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Volunteering (information) at the DHS

Yes indeed, Wikipedia is becoming a snake-pit of a swamp. Your biography nowadays is not merely a set of facts gathered from a variety of perspectives and hashed through the blockchain of Wiki rules and its collaborative non-centric building of information. No, in fact you have to worry about someone with your private key - that encoded seemingly random alpha-numeric thingy - sitting in a DHS office, where they deal with monitoring every bit of information that may provide clues on where a breach in national security may occur. And that person editing a GOP House member’s biography on Wikipedia. Your biography in fact.

Really, couldn't this anonymous foe have done it the straight-up, honest way with a letter like Walter Jones? Walk tall, walk proud, slip sideways and stab? And then drop hints in a casual, poisonous way. So the speaker's race is not yet a pile of smoldering ashes, but there is a little re-building to be done. And nasty tactics tend to emerge when agents - as the term applies to game theory, or perhaps to trench coats; you decide which - feel the outcome they seek is worth just about any tactic. So the stakes are high because the House really does matter. And the way legislation gets put together - as in voters' concerns getting stripped out of a bill by all that vested-interest sausage making - really does matter to those voters.

For instance, the NSA Reform Bill from a year ago: domestic spying was defined down to something very precise and rather meaningless so that the NSA and others could continue to monitor Americans as they, (the NSA of course not your voter), see fit. One is reminded of Dennis Miller's joke about only really not wanting to hear any "heavy breathing" on his phone. The rest was okay. So it would be light-headed and wrong to joke about who was doing the heavy breathing this time. A couple of political lives have been damaged far more than needed and now the dirty tricks - to invoke a decades-old ghost - are becoming the story, rather than why conservative factions were against McCarthy's nomination.

Posted by AllardK at October 12, 2015 7:07 PM
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Democratics have no problem destroying someone’s career/life if they saw the need. I don’t see the pity parties for conservatives when they get maligned or run from office.

This sounds like where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and I don’t see anyone denying they smell the smoke. It was McCarthy himself who instigated the speculation by dropping out so suddenly. NO one accused him of anything, so I don’t see why you’re panties are in a bunch.

We can speculate about why he dropped out, but I’d consider the reason being what Paul Ryan’s “pal” said, “Because he’s not a f—-ing moron.”

Posted by: Weary Willie at October 16, 2015 8:14 PM
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