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The Last Standing Honest Man in Washington

The FBI has not publicly identified the specific focus, the scope, or potential targets of their ongoing investigation on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. All this was laid out in a formal letter sent to State. And Director Comey will not be influenced by the election campaign currently under way. The process is ongoing and will not stop until the FBI - and likely the Justice Department - brings it to a close.

This means that Hillary will face a constant barrage of questions on her server - and by extension on her record as Secretary of State. And the ghosts of Benghazi, and older scandals, will linger in the background.

While Sanders made Hillary practically do a little jig of joy right there on the debate stage when he declared himself sick of hearing about the email scandal, his punctilious and modest deference towards the process underway could be lethal in the end for Hillary. That is, should the FBI see fit to conclude that Clinton should be indicted for possibly breaking the non-disclosure agreement she signed when she assumed the job at State, then Bernie's collegial neutrality will offer perhaps a refuge for Democrat voters.

Imagine. Your preferred candidate is being charged - well, has been charged again in yet another investigation - so what do you do? Had Sanders been partisan about this, his own campaign might have faced a backlash from Democrat voters at large. But as he has been about as fair as anyone can possibly be, maybe the forlorn Hillary voter will turn sobbing into the good Vermont Senator's arms as he pats said voters back and reassures them all. That's assuming that Bill Clinton's nasty attack-dog role doesn't start to get under Sander's skin.

The rather tricky line between private gain and public good is challenging for almost any candidate ambitious enough to aim for the top of the hill. It has been awfully tricky for the Clintons over the years. This investigation may yet turn out to be the trickiest chapter of them all. And Bernie might just walk away from Hillary's political ashes like the last standing honest man in Washington to his adoring supporters.

Posted by AllardK at February 8, 2016 7:14 PM
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Despite the lack of comments on this article, I must commend AllardK for a very astute analysis. Sanders is adopting the exact posture that we all should, namely that the allegations against Clinton are serous, but that it does everyone a disservice to keep talking about the issue when the FBI investigation is still ongoing.

If the FBI concludes that the censored emails would have been deemed classified by any reasonable person in 2009-2013, I am certain Bernie will throw the book at her. That said, I am still confident that the ultimate conclusion of this scandal will be a vindication of Clinton rather than an indictment. The FBI is going to determine that while those emails are now considered to contain classified information, that classification only occurred after they FOIA process had begun (ie well after Clinton resigned as SOS).

Posted by: Warren Porter at February 14, 2016 8:49 PM
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