has us by the short hairs and WILL NOT change. According to Corpocracy Trump has to go. They intend to choose a bought and paid for establishment person to be President. Hilllary is their perfect candidate on the dem side.

I certainly don’t blame illegal or legal immigrants for the sad state of affairs in the country. Those folks are doing what comes naturally, looking to improve their lot in life.

Should the voters care to, they could get rid of corpocracy but, they won’t. It will take a new 3rd party w/a/dif/pol/att, IMO.

Otherwise, we have the corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by: roy ellis at March 7, 2016 8:57 PM
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