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A Shy Sociopath From Birmingham UK

A once shy kid in Birmingham England, make that a loner and soon-to-be psychopath, fled the UK in 2013 after jumping bail over charges of cyber mischief to put it politely. Where did he go? Syria. And yes, he’s now another ISIS recruit. That he is apparently married to a much older ex-rocker also from the UK who now vows to cut Christians heads off with a blunt knife is just another detail in the increasing litany of unhinged people who are joining the terrorist group. ISIS recruits in places like the UK and Texas in fact don’t even fit the term recruits. They are anyone crazy enough to heed ISIS calls for violence. While that makes their actions very hard to predict, it may also mean that they are just that: untrained psycho’s who will likely die in the face of any vigorous law enforcement response. But they are out there. How many is something the intelligence community is hopefully working hard to estimate. But the question is, what can be done?

Our Birmingham hacker, Hussain al-Britani is his latest moniker, is a 20-year old who had no problem previously with a very high-profile online presence. That he went from hacking to terrorism so easily is perhaps not as shocking as many of us would like to believe. Hacking, especially breaking into secured systems - be they banks or government agencies and institutions - is a willful assault on society. Something the Birmingham hacker was and is very good at. For personal gain or pleasure, or for political reasons. Political as in; I'm a misfit. I hate the world and I don't know why and I want revenge. Where can I go? And the thing is, they don't even have to go to Syria, like al-Britani did.

Of the two Texas shooters, Elton Simpson in some ways is the more troubling case. Unlike Nadir Soofi, he did not have direct contact with a parent who could lead him to Islamic fanaticism, nor had he lived in a country like Pakistan. He was a kid who was a star basketball player and who graduated from junior college. His smiling graduation day photo with proud family and friends sits disturbingly with the news that he may have already turned to radical islam by that time. And he had had contact recently with al-Britani it seems.

Ex Navy Seal Rob O'Neill has stated that ISIS proclaiming it has in America over 70 "trained soldiers" with over 20 ready "for missions like Sunday" is something that should be taken seriously. A place to start is with those who willfully attack others and institutions online. That does not mean jailing a prankster but rather tracking carefully those who display sociopathic behavior in the cyber world. They could become facilitators for greater evil. On their part, or on the part of others. Or both, as is the case of al-Britani, our shy little sociopath from Birmingham.

Posted by AllardK at May 11, 2015 7:20 PM
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