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Hillary's Fundraising and the Iran Deal

Hillary Clinton has taken credit for the added sanctions on Iran that supposedly drove Iran to the negotiating table. Although the actual deal-making was after her tenure at State. In other words, she’s the proud godmother of the Iran deal. So as billions of dollars get unfrozen from Iran’s formerly frozen financial accounts around the world, maybe Hillary could rightfully feel that a small portion of all that cash is hers.

You see, the former Secretary of State is at a couple of fundraisers in mid-February: one in NYC and one in Virginia. The NYC bash is hosted by BlackRock Managing Director Matt Mallow. Blackrock, of course, is the gigantic asset-manager. The world's largest asset-manager, and one of the most influential according to those who know. It would be hard to say whether any of Iran's defrosted assets are, have been - or will be - managed by BlackRock. But there is certainly more than a slight possibility of that being the case, seeing Iran has billions and billions of dollars in various places. Possibly even New York City, financial capital of the world.

It would be unkind to suggest that Hillary Clinton would actually accept money directly from the Iranian government. Of course she wouldn't. But in the tangled web of international financial relations, using BlackRock as a backstop to top up one's campaign funds puts a candidate smack in the middle of that web.

And there have been accusations of foreign money funding the Clinton Foundation and perhaps influencing State policy. Those are unproven, but there has been a pattern of less-than-transparent financial deals throughout Bill and Hillary Clinton's political careers. The BlackRock fundraiser is just one more example. And quite frankly, if Iran can convince those in the American government committed to the Iran deal, that it is playing by the rules, you could see a few campaign contributions flowing from Iran's coffers through various channels.

Yes, the main risk of unfreezing Iranian assets is precisely the missile deals Iran has been signing with Russia. But behind the scenes financial flows can be troubling as well. Let's see if Bernie Sanders continues to shine a little light on Hillary's fundraising.

Posted by AllardK at February 18, 2016 11:43 AM
Comment #402738

A good url by the WaPo re the $3B the Clinton Foundation has amassed.

I believe the silent majority is finally acting out re Bernie’s rise and Trump’s shooting star. Bernie is running in a dead heat with Hillary in Nevada. Meaning, some folks have changed horses in midstream.

Our intel folks are telling us that there is corporation between NK, Pakistan and Iran in working to get their nuke programs up and running. The too, we can see that China and NK are tagteaming re power in the China Sea.

Russia is blowing up our allies in/around Syria and threatening in some old Soviet states.

ISIS is beefing up in Libya preparing for their new hqtrs, impeded by well, no one.

We need a Donald NOW. Can we hang on for another ten months?

Allardk, the $3B is irrelevant if HRC can’t obtain a security clearance. No way she can retain a clearance. Her tickets should of already been pulled.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at February 18, 2016 5:56 PM
Comment #402779

You hear alot about how her “charity” is receiving money, but you don’t hear anything on what it’s spending it on.

Posted by: Weary Willie at February 20, 2016 3:42 PM
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