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Russell Brand, John Walker Lindh, and Military Psychologists

You’ll be glad to know that John Walker Lindh has kept the faith. So much so that his forehead was bruised when he was tackled by a fellow inmate while praying a few years ago. It would seem likely that he was not reading the Gospel when his forehead came into sharper contact with the floor than is normally the case in Islamic prayer. And you’ll be glad to know that the American Justice system has ensured that he continues to have the right to pray, at another facility in Indiana, not the one where he was tackled. His suing for group prayer on the part of Muslim inmates was successful, with a favorable ruling having been handed down by a federal judge in early 2013.

John Walker Lindh does not go by his birth name, as to be expected from a still-fanatical islamic convert. Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi is his taken name. Or given by the merciful Allah he would surely say. That's a really nifty way of combining Al qaeda with, for example, the Continuity IRA who like doing stuff like executing former comrades at fuel depots in Belfast, all while allowing a father to administer last rites. And photos of Lindh after having his head shaved some dozen or so years ago, do betray a mug shot worthy of an IRA hitman. But the photos of Lindh with long greasy hair and a bushy beard remind one of no one so much as Russell Brand, who one suspects would really really like to be John Lindh. And maybe if he puts his hollywood earned dollars (or pounds sterling) where his mouth is, he could find out if he is up to the task somewhere like Syria.

But that's not what matters to the APA. Rather than having a military psychologist interviewing John Lindh - which one can presume in fact happened during his detainment and debriefing but one cannot know thanks to a gag order - to find out how a kid from California and Maryland ended up in the Taliban, they would rather provide grief counseling for the wrought little boy who was traumatized by the drownings of his fellow muslim fighters. And the fact that it was with a Syrian American prisoner that Lindh sued for and was awarded group prayer rights for he and his fellow Muslim inmates surely does not disturb the APA in the least. Imagine Lindh as a inspirational figure for an unknown number of potential IS converts within the U.S. Al-irlandi as a beacon for those unstable individuals who just might cross the line of civilized, peaceful, day-to-day life and go postal anywhere, anytime. Would the APA approve of a military psychologist interviewing Lindh on a regular basis to see what kind of influence he might have, or wish to have, on those outside his facility's secure fences and walls? Surely they would say a military psychologist has no place in the Indiana correctional facility where Lindh and his fellow Muslims pray. And surely Russell Brand thinks Lindh is both a victim and a hero even. And while supporters and family of Lindh were vocal critics of recordings of their boy under morphine - he had a bullet in this thigh - what fricking excuse does Brand have? Oh that's right, he wore a Taliban turban right after 9/11 because he was a heroin addict at the time. Should a military psychologist do us a favor and interrogate Russell Brand? Of course not, but it's a thought isn't it?

Posted by AllardK at August 3, 2015 6:12 PM
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