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Jeb and Ted Are Nothing Like Sharp Dressed Men

In separating out the candidacies of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, the Christian Science Monitor did a quick fashion check on the two. Rand’s Ray Bans were mentioned of course, and Cruz was described as “buttoned-down and combative”. It’s understandable they would parse their images to try and tell the story of 2 adversaries who were recently close allies in the Senate. But the far more interesting question is: has anyone compared Jeb Bush’s look to Ted Cruz’s? Comfortable but expensive clothes that are about people who work and get things done and care little for fashion trends. In fact, in a photo of George Bush, his son Jeb, and Obama in the oval office, Jeb looks downright shabby next to the two presidents. Perhaps it’s part of the pecking order: how many strides you keep behind your brother on the golf course, for example. Or maybe Jeb just dresses that way.

One thinks of David Brooks staring at the creases in then-senator Obama's pants and thinking he was looking at a future president, as Brooks himself has gladly revealed. In the oval office photo, President Obama does indeed have trousers with creases that could open up a flesh wound, while George Bush looks downright dapper, even in a wheelchair. Jeb looks like an affable insurance agent, perched on the sofa dressed in what almost seems to be prep school outfit: blueish blazer and grayish trousers. When you're accompanying your father, who is an ex-president, to a meeting at the oval office with the current president, it would seem most people would spend a little time sorting out their wardrobe. And maybe Jeb was perfectly comfortable with that look. And it's a look quite close to Ted Cruz's - although Ted perhaps likes sharper shoes than Jeb does. Perhaps Women's Wear will do a Man of the Week on Jeb, the way they did with Ted. And maybe the same sort of predictable barbs will get thrown at the ex-governor. In fact, one could almost imagine Ted and Jeb having lunch together, dressed the way they like to dress: no-nonsense conservative. And maybe they would talk about all they have in common. Maybe Jeb would reveal to Ted that he isn't a liberal in disguise. Maybe he's a conservative who dresses like a conservative and talks like a liberal. But until he demonstrates otherwise, on his policy stances that is, some GOP voters will need convincing.

Posted by AllardK at April 10, 2015 9:04 PM
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Thanks for the humor Allard.

Posted by: Royal Flush at April 12, 2015 5:30 PM
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