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Jeb Bush and the Democratic Establishment

Some people are still arguing about the 92 election and Ross Perot’s supposed role as a spoiler. If you believe the spoiler crowd, the diminutive Texan cost Jeb Bush’s father the election. Others insist that given the economy and the tailing off of the Iraq War boost, as well as 12 years of GOP administrations, Clinton had a low hurdle to climb over and would have won with or without Perot in the election. Does Jeb Bush feel that he now has to compete with a whole host of Ross Perots? If only all those pesky GOP rivals would drop out, or at least most of them, we could have a serious GOP nomination process. The kind that rewards the establishment candidate with his - or theoretically her - turn at the White House.

A big difference with 92 - and there are many in a world that has changed enormously since then - is that it's all happening inside the GOP tent. The Tea Party and other conservatives are not as willing to support the establishment candidate if they feel they are not aligned with his platform. The good news according to Jeb, is that if he can somehow win enough conservatives within the GOP while expanding the GOP tent to include moderates and independents, then his election prospects apparently look good. But that's an enormous ask at this point, and it may be mistaken. Conservatives insist that the only way Jeb Bush can win the election itself, as well as the nomination of course, is by adapting a more conservative platform.

In fact, it is the Democrats who are acting like the GOP by choosing the establishment candidate. And it may very well be that Hillary has as successful an election as, say, Bob Dole. It's Hillary's turn darn it, come hell or high water, or low polling results. So why not let the Democrats play the establishment game? And if Liz Warren does indeed jump in at some point, let Democrats point a shrill accusatory finger at Warren and denounce her as a spoiler. The GOP should discard out of hand spoiler conspiracy theories and welcome the plurality of postulants. And enjoy a robust and boisterous nomination process while the Democratic establishment heaves and lists towards the safe harbor they imagine is theirs to claim.

Posted by AllardK at June 17, 2015 7:09 PM
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Good post AllardK. I am delighted that Hillary appears to be the crowned head of the dem party. She is a worn out and nasty tempered political animal with nothing new to add to the discourse of the direction of the nation.

She must defend the last eight years of failed leadership in which she play a major role.

Posted by: Royal Flush at June 18, 2015 11:55 AM
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