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What Does Haloween And Elections Have In Common - Scary

The silly season is upon us again.

Hillary stumps for Elizabeth Warren while rolling in campaign cash from big banks. Let's see - - - 2 + 2 = , and so on - - -

Back in the day FDR refused to accept a wall street type for a top Treasury post. Yet, the bankers have held top post in the last two dem admins.

In my region in Va. Ed Gillispie, ex-ENRON lobbyist, is running for US Senate. That kind of arrogance is semi-scary.

We can look for another incumbent re-election rate of 85+% with perhaps enough fringe change to turn the Senate red.

Both sides are talking up Ebola, Benghazi, SS & Medicare while little is being said about jobs, immigration, or even ACA. Ads mostly allude to how the opponent is really not a very nice person while the candidate of choice is said to be a really nice person. That's about as deep as it's gotten, as I can tell.

More candidates will lose based on a slip of the mouth than what they have stood and fought for over their tenure in office.

Not that a Senator, passionate as he/she may be, might want to really change something. But, nothing gets to the floor unless the corpocracy, aka committee chairman, ticks off on a piece of proposed legislation.

Meanwhile, millions of demreps are in the trenches, living and dying on the latests ads as to who is the nicer person, and so on - - -

Otherwise, we have the corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by Roy Ellis at October 31, 2014 9:33 PM
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