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Will Non-Citizens Decide the Race in North Carolina?

All that money sloshing around and being poured into media campaigns to make sure the voting for crucial US Senate seats goes their way. Which way would that be? The Democrats way of course; they’ve been outspending Republicans by a considerable margin in key battleground states like North Carolina. Until recently that is. GOP spending has finally caught up with Democratic outlays and we now have a final week of almost even spending in 10 key states for a total of 30 million. North Carolina does indeed top the list where Sean Haugh’s libertarian campaign may garner close to 7% of the vote and keeps things between Hagan and Tillis really interesting. As in less than a percentage point in the latest average of polling results by RealClearPolitics. Tillis seemed to be closing the gap in a hurry in the last few weeks, but that now remains to be seen. Whether the negative campaigns can get out the constituencies each party needs to win - older conservative males for the GOP and single women and African Americans for the Dems - is very much an open question in these last few days. Senator Rand Paul and Governor Christie have parachuted into town to support Tillis and the race really is wide open.

There is another group of voters that neither campaign is talking too much about. In a state with a population of about 10 million, there are around 900,000 Latins now living in North Carolina. And about 120,000 of those are registered voters. Rosemary Hernandeze Stein, chairwoman of the National Hispanic Assembly in North Carolina, would love to see both parties do more to attract the Latino vote in her state. That does not seem to be happening, precisely because courting the Latino vote could be seen as having a soft policy on immigration. Tillis has staked out his position forcefully on the immigration issue, demanding more security on the border, and opposing amnesty, while Hagan voted for the Gang of Eight's bill in 2013. In a race as close as this, neither side will likely say much at all to get out the Hispanic vote, although it clearly would favor Hagan. So it is far from clear how, and even if, the Latino vote will influence the outcome. But they might. The Cooperative Congressional Election Study shows that Obama won North Carolina in 2008 by a margin that could have been provided by adult non-citizen voters. How many were Hispanic is not stated, but clearly there is a fairly close relationship between the Hispanic vote and the adult non-citizen vote. And clearly that vote tends to go Democratic. Will non-citizens decide the race in North Carolina?

Posted by AllardK at October 28, 2014 9:12 PM
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Voter fraud has gone on since the beginning. Just when elections are fairly evenly matched, close to call that voters show any interest.

I assume voter rolls are packed with illegal voters in some form. So long as there is no heavy investigations there is no threat to an illegal voter. This ODU study certainly doesn’t represent a serious inquiry, IMO.

I would say that to develop an opinion on the issue one need only look at other state and federal agencies beyond the FEC and state election boards. Consider the number of folks scamming the IRS, social security, and any other gov’t program one might bring up. Gov’t agencies claim they don’t have the resources to investigate. More likely that should the gov’t pursue strong enforcement they would be required to lock up maybe 20-30% of the population.

In Va. an initiative is on the ballot to vote yea or nay on exempting wives of deceased military husbands from paying personal property taxes until they remarry. Now, that’s an initiative that pulls at the heart strings. I’m sure it will pass by a large majority vote. I’m just as sure the taxpayer will go on paying many wives who remarry for eons as the state gov’t will never bring any serious enforcement to the table.

Therefore, I’m all for a voter photo/ID as I believe it will provide SOME additional integrity to the voting system upfront. Once the fraudulent vote is cast it’s a done deal, There won’t be any check to see if that voter voted in another state - - - and so on.

I’m sure some Chinese coal companies will find a way to cast some votes in West Va in Nov.

Voter fraud; one more reason we need a new 3rd party w/a/dif/pol/att - - -

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at October 29, 2014 8:10 PM
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