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Byron and Ted and Manhattan Scandals

Ted Cruz cleaned up in the American Whig-Cliosophic Society’s debating events. For those of us un-burnished by that aristocratic institution, it was founded by a few founding fathers or those near to the founding fathers and still operates at Princeton. Byron York of the Washington Examiner and still the proud owner of foppishly elegant hair, had graduated from the University of Alabama and from the University of Chicago with a master’s degree by the time Ted was destroying his opponents over at the AW-CS in the early 90’s. But Byron knows a thing or two about sniping. It’s part of the craft he has perfected over the years, and Ted would have to expect a shot fired from the elegant Alabma native at the bare-knuckled Texan brawler. It concerns a meeting at a swank NYC apartment - two whole floors overlooking Central Park - that happens to be owned by two very successful Jewish American entrepreneurs. Who happen to be gay. And who happen to have had an unfortunate incident occur at their penthouse during a rather unrestrained party, where a young bartender died of a drug overdose. No drugs were found at the apartment and the case was closed.

This was last fall and of course the New York Times ran a piece on the story. Ted Cruz was there - in this recent visit - to talk about his policy views on the Israel-America relationship and the matter of gay marriage was briefly brought up and the hosts and Ted and his wife agreed to disagree. How could Bryon resist? Perhaps the veteran journalist with an English Lord's first name, and a famous revolutionary battle as his last name, felt a touch of envy that he was not a hallowed member of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society and had to do with a masters degree from a merely world class university like Chicago. But whatever York's motives, this is what happens when you run for president. You can find all the details of this now notorious dwelling high above the avenues of Manhattan, and you can read Ted Cruz's concise and unapologetic response to Byron York's article in the Washington Examiner. Ted may come out a winner from this. It's too early too tell, however, as this story will be recycled in Ted Cruz's face more than a few times, one suspects. How well he can block a punch will matter just as much as how many bare-knuckled blows he can deliver. Ted will need all his skills learned from the AW-CS that he can muster. And he few that the senator has picked up along the way. And whether one feels Byron's sniping is unfair is really beside the point. Ted's running for president and this is what happens to those who do. And voters do listen to how the candidate responds. And maybe, just maybe, Ted will turn this little scandal to his advantage.

Posted by AllardK at April 27, 2015 11:10 AM
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