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What Bob Could Learn From Jeb

Senator Menendez speaks Spanish because of his Cuban parents. Jeb Bush speaks Spanish because he sought the language out, in Mexico and in Venezuela, with his wife and family, and among many of his former Florida constituents. One could argue that Jeb speaks Spanish better than Bob does. Perhaps Jeb should help Bob out over how to handle influential donors, and how to differentiate between what’s legal and what isn’t. Whether they do it in Spanish or in English is up to them. Bob could then understand, thanks to Jeb, that you promise access, and you give access, before you get into political office. You do it in crisp emails sent out to potential and actual donors inviting them, depending on how much they’ve donated, to attend the Right to Rise national “team meeting” in Miami in a few weeks, And at the more intimate, and cheaper in terms of required donation levels to gain access, Washington DC coffee event a few days later for the same super PAC.

You can listen, and opine, and suggest, on policy issues and what you'd like to see from a Jeb Bush administration. You can lobby as you cheer in Miami or sip coffee in DC. But you do it before Jeb has even officially announced, assuming he doesn't announce in Miami for example. And you can sidle up to an established network of long-standing political contacts that will comfortably take their places in a city they know well once Jeb gets elected. Once Jeb does indeed get elected, however, you may find your contact with his administration a little less fluid. You better not get too impatient, or God help you, angry with Jeb and his team once they are in the Oval Office. Because access at that point will be administered as rigorously as the guardians of the gate at the NSA when confronted with cross-dressing gate-crashers in stolen SUV's.

Maybe as a voter, you don't like what is legal and what is allowed in terms of access, through lobbying, through super PAC's, through wealthy donors who like Jeb, will be far more discreet than a Dominican-born eye doctor who was a little too clumsy in his greedy bending of Medicare rules and has dragged Senator Menendez into disrepute. Menendez needs to learn from Jeb how you slowly and steadily gather up your tens and tens of millions of dollars from donors who understand how to play the game. Maybe voters will admire Jeb's steady hand in administering the donor process, and will want that steady hand in the White House. Maybe not. But Bob Menendez has a lot to learn from Jeb Bush. Maybe they should talk.

Posted by AllardK at April 7, 2015 4:35 PM
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Bob and Jeb should talk with Hillary.

Posted by: Royal Flush at April 8, 2015 5:49 PM
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