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Is Hillary Happy Running for President?

Mark Steyn is absolutely right: Hillary is wooden and dull and Democrats need a romance. They can forgive scandals - whether financial or sexual - as long as they have a crush on their candidate. Look at Bill and Barak. So while the email scandals may energize the Republican base and erode Hillary at the margins, she’s doing a pretty good job herself with a campaign that makes Jeb Bush look like as exciting as Trump. And that means that Bernie Sanders may actually achieve critical mass and start to threaten Hillary’s campaign. If he hasn’t already. Would Hillary debate Sanders? Perhaps not, but who is she competing with for the left-and-merely-liberal vote?

Liz Warren has graciously bowed out. Chafee, O'Malley, and Webb don't register on any significant level and more than likely never will. Will Biden join the race, encouraged by Sander's surge? Will anything remotely interesting - aside from Bernie's building momentum - actually happen on the Democratic side? Hillary really does have to debate Bernie and at that point, watch out. Her edifice may come tumbling down and all those rigid progressive certainties - the main one being: at last, at last a woman, a democrat woman please, in the White House - would dissolve down into an angry series of question marks: Who is Hillary really? Why do we actually want to support her run for the Presidency? What do we like, what do we really like, about Hillary?

And that leads to the most important question: does Hillary really want to be President? That is not the same as asking whether she feels entitled to the job. There's no doubt that she does. But does she really, really, really want the job? Does she feel comfortable in the spotlight in a way that all her previous public experience seems not to have prepared her for? Is she actually happy running for President of the United States of America? The way even a weak leader like Jimmy Carter clearly was? The way a not-at-all young Biden surely would be. The way a feisty old left-wing prog like Bernie Sanders is clearly, ab-so-lutely happy running for office? The way a Jeb Bush clearly is not? It's a question voters ask and sense on a gut level. It's called looking for the next leader of the world's greatest country. That simple, and that hard to find. Hillary is just one bad-tempered question mark, when it comes to being a true leader. And her supporters are sensing it with every lackluster month that goes by.

Posted by AllardK at July 30, 2015 6:44 PM
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Finally, a democratic who truly sees Hillary’s delema. Another question is, what exactly has she accomplished? Hillary suffers from the liberal belief of entitlements. She believes she is due. She suffered indignities, supporting a philandering husband, and she is due. But Hillary suffers from so much baggage of her own doing, the Democratic establishment will once again throw her under the bus. She could be the Queen of Sheba, but if she can’t win, then why support her?

Posted by: Blaine at August 3, 2015 10:07 PM
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Tough times for Scott Walker in NH.

Poor guy! At least Iowa republicans are more supportive of his chicanery.

Posted by: Warren Porter at August 4, 2015 11:49 AM
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Holy cow!! Trump got punked too

What is it with today’s youngsters don’t they get the value of whacko candidates pandering to an angry crowd with pitchforks and torches. Sheesh what is the world coming to? Keep this up youngsters and soon you will see that making fun of terrible candidates is well, well, oh never mind just have fun for awhile.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 12:04 PM
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Can we hear both Warren and Speak giggling?

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 4, 2015 3:04 PM
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Now, now you cranky old guy. Can’t I have a little fun at the expense of your presumptive candidates? Or is that not allowed?

Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 3:09 PM
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Now, Now…does my innocent sentence threaten you?

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 4, 2015 4:05 PM
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Did my innocent link to Trump being treated with less than admiration by Harvard students threaten you or anyone else? You do express some very strident beliefs but none that I would call threatening. I can’t say the same about all of the people making comments here though. As I have expressed in the past, I wouldn’t want the words I type to be used as an excuse for an unsavory person to wrought nastiness on anyone. How about you? Do you some times wonder if you might be goading someone into saying or doing something that they should be less than proud of? Or is that what you are sometimes suggesting?

Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 4:23 PM
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Or is that what you are sometimes suggesting?
Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 4:23 PM

Heaven forbid that my writing should encourage anyone to be a Constitutionalist. What horrors I bring by promoting freedom and liberty. What an outrageous thought that I encourage legal immigration. How unimaginable it is to ask my government to live within their budget. It is simply inexcusable for me to prefer work over welfare.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 4, 2015 4:47 PM
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All of that is now considered extremism, Royal.

Posted by: kctim at August 4, 2015 4:52 PM
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I plead guilty to conservative extremism Tim.

The Left apparently believes that their liberty and freedom should be paid for by others.

We are no longer free and no longer have liberty. We have become pawns of government.

“We the people” have become we who demand the most from government at the expense of others.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 4, 2015 4:58 PM
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You conservatives sure seem to think a lot of yourselves. I am not surprised after all, that is all that you spout here incessantly. You like to say something like “I am pure of heart and mind and all of the rest of you rabble should genuflect in my presence because I and only I understand the constitution and the morality that everyone should assume”. I would call your attitude presumptuous but that would be an understatement.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 5:10 PM
Comment #397052

RF, you live in a fantasy world that makes it difficult to have cogent discussions with you. Please reread my previous comment here regarding your presumptuousness, maybe you will understand?

Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 5:13 PM
Comment #397058

I would call your attitude presumptuous but that would be an understatement.
Posted by: Speak4all at August 4, 2015 5:10 PM

Of course you would Speak. Consider the outlandish statements I made.

“Heaven forbid that my writing should encourage anyone to be a Constitutionalist. What horrors I bring by promoting freedom and liberty. What an outrageous thought that I encourage legal immigration. How unimaginable it is to ask my government to live within their budget. It is simply inexcusable for me to prefer work over welfare.”

We know for certain that you do not “genuflect” to anything or anyone but government.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 4, 2015 5:42 PM
Comment #397060

Speak4all is getting his way. Just search for suspended for posts to media and you will see a litany of children suspended from their school for stuff they post to social media. Two students were suspended for a post their parents made!

I just finished reading a story that said a guy got suspended for making jokes on social media. They justified the school’s actions because it did not accept federal tax dollars so they are then “not bound by the first amendment”. Since when is anybody “not bound” by an amendment to the constitution?

I don’t accept tax dollars so I am “not bound” by the 16th amendment! How’s that gonna work for you government types?

The left is creating a generation of thin skinned wussies. Pretty soon the 1st amendment will be “obsolete” because someone might get offended.

Posted by: Weary Willie at August 4, 2015 6:38 PM
Comment #397071

RF, you’ve made a lot of other statements here that could give someone a reason to become angry about what you have typed. I know you would like to point to that one paragraph and act like it is the only statements you have made but you know better. Let’s look at what prompted you to make that statement:

“The Left apparently believes that their liberty and freedom should be paid for by others. ” This is nonsense and you know that, I pay for everything I get in life and you know that. Why do you have to use hyperbole? Can’t you just stick to facts?

“We are no longer free and no longer have liberty. We have become pawns of government.” I have no problems with recognizing my freedom and liberty and never have. That you do seems hyperbolic again. Tsk, tsk.

““We the people” have become we who demand the most from government at the expense of others.” And again a hyperbolic statement not based in fact but your distorted presumption of our country and government.

And then you say “We know for certain that you do not “genuflect” to anything or anyone but government.” How do you know for certain about that? Have you witnessed me doing that? Now I don’t want you to refer to your fantasy for this example but perhaps something substantive that you can point to. Hyperbole and canards, that’s all you have. I don’t get angry about your hyperbolic statements but I do consider them pitiful for a real discussion.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 5, 2015 10:23 AM
Comment #397078

Speak, if you are genuflecting, you are on your knees — either physically or in spirit. Politicians are experts at genuflecting to whatever idea or person is most popular at the time.

Lefties genuflect at the alter of modern liberalism and worship big and intrusive government. You admittedly belong to this group.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 5, 2015 1:24 PM
Comment #397081

RF, you have no idea of what you are commenting on. You have not provided an example as I asked because you cannot. Your only recourse is to somehow lump me in with what you consider “lefties”. I don’t believe I have ever referred to myself in this manner but I have said I support progressive/liberal/Democrat ideas. That gives you no license to accuse me of worshiping “big and intrusive” government except in your fantasies. As you may have guessed, I am not a politician, I do not genuflect physically or in spirit to anyone. Nice try, but no cigar.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 5, 2015 2:12 PM
Comment #397091

Hopefully I can now post on WB.

Why are we talking about Trump or Walker; isn’t this post about Hillary Clinton?

Regarding Hillary; polls from the old grey lady show NH polls a virtual dead heat (when taking into account the margin of error), between Clinton and Saunders. How long will the Democrat establishment support Hillary, when self proclaimed socialist Bernie Saunders is leading in the polls?

Posted by: Blaine at August 5, 2015 3:30 PM
Comment #397096

The name is Sanders. We comment about lots of stuff here on WB and a lot of that is not just about the author’s topic. That may seem rude and I have myself apologized for hijacking threads to some people. But that only happens when the author actually takes part in the discussion. That hasn’t happened on this thread. Glad to hear you are able to comment when you want to.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 5, 2015 3:46 PM
Comment #397097


Just my opinion here, but I think Hillary is just going to slowly ramp up her campaign for a little bit longer. Give herself time to see what people like about Sanders so she can adopt those positions as her own. Probably also hoping all her messes are old news by then.

As far as Sanders, he is nothing but a novelty act and will hopefully burn out once the newness wears off.

Posted by: kctim at August 5, 2015 3:46 PM
Comment #397106

Sanders, Saunders…who cares. He’s an avowed Socialist who doesn’t stand a snowballs chance of anything; but the interesting thing is, he’s giving Hillary a run for her money. Why is that? I believe it is because Hillary is falling like a rock.

kctim; yes I agree with you, but as much as Hillary would like to blame Republicans for her problems, I believe the Obama controlled DOJ and FBI seem to be involved in investigating her.

The real problem for the Democrats is despite their claims of being anti-big business, the truth is they are pro and depend on the support of big business for campaign funds. Hillary, like most Democrats talk the talk, but behind the scenes tell big business, “don’t pay any attention to the talk; it’s all for show”. Sanders, on the other hand, really is anti-big business, and if elected would destroy the Democrats money train. Biden is the ace in the hole… he is the one to watch.

I think my problem posting was because I was camping in a mountainous region and although my iPhone worked, it wasn’t creating a very strong hotspot for my laptop. Hopefully, now that I am home, it will work.

Posted by: Blaine at August 5, 2015 4:27 PM
Comment #397108

I agree with your take on HRC & Sanders. She will bide her time, then pick and choose the issues that worked for him. HRC has always been fairly liberal when it comes to social causes, so it is easy to see that coming about. Sanders does present his positions forcefully, yet politely, and refuses to engage in personal attacks or name calling. He has to be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, HRC smelled an opportunity and went after Jeb!… er… Jeb:-/ in an exchange of tweets. The PP issue is hugely advantageous to the Democrats, and she has Jeb:-( backed into a corner.

McConnell swore he would not allow another government shutdown on his watch, but Cruz and Rand Paul, among others, want to do it over PP funding. Trump supports it too. HRC and other Democrats will do everything they can to goad them into it.

Posted by: phx8 at August 5, 2015 4:33 PM
Comment #397111

Blaine, I care but hey don’t worry I don’t have any qualms about being absolutely correct all the time. It’s just at first I kind of scratched my head and said “hmmm who is this Saunders”. I guess I figured it out but thought it would lend to the discussion by referring to someone by their real name, no big deal. Mr. Sanders doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of being elected President and that’s unfortunate but what he is doing is lending his voice to the discussion by the Democrats towards where we should come down in the party platform for next year’s convention. He will never be able to give Hillary a run for her money but he can certainly attempt to drive some of his ideas and policies to be part of the planks of the Democrat party platform. I like that but can also understand why you would find that threatening, sorta.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 5, 2015 4:44 PM
Comment #397116

phx8, OK I’m going to go way off topic here. Put your seat belt on Blaine. What the heck do you think has been happening for the last 24 years to conservatism? First we had 8 years of demonizing Bill Clinton, agreed deservedly so for some parts. But overall it was just Clinton is bad, bad, bad. Then we had GWB and 8 years of that. I remember the saying “real political capital” being proclaimed after the 2004 election. It seems to have been squandered on unfunded wars and running up the debt. We are coming to an end of 8 years of Obama bad, bad, bad. 24 years of miscalculations and rhetorical demonizing the “other”. When will this stop? I know some conservatives like to say “hey you did the same thing to GWB”, no I did not so please don’t lump me in with your supposed fantasy of “they did it so I can too”. It would seem that after RR’s presidency and the Iran Contra debacle(so it could be 28 years?) there was a strange realization of the faults of conservatism that they have never really recovered from and from all appearances may never recover from. No more Bill Buckleys, no more Dwight Eisenhowers, no more thoughtful political ambitions except to be against everything. Any thoughts?

Posted by: Speak4all at August 5, 2015 5:01 PM
Comment #397117

We can only hope that Obama is actually taking things that seriously.
Personally, I would really like to see Vice President Biden run. Of the three, I think he is the only one qualified for the job.

Good to see that there are things we can agree on, lol.

Posted by: kctim at August 5, 2015 5:08 PM
Comment #397118

The leaders of the Republican Party are too stupid to be called conservatives.

The sensible solution to the egregious actions by PP is not to “abort” the entire organization. It can and should be fixed.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 5, 2015 5:11 PM
Comment #397129

It’s an interesting question. There are at least four developments that have brought conservatism to this point.

1) The split between the social conservatives and business/Chamber of Commerce/corporatist conservatives. This split has always been there, and in politics, money usually wins. The establishment conservatives kept putting their candidate up for president and promised to help the social conservatives at some later date, but either kept losing, or failed to keep those promises. In 2016, I think we’ll finally see the social conservatives throw up their hands and nominate someone off the wall like Trump. They are sick of watching puppets on strings like Walker and Bush:-o dance for the billionaires. Why not go with someone who has not been bought?

2) The decision to oppose Obama on everything. In 2008 the heads of the party met and made a conscious decision to oppose Obama on absolutely everything. It was a bad decision- bad for the country, bad for Obama, and ultimately bad for conservatives. The problem is that GOP conservatives stopped being an opposition party in the sense of presenting an alternative set of policies, and became an opposition party that simply opposed everything. Conservatism ceased to have anything to offer other than pandering to the rich and corporations, and “firing up the crazies.”

3) The performance of the Bush administration was part of what derailed conservatism. It was a flat-out disaster, and old conservative standards like tax cuts, deregulation, and a Neocon foreign policy proved to be very bad ideas when put into action. No new ideas really replaced them. GOP conservatives still push for corporate tax cuts and increased defense spending, but they do it very quietly.

4) Demographics and technology moved in favor of Democrats and liberals and against Republicans and conservatives. When the parties reversed polarities over civil rights, the GOP consciously pursued a Southern Strategy. But now, the coalition that made that strategy work is ageing and dying off. The technology of AM talk radio worked with that old audience, but conservatives never really adapted to social media, not as well as Democrats and liberals, and now an entire young generation of Millennials is growing up both technologically savvy and decidedly liberal.

Posted by: phx8 at August 5, 2015 6:26 PM
Comment #397140

phx8, thanks for the brief dissertation. Your statement regarding the Millennials seems to explain my perception of all of the younger people I come in contact with. Not one of them, I admit I may not know a very diverse group, can understand why Fox News is always on in doctors/dentists offices, car repair places and other public venues. I have tried to explain that it would seem to me that there is a contingency of certain unnamed individuals that would promote this channel in hopes of keeping people informed in a manner they agree with but the feedback I get is more just “why on earth is it that way”.

Your observation regarding their political leanings could certainly be disputed, not by me though. Although they may appear “liberal” the general explanations that I get from them is that they are more willing to educate themselves regarding the positions the want to take on certain subjects and then make informed decisions.

Where do we go from here? I for one won’t miss the incessant clamoring by conservatives for vindication of the perceived problems that they fault “liberalism” for. After 40+ years of hearing it I am tired of it. They don’t seem to have any compunction to make adjustments to their arguments and feel a sense of pride in displaying that.

I expect that we will see evidence of that tonight. Thanks again for your thoughts.

Posted by: Speak4all at August 6, 2015 11:34 AM
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