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Pope Francis and Capitalism

Dear Patrick Michaels, you of the CATO Institute and of the faith that the accumulation of wealth and it’s twin, the development of economies and societies, is the key to lowering pollution, know this: Pope Francis I is Argentine and, most respectfully of course, a Jesuit. He came of age during the first Peronista government, when it’s links with Mussolini’s Italy and to a much lesser extent, Hitler’s Germany and Franco’s Spain, were sharper and obvious to all. Including Peron himself. How deeply the young Bergoglio became involved with Peronism is debated and quietly hushed all at the same time. But corporatism, the organizing of society into sectors and groups under their leader, was all around him as he studied at a technical school to earn his degree as a chemical technician in the 50’s.

Later, as the peronista youth tried to forge fascism (which always had a socialist-labor component) with communism after the glories of Che and Castro, Bergoglio has been accused of being confessor to, and/or participant with the Iron Guard. Not the Romanian fascist group (surely an inspiration for those youthful Argentine populist radicals) but rather a home-grown, rather right wing, Peronista youth group. From the 60's and 70's, they drew on thinkers from Hegel to Mao and finally Peron himself and his "organized society", looking to forge a third way between materialistic communism and imperialistic "yanqui" capitalism. An invigorating intellectual climate no doubt, that heaped as much scorn on capitalism as on the soviet union.

Perhaps Bergoglio did not participate in this group, but he seemed to have been at the very least a spiritual advisor. It's often hard to tell who did what - the Church was as divided as the rest of society - during the horrifying years of the mid and late 70's in Argentina, and the radical left has gunned for Bergoglio for a long time. So one must deal with caution at the dark legends that quietly spread out and aim to taint the current Pope. What is clear is that capitalism and its freedoms are viewed with suspicion by Pope Francis. Capitalism as a problem that must be contained, a force that must be dominated, a fact that must be denied a space in the good, taking the medieval scholastic perspective, if you will. Whether Pope Francis agrees with the chemistry of climate change science is perhaps less important than his disagreement with the philosophical premises of capitalism itself. And that runs much deeper than any debate about the extent of global climate change.

Posted by AllardK at September 23, 2015 8:27 PM
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What is your point? That Pope Francis may be skeptical of both “materialistic communism” and “yanqui capitalism.” Oh my, what a horrible thing.

Posted by: Rich at September 23, 2015 8:43 PM
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Capitalism would work much better if gov’t would take on a larger role in regulating corporations.

Corrupt capitalist ventures have been a big problem from the first days of the Founding. Socking it to the consumer went big time with Regan’s era of greed is good (globalism).

Caveat Emptor has been the moniker for the consumer from about the time Jesus re-arranged the money changers tables.

Today, corporations can buy and sell any personal information that can be found about you. But, it takes an act of congress to get a look at the books of a corporation. And, gov’t is loathe to investigate a corporation because 1), corporations have certain rights as people and, 2), over the centuries corporations have bought and paid for their gov’t.

So, only in the most egregious cases which generally surface thru some whistle blower or news media investigation, will gov’t get involved.

There was never a case in law by the SC that rendered a verdict that corporations have some rights as people. The courts just made it so.

Today, it takes some bigtime corruption to get the attention of gov’t. Let’s see if gov’t will touch the venture described in the following url.

It is far more likely your representatives are busy throwing sand over the tracks of this firebrand capitalist.

While we don’t want to interfere with competition and R&D, maybe it would be a good thing if gov’t would continue to leave the materialistic side of capitalism to the oligarchy while more stringently regulating the healthcare industry.

But, wasted text/alpha characters there as any significant move to reform will be stifled by corpocracy. In other words, look how Obamacare is saving us from the big, bad pharmas.

It would take a new 3rd party w/a/dif/pol/att to implement such a grand reform.

Still, I thank the Pope for his support for the consumers among us.

Otherwise, we have the corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by: roy ellis at September 25, 2015 9:02 PM
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