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Will Jeb Have a Debate on Immigration?

Jeb Bush thinks America needs millions of skilled workers and that his ideas on immigration reform are the right ones. In an interview with National Review’s Rich Lowry, he did not seem overly flexible on this issue. As if he has thought the thing through and come to a well-reasoned decision, and he just needs to explain his reasoning for voters to get it. Jeb Bush did not respond with many specifics to Lowry’s baiting of him - justified baiting by the way - when stating how much of the Gang of Eight’s immigration plan he agrees with. But Jeb Bush’s own ideas on immigration reform are quite similar to those of the senators’ plan. And that means some shared assumptions that many conservative voters do not hold true.

The supposed shortage of skilled workers, especially in tech industries is the first assumption that needs examining. How someone from a respected American university with a degree is somehow less qualified than an Asian or South Asian trained tech worker is beyond the grasp of many. In other words, the supposed need for skilled workers is doubted - scorned might be more accurate - by many voters and seen as a way for firms to lower costs. Someday when workers earn similar wages around the world and there are no longer underdeveloped nations, then it may be fine for an American-based firm to search the globe and bring in anyone to do a job. That time is at least a few generations away. At best.

The other assumption is that they aren't going home. As in illegals. But here many voters themselves point to E-Verify as a way to ensure that illegals do not have a job waiting for them, or that the job they have will no longer be there for them. Apply the law and dry up the source of illegal work and they will self-deport. Few in the business community seem to be talking about this. Maybe they should. And maybe Jeb Bush should question this assumption as well. Maybe he has the right answer - as in: no, it's not a zero-sum game - but even in an economy growing closer to 4% than 2% cheap illegal labor distorts the job market. And leaves consumers with lower incomes. And perhaps leads to a slow-growth economy. Closer to 2% than 4%. Maybe we don't need legislated boosts to the minimum wage. Maybe just a business community that does not employ illegals, and is punished when they do. Wherever they do it. Would Jeb Bush be willing to have a debate on this? Because voters certainly would.

Posted by AllardK at May 6, 2015 7:31 PM
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There are People who are thinking with regards of the 2016 Presidential Elections in America.

These People know that America is a declining power, and that America will keep declining as time goes by.

There could be People who think that America will be able to rely on Arrogance far less than what they used to even today and this will be more the situation after 2016 onward.

This is why they might think that Candidates for President should not be so blatantly Arrogant, because this will adversely affect America.

These People could be thinking of the Bush and Clinton Dictatorship over America since January 1981, when Ronald Reagan the Actor was not the real President, because the Real President was George Bush Senior who was the Pretending to be Vice President, while being the Real President.

The reason George Bush Senior did this was to be able to try be the President from January 1981 to January 1997, but we know that Bill Clinton won the 1992 Presidential Election, and the Clintons both Bill and Hillary were both Presidents until 2001, with Hillary Clinton being the Real President much of the time, and then the Bush Dynasty by means of George Bush Junior was once again the President until January 2009.

The Obama Administration is only a Continuation of the Hillary Clinton Administration, even though this is done in Disguise.

We know that Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, and she was Secretary of State for over 4 years and she was the Real President during that time, and she continues to be the Real President of America.

There are People who think that Hillary Clinton resigned because of the Benghazi Scandal.

However, it was not because of the Benghazi Scandal which has been covered up, but it was because she did not want to be Secretary of State with the 2016 Presidential Elections.

This is because if there were Problems with her work as Secretary of State, then she might not be elected as President of America, because Many People knew that Hillary Clinton was and is the Real President of America under what is called the Obama Administration.

If Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton become President of America, and then the other becomes President after one of them, then the Bush and Clinton Dictatorship will have lasted for 52 years, making a Mockery of Democracy, which will be obvious to the rest of the World, and having an Adverse Effect on a Declining America on the International Stage.

We know that both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton both know these things, but they are only concerned with themselves, and what their Country can do for them, rather than what they can do for their Country.

Posted by: Journalist at May 16, 2015 6:27 AM
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