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The Gang of Three Targets Rubio

The Gang of Three is after Rubio. No, not Cruz, Carson, & Trump. Rather Sullivan, Hamburger, & Roig-Franzia - all writers at the Washington Post, each with their speciality. That would be national politics; money & politics; and style, culture, and politics, respectively. A perfect triangulation aiming straight for Rubio’s aspirations to be the GOP nominee for president.

It's not so much the finicky details of what items on his Florida GOP card were personal and which were business - the card was for the expenses involved in things like recruiting candidates and raising donations which involve a fair amount of socializing and the spending that goes with it. Rubio has been attacked, audited, and cleared of all impropriety years ago, but that hasn't stopped the Gang of Three from pouring over his credit card statement details as if they were auditors at the IRS looking to nail a conservative charity.

No, the bigger issue they are desperately trying to link Rubio with is his supposed inability to manage his personal finances. The 44 year old from South Florida is a profligate spender! He can't manage his own credit cards, how can he manage the economy?

We're talking items like a delinquency charge of $39.78. Some items are greater, indeed. Into the hundreds, hundreds of dollars! Maybe Rubio should go into a real estate development project with a trustworthy contractor. Like the Clintons did with ... Never mind.

Rubio needs to continue to bring the clarity and focus he brought to the last debate in dealing with this assault on his credibility as a candidate. Because this will likely keep appearing in one or other corner of the mainstream and not-so-mainstream media. Focus and clarity, not obsession. Precisely because the broader story - Marco Rubio lacks focus as shown by his work in the Florida Legislature and in the Senate - will continue to be thrown up for public consumption. Will it make a difference in his poll numbers among GOP voters? If anything it might help his numbers, but any noticeable damage is unlikely. As long as Rubio keeps his patience and his focus. And a little irritation at WP hit teams is more than understandable.

Posted by AllardK at November 9, 2015 1:09 PM
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I think the thrust of the argument is that Rubio has a penchant for living well beyond his means. For instance, buying an $80,000 boat before paying off his student loans.

And simply put, Rubio’s credit card fees, although minor, betray a sloppy ability of Rubio to account for his own finances. Do we really want such a clumsy accountant in charge of the US budget?

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 12, 2015 12:50 PM
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