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Corpocracy alive and well

A recent WP article on Solyndra and Lockheed leads one to perceive that corpocracy is alive and well.

According to the article Solyndra officials repeatedly misled federal officials and omitted information about the firms financial status in their attempt to gain a major government load. Solyndra was to make and sell hi tech solar panels but declared bankruptcy and the taxpayers were left holding the bag, have we been here before, for a half billion taxpayer dollars.

A second articles relates that Lockheed, the world's largest defense contractor has agreed to pay $4.7M to settle charges that it used government money to lobby federal officials for an extension to a contract to operate a nuclear weapons laboratory.

For over five years they lobbied congress and the Executive. Lockheed allegedly hired a former New Mexico congresswoman to help with the contract effort. They also urged that the contracts be closed to competition.

Using taxpayer dollars to lobby for a non-competitive contract - - does that curdle your whey?

The article relates that this is not the first time Sandia labs used taxpayer dollars to lobby gov't. The ex-congresswoman was working with three other contractors managing the Energy Departments national laboratories. The four contractors charged the department a total of $450k for fees paid to Wilson according to the Inspector Generals report. Billing information for the work she supposedly did could not be found.

The congresswoman, Heather A. Wilson left congress in 2009 after a failed run for the Senate. The day she left office she began receiving $10k/mo for consulting work that had no written work requirements.

Would be hard for even Trump to trump this one. Not that the money is that extravagant or the lobbying tactics are outlandish but the brash, bold way in which they implemented their plan.

Just business as usual around the beltway and we can all rest tonight knowing that corpocracy is alive and well.

Well, it seems both Bernie and Trump are stumping on corpocracy or, oligarchy as they prefer to call it. Unfortunately, if elected, neither could have any appreciable effect on corpocracy/oligarchy. The money tentacles would quickly go around them.

What is needed is a new 3rd party founded in rules to lock out the special interest. It does seem that a good number of independent thinkers are making their voice/cote heard this time around.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by Roy Ellis at August 31, 2015 7:47 PM
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For example, a corporation produced a blood filter designed to reduce blood clots. The person hired to conduct an assessment of the device warned them it might cause problems but they threatened to fire her and forged her signature on documents submitted to the FDA. She resigned and notified the FDA which did nothing. Also, nothing from the Executive as I can tell. Several died from using the device.

So, since we can’t really know the truth in these situations, my perspective is that the FDA approved the device and didn’t respond to the woman who did the assessment because some Senator Fogbottom took some campaign money from this corporation or an affiliate/associate/subsidiary, and so on - - - Likewise for some high level FDA person or someone even higher in the Executive.

Corpocracy, alive and well.

And, it’s my perspective that the reason Trump is riding a wave of silent majority sentiment is for numerous incidents like this.

Just my perception.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at September 3, 2015 7:48 PM
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