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Civil War OnLine (CWOL) VIII starts in February 2015.

Historical Online Learning Foundation
The Distance-Simulations Group
Announces Civil War OnLine (CWOL) VIII

All individuals interested in playing are directed to the registration link below.

CWOL VIII registration

Civil War OnLine (CWOL) is a turn-based, military, economic, and political simulation of the American Civil War with both wargaming and roleplaying aspects.

CWOL features components for land warfare to include railroad movement and riverine operations, naval warfare, a economic module, and a module that addresses the unique elements of ACW-era foreign policy and regional domestic politics.

CWOL VIII, starts in February 2015. If you are interested in playing, register at the CWOL 8 player registration page. You should also join the Players Guild (see link below) to be able to track game announcements and requirements posted at the Players Guild web site.

Individuals registering to play CWOL who have not attended a introductory training course should proceed to this site to enroll in the self-paced instruction found at the CWOL Academy.

CWOL VIII registration

This registration form is for Civil War OnLine VIII (CWOL 8) offered by the Historical Online Learning Foundation (HOLF). Registration for CWOL 8 is open to all who are interested at no cost to you. Please proceed to the form below and follow the instructions.

CWOL VIII registration

The Historical Online Learning Foundation (HOLF) was incorporated in 2001 and maintains its registration in the state of Delaware as a non-profit corporation. It is funded by donations and private grants. There are no fees required for participation in HOLF-sanctioned events or activities. HOLF seeks to encourage the study of American and world history through participation in interactive simulations presented via the World Wide Web.

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Citizens of the Confederacy!

The GAs have posted an new web form for capturing player preferences for the CLAP module. Please head to

and complete your CSA player registration as soon as possible. .

Last week, the rules for the political module, Constituents, Legislation, and Policies (CLAP), were released and placed in effect.

As a result, all registered players and all players who will register from here forward must complete an eight-part form that records their political preferences for use in CWOL 8. Players who submit their declarations after 5 February run the risk of not being placed on the ballot for the initial elections to be held next weekend.

Pick your party, Pick your home state (er region), Pick your background, Pick you poison (or the political office that interests you), but please complete the form no later than 2359 CST on 5 February 2015. The GAs do yeoman work to bring us this great game for free - the least we can do is to sign up on time. To take a more mercenary tack for some of you NWOL players, the sooner the preliminaries are completed, the sooner you can begin playing.

All the Best,

David C. Whipple (Dave),
South Carolina (Hopefully)

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Citizens of the CSA!

The working version of the economic module rules, Specie, Loans, and Greenbacks (SLAG) have been posted by the GA:

For those aspiring to run the Treasury, or a State (er Region), or to sit in Congress, they are worth a close read. A more final version should be up in about a week.

All the Best,


Posted by: Weary Willie at February 3, 2015 11:06 PM
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