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Sequester Tap Dancing in DC

Americans for Prosperity want the GOP-controlled Congress to pass is a “budget that genuinely caps discretionary spending at sequester-level numbers”, in the words of AFP president Tim Phillips. His next words in that interview back on March 15 were, “That’s going to be a huge challenge for them.” No kidding Tim. In the Senate, for example, GOP and Democrat lawmakers are hoping to put together a budget plan that would lift sequester caps for a couple of years, like the way they lifted spending caps back in 2013. It truly is a wonderful thing: Budget making in Congress. You craft legislation to contain what by any reasonable measure is a high level of government spending, and then you make those goalposts that you crafted meaningless. Caps and sequesters and a White House that has threatened to veto any Budget legislation that keeps the spending caps in place.

In other words, Congress will continue to increase spending and the best that can be hoped for is that the theatrics around sequestration act as a soft-touch brake pedal that Senators and Representatives lightly tap their foot against from time to time while speeding down Spendthrift State Freeway. The problem is, it's not just a Washington-made problem. It suits members of Congress to continually blame Congress for overspending, while ignoring that local deficit spending projects in their constituencies tend to be great vote getters. Voters can't have it both ways. If you want that bridge, subsidized plant opening, government complex, or whatever other project, in today's fiscal reality it's going to be paid for by issuing more debt and/or raising taxes. Until voters reach a Proposition 13 moment, a concerted act of organized resistance against continually increasing taxes, deficit spending and a high and increasing level of taxation will continue.

Posted by AllardK at March 23, 2015 10:20 PM
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For once I am on the side of the conservatives. I would be absolutely fine with imposing draconian cuts through the sequester, IF those cuts include big cuts to defense spending. This is the only way it will ever happen. I would even be willing to put up with terrible cuts to social spending.

We spend absurd amounts on defense- as much as the rest of the world combined- and I do not feel obligated to spend more in order to defend Israel, which is already one of the top ten arms exporters in the world, and possesses a sizeable nuclear arsenal. I do not feel obligated to address unrest in remote places like northeastern Nigeria, or Yemen, or Somalia, and I am not about to support putting boots on the ground in Iraq, Syria, or to bomb Iran. None of those situations are existential threats for the US, not even Iran with a nuclear weapon.

I see the news too. I know we are all supposed to be constantly scared. Sorry, but I am not afraid. I’m not buying the whole ‘fear’ scenario. We can conduct the intelligence operations and drone strikes proportionate to the actual threat without spending ungodly amounts of money.

Posted by: phx8 at March 24, 2015 10:47 AM
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I agree, ph, that we should not be anxious to throw another dollar at the mideast. It’s a quandary beyond belief. It’s like we’re doing foreign policy on steroids with no forethought. Spending trillions to help folks hang on to their sovereignty, culture, and gonads and no sooner than we start thinking about downsizing they stab us in the back.

We seem willing to expend treasure and lives like water running over a dam but are unable to hold the leaders of these countries accountable.

So, while we are broke and frustrated Putin is working on the ‘great trifecta’ with China and N. Kor.

Just yesterday I spent an hour dealing with cheap Chinese wire crimps and busted two 1157 type bulbs trying to remove them to put in a new one, and so on - - -

It all started with this globalistion BS, the ‘peace initiative’ and so on - - -

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at March 24, 2015 9:59 PM
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