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Another GOOD Reason Why We Need A New 3rd Party

We have a right to know the source and quality of the food we eat.

In a perfect world folks probably wouldn't need to care about the source and quality of their food products. But, perfect we ain't.

I suppose most are aware that the coastal and river estuaries are the world's cesspools, New York, Miami and so on - - -

I believe knowing the source and quality of your food products is a right and should be made so in law.

An article in today's WaPo relates that folks in the DC area have about a 50-50 chance they won't be eating the species of shellfish shown on the menu. A recent report found that 47% of shrimp samples were misrepresented, touting widespread deception. Overall, 43 of 143 samples from restaurants and grocery stores in DC, NYC, Portland, Ore, and the Gulf Coast were misrepresented. The most common mislabeling was farmed whiteleg shrimp sold as the more expensive and flavorful wild or gulf shrimp.

DC topped the list in country-of-origin labeling with 48% bearing no labeling.

The article relates that more than 1.6 billion pounds of shrimp were imported in 2013, or about 90 percent of that consumed in the country. More than 3/4ths of imported shhrimp come from five countries: India, Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador and Vietnam.

The FDA ostensibly inspects about 1 to 2 percent of seafood imports.

my suggestion; fry them suckers up so you have to eat them using a hammer and chisel for tableware.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by Roy Ellis at October 31, 2014 8:12 PM
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