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What Marcus Dwayne Robertson Deserves

In a Florida courtroom, prosecutors are trying to unravel the toxic threads that make up most of Marcus Dwayne Robertson’s adult life. From US Marine to leader of a violent NYC gang that in the early 90’s robbed and murdered and used the stolen funds to stockpile weapons and finance several mosques in the area, he has lead a life of violence. He was arrested, charged and convicted and after striking a deal, served 4 years. At the time he was closely linked to the ‘Blind Sheik’ Omar Abdel-Rahman. Now he’s at the center of an alleged conspiracy to send devotees of a Florida Mosque to a jihadist training center in Mauritania in NorthWest Africa. Robertson now goes by the moniker ‘Abu Taubah’, and has clearly been a radical man for some time.

The path that islamic terrorist converts take may be particular to each case, but commonalities are apparent: prison time where the prisoner is exposed to radical clerics; military service where the soldier perhaps as a misfit and/or perhaps as a protest against perceived injustice turns towards radicalism and its accompanying terrorist goals; and a radical cleric preaching death and destruction from a mosque somewhere, all the while railing against supposed anti-muslim prejudices.

That a violent criminal would be attracted to a radical brand of faith that preaches warfare is hardly shocking. That they be allowed to do so while serving time in tax-payer funded state and federal jails is hardly comforting and a measure of America's respect for the rights of almost every single inhabitant, whether they respect the rights of others or loudly proclaim the sanctity of violating the rights of others. What is more troubling still, however, are the cases of those who served in the military and then turned towards America's most virulent foes. It is treason of the worse kind, because it denounces and violently attacks the very principles that inform, support, and are the foundation of the country. It is about far more than the standard themes of resources and strategies on the world stage and geo-politics in general. It is an explicit attack on Western culture and the enlightenment itself, done by those who have sworn to serve and protect the flag and nation. These cases are a microscopic percentage of the active and reserve personnel who number well over 2 million souls, and who in the almost complete totality of cases serve and protect with honor. But these rare and isolated cases, like strains of a new horrifying virus, must be exposed and dealt with by the full force of the law - whether in military or civilian courts. You can be sure that the prosecution in Florida is doing just that. Let us hope and pray that Marcus Dwayne Robertson, when convicted of establishing a jihadist training network, spends the rest of his life in jail. It's the least he deserves.

Posted by AllardK at March 30, 2015 6:56 PM
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