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Say it Mr. President

The terrorists in ISIS come from around the world, especially the developed world, according to info-grams at CNN’s site. Finland, in percentage terms, has a relatively large population of jihadists in ISIS for example. Australia, Canada, the USA of course, and Britain and France all have residents who have joined the crazed army that is terrorizing locals and foreigners alike. For all those determinists who love to point to poverty as the ultimate cause, this data is an obvious refutation of their posture. This is ideology at work, a fanatical creed with delusions of medieval empire; a Caliphate that can act as the base for further conquest. That means any Western citizen, and especially American citizens, anywhere in the world are targets of ISIS. They are a criminal group. They are a terrorist organization. They are a religious organization with military and political ambitions. If there ever was an enemy of the USA and the Western World, ISIS is it.

Say it Mr. President. They are evil. Say it Mr. President. They are a clear and present danger. And put together a plan that is more than just using the Justice Department to pursue and prosecute them. They are at war with the nation and right now would be a good time to act. We can't wait two years for another occupant of the White House to hope for something more concrete. You are there and your job is - among other things - to defend America. Do it please, for the sake of those who voted you in and those who didn't. And for the sake of places like Europe that once again are appeasing a very dangerous enemy - Britain as usual, excepted. Burn the midnight oil and reread the Federalist Papers if you must - those by Hamilton for example - and know that you are the supreme commander of the military and you must act with decision and authority when a threat to the nation is present. If you do and if you communicate to the legislature and the people, they will support you. In fact, they are waiting for you to act like the leader the Constitution states you are. How best to combat ISIS can be defined - with as little delay as possible - but defined it must be. If your instincts are paralyzing you and you are tired, then resign. If not, then act.

Posted by AllardK at September 12, 2014 12:58 PM
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ISIS suddenly jumped from 5-10 thousand poorly armed soldiers in Syria to 31,000 well armed ones, and it happened at the exact same time 30,000 Iraqis deserted their military.

Gee. Wonder what happened.

Posted by: phx8 at September 12, 2014 3:51 PM
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What happened?

America said, “Hey! We’re behind you all the way!”, and then we leave.

Posted by: Weary Willie at September 12, 2014 6:05 PM
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As I recall, we were not “behind” the Iraqis all the way. We invaded the country. We were not invited. We invaded. And the Iraqis did not want us to occupy their country. Why would they? We don’t speak the language and we don’t share the culture. While we were there, the country experienced years of IED’s, bombs, and widespread torture, with dozens of bodies a day being dumped in Baghdad. They were being tortured with acid and drill, and more. Over a million people fled the country. Somewhere between 150,000 and a million Iraqis died violently.

And now we are upset that the Iraqi Sunnis preferred ISIS to the Shia-dominated government? Northwestern Iraq will end up being a Sunni state. It is inevitable. Whether ISIS leads it, or we call the area an Islamic Caliphate or not, will be a matter of semantics.

Notice how no one will demand the US send in 100,000 troops to occupy Sunni Iraq for the next decade or two? And demand an immediate 3% tax increase to pay for the occupation? Because to get real, that is what it will take. And it is not worth it. Not to the Turks. Not to the Kurds. Not to the Shia Iraqis. And certainly not to us.

Posted by: phx8 at September 12, 2014 7:16 PM
Comment #383095

Good summary, phx8.

The only way the surge worked and the only way Bush could sign a complete exit agreement at the end of his administration was for the US to enter into an agreement with the Sunnis to protect them from genocide in Baghdad and to pressure the Iraqi government to reverse its anti-Baathist policies. In return, the Sunnis agreed to cease the “insurgency” and to get rid of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The above agreement was called the “Awakening.” It terminated insurgency actions in the Sunni Triangle and allowed the surge troops to stabilize Baghdad and eliminate Shiite militia groups as functioning threats.

But the “Awakening” and the surge could not really resolve the deep sectarian strife between the Shiites and the Sunnis unleashed by the 2003 invasion.

I suppose we could go back there and occupy the region again. But, it would be a repeat of 2004-2006. An insurgency that we could defeat in battle but never fully suppress. And it would probably be worse since a major part of Syria would have to be occupied.

Sure ISIS is evil but it is only a symptom of the underlying disease of sectarian strife. ISIS could not exist if the Sunni population didn’t support them. The Sunni population would not support them if they were not engaged in a life and death struggle with Shiite governments in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is the tip of the spear of Sunni resistance to Shiite rule.

So, the real question is how is the US going to resolve the regional sectarian struggle? It is essentially a political question for which there is little consensus as to how to solve. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Rich at September 12, 2014 8:06 PM
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“It is essentially a political question for which there is little consensus as to how to solve.”

And that it is it in a nutshell. I think Obama basically had it right. We are not going to fight for one side or the other in an ongoing, multi-sided Iraqi civil war. There has to be a political solution, and it has to come from the Iraqis.

It would make sense to officially split the country. Until there is political will to make that official, I don’t see much changing. The temperature of the civil war will flare and cool, but never really stop. We can degrade and maybe even destroy ISIS, but another Sunni movement will just take its place.

Thank goodness Obama convinced the Assad government in Syria to give up its chemical weapons. That was an important achievement, especially in light of what has happened with ISIS.

Personally, I do think we have an obligation to prevent genocides and large-scale human rights violations, and I am fine seeing US troops intervene in those cases. We also need to settle the hash of that guy in Syria who beheaded hostages. It’s too bad the special forces mission to free those hostages in Syria did not work. Apparently the hostages had been moved just before the mission. But our guys did kill 60 or 70 ISIS soldiers without losing any of our own, so there is some small satisfaction in that.

Posted by: phx8 at September 12, 2014 9:59 PM
Comment #383098
Thank goodness Obama Putin convinced the Assad government in Syria to give up its chemical weapons.

There, fixed that for you.

On the other side, why are supporting the president doing what it is doing now? We should leave the Iraqi problem to the Iraqis to sort out. Their civil war will result in determining what the boundaries should be, not us. We should have no say.

Just as Bush should have left Iraq in 2004 and Rumsfeld shouldn’t have tried to keep the country whole for another 4 years (resulting in just delaying the inevitable), Obama should be doing the same thing, not wading back into the mire once again.

ISIS is, nor ever will be, a threat to the US unless we wade in. The beheading videos were only done after the bombing started, remember…

Posted by: Rhinehold at September 13, 2014 12:18 AM
Comment #383099
But our guys did kill 60 or 70 ISIS soldiers without losing any of our own, so there is some small satisfaction in that.

We killed some brown guys, ho hah! Yeah, I can see where that would make some people happy. :/

Posted by: Rhinehold at September 13, 2014 12:19 AM
Comment #383101

Those “brown guys” were at a site where hostages were being held for ransom. When the ransom for two Americans did not get paid, they were beheaded. I have absolutely NO sympathy for anyone at that site who participated in holding hostages and executing defenseless people. I don’t like bloodthirstiness anymore than you, Rhinehold, but that doesn’t mean I will be passive in the face of horrendous crimes against innocent human beings.

Posted by: phx8 at September 13, 2014 2:12 AM
Comment #383103

“We should leave the Iraqi problem to the Iraqis to sort out. Their civil war will result in determining what the boundaries should be, not us. We should have no say.”


Obama seemed to be in accord with that approach until the beheadings and the shocking collapse of the Iraqi army threatening genocide to many innocents in that region (Kurds, etc.).

“ISIS is, nor ever will be, a threat to the US unless we wade in.”

You have to wonder whether the actions of ISIS have been deliberately designed to lure the US back into the region. We need to be very cautious. There are few trustworthy partners with the possible exception of the Kurds. It was noted as a sort of aside on CNN the other day that publicized beheadings are not exclusive to ISIS with over 12 such atrocities attributed to so called moderate Syrian rebel groups.

Posted by: Rich at September 13, 2014 6:49 AM
Comment #383148
When the ransom for two Americans did not get paid, they were beheaded.

I’m curious about the evidence of this… I have watched the Foley video and, I’m sorry, but the lack of any blood is strange… I’m not saying that they didn’t kill him, but I don’t think that the video shows that action.

I’m not going ‘conspiracy theory’ here, just asking the question. Have we found their bodies? Do we have evidence other than this pretty obviously staged video that he was killed?

that doesn’t mean I will be passive in the face of horrendous crimes against innocent human beings.

Yet you passively give our President a pass in killing innocent men, women and children with unmanned drones in repeated instances…

However, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik said, “drone missiles cause collateral damage. A few militants are killed, but the majority of victims are innocent citizens.” The strikes are often linked to anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and the growing questionability of the scope and extent of CIA activities in Pakistan.

Reports of the number of militant versus civilian casualties differ. In general, the CIA and other American agencies have claimed a high rate of militant killings, relying in part on a disputed estimation method that “counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants … unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent”.

The reporters were doing a dangerous job, and while I am sorry and upset about their deaths, they knew the job was dangerous when they took it. I don’t see the advantage of entering into a war to take these people out that will result in killing thousands of people, some most likely will be innocent, for revenge for those actions. If we can bring them to justice, fine. Just going in and killing them? I’m not sure that is the best course of action.

Posted by: Rhinehold at September 13, 2014 5:06 PM
Comment #383149
You have to wonder whether the actions of ISIS have been deliberately designed to lure the US back into the region.

I think there is little doubt that this is the case.

No US citizens were harmed until the bombings of the US, the ‘beheadings’ were supposed to be a retaliation for that. I think the idea was to keep us out, but that is such an obvious misstep in thinking that, they had to know that they were just going to be sucking us back in… I’m not sure why, other than it helps bring more people to their cause and their thinking is that they could get the groups in Iraq to join with them to fight the return of US aggression, making their goals easier to obtain in the long run.

Posted by: Rhinehold at September 13, 2014 5:08 PM
Comment #383153

“I think the idea was to keep us out, but that is such an obvious misstep in thinking that, they had to know that they were just going to be sucking us back in…”

Yes, the very personal taunting of Obama is clearly a challenge to him and the US. I do think that it was designed to bring the US into the war. Why else would they do it? They don’t appear stupid.

I think that they wanted the US to align with Iraq and in essence the Shias provoking a greater unification of Sunni opposition under their banner.

It was a gambit. But, as with all gambits, it can backfire if the opponent, in this case the US, is careful not to jump at the bait and fall into the trap. This issue needs to be finessed. If we proceed cautiously, ISIS may have sealed their own fate.

Posted by: Rich at September 13, 2014 6:14 PM
Comment #383222

It is interesting that ISIS and the Syrian Terrorist Rebels have signed a non aggression pact, and so we see that America’s Public Ally of the Syrian Terrorist Rebels, who are the Alleged Pro Freedom and Pro Democracy Group in Syria, can live side by side with the Anti Freedom and Anti Democratic ISIS.

The Terrorist American Nobel Peace Prize Buying President Barack Obama says that ISIS are Terrorists who Allegedly threaten America, and ISIS is a Secret Partner of the Syrian Terrorist Rebels at .

Terrorist Nazi America knows how to Manipulate the situation, using Lies, Slanders, and their Secret CIA Agents, even as they did with the American Government attacking America in the 11 September 2001 attacks, and blaming Muslims for that.

Terrorist America did this so that it could have a Alleged War against Terror, but the Terrorists American Government had a War using American Terrorism at , and at , and at .

This has made the Terrorist American Government invent a New Lie, after the Syrian Terrorist Rebels, and ISIS signed a non aggression Pact, and that New Lie is that all of sudden a New Terrorist Group is in Syria, because America does not want to harm its Allies of ISIS and the Syrian Terrorist Army.

That Lie is that Allegedly there is a Second Syrian Group may be greater threat to America, and which was not even mentioned during Obama War Criminal Speech, because it had to be made up on the quick at, and these Obvious Lies and Ridiculous Lies includes Wrongly Accusing the American Security of being Incompetent after 13 years since 11 September 2001, but we all know that Anti Democratic America’s Publicly Stated Motive is to Overthrow a Democratically Elected Legitimate Government in Syria, and to Deprive the Good and Honest People of Syria who have Suffered Greatly for years, because of Nazi America, who wants to take away their Democratic Rights, and their Human Rights.

The purpose of this New Lie to to take away more of the Freedoms and Civil Liberties of the American People in order to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3, because Nazi Terrorist America does not respect the Legitimate Democratic Rights and the Legitimate Human Rights of Americans.

We know that America Created and Funded both ISIS and the the Syrian Terrorist Rebels and ISIS, and so the Falsely Claimed Pro Freedom and Pro Democracy Group of the ‘Moderate’ Syrian Terrorist Army must have Shared Values or something in Common with the Anti Freedom and Anti Democratic ISIS, and they do.

This thing that the ISIS and the Syrian Terrorist Rebels have in Common is that they are in Reality both against Freedom, Democracy, and even the Right of a Legitimate Government to Govern their Country, and not be overthrown Illegally as happened in Ukraine recently.

It is no wonder, because Nazi America who is their Puppet Master is also against Freedom, Democracy, and the Right of a Democratically Elected Government to Govern their Country, because this is a Non Stated but True American Government ‘Value’ at .

The Leader of ISIS is an Agent of Mossad, which is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, which also has the Initials of ISIS at .

Syria recently had a Free and Fair Election, and the Government was reelected with 88 % of the Vote, while the Official Democratic Opposition received 12 % of the Vote, and the few Syrian Citizens who are Members of ISIS and the Syrian Rebels did not want to participate in an Election.

This is because the Syrian Terrorist Rebels could not win an Election, and Many of them are Not even Syrian Citizens, but they are Foreign Jihadists, and they are Not Eligible to Vote, yet the Syrian Terrorist Rebels, want a complete say in how Syria is Governed.

This is the same Attitude of their Puppet Master, who is the Lying, Terrorist, and Psychopathic Anti American Congress, Senate, and White House are Not Eligible to Vote in Syrian Elections, but they want a complete say in how Syria and All Other Countries are Governed, and this is a Trait of Terrorist War Criminals, and Nazi America is an Anti Democratic Terrorist and a War Criminal, because America is the Evil Empire.

There could be People who think that 88 % of the Vote is very high, but they need to know that the Syrian Government has been fighting against the American Funded Foreign Jihardist Terrorists for several years, and that during a time of War, then the People will support their Government.

Posted by: Journalist at September 15, 2014 6:15 AM
Comment #383351

We can begin with a Known Fact, and that is that the Big Bankers of America and the other Plutocrats of America want to Control and Dominate the World, and to do that they need to Control and Dominate America in an Anti Democratic and Unconstitutional manner.

America has not been a Democracy for at least Decades, and is much less of a Constitutional Republic than it used to be, because of the Corrupted Puppet Politicians in America who serve the Big Bankers and other Plutocrats, before the rest of the American People.

The Big Bankers and Plutocrats of America want the Entire World to become Muslim including themselves, because they will choose a Caliphate that could even be Barack Hussein Obama.

I think that this makes sense of why 11 September 2001 happened, and for those who are Awake, then we Know that it could Only have happened either by Influential Americans.

There is a Video which asks this question after examining Facts, and it is Titled: Obama Behind Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate Conspiracy at .

This is why America has been using wars to make Countries Islamic like they did with Libya, and the Video is Tiled: Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned, Seven Countries In Five Years at , and the Video Titled: Obama Is Preparing the Military for Martial Law at .

The purpose of 11 September 2001, was to give the Pretext to Enact Unconstitutional Laws such as murdering American Citizens by the American President without a Trial, and Indefinite Detention of Americans without a Trial, and this is to Intimidate Americans to become Muslims if they want to live, or not be Detained Indefinitely, and this State Sponsored Terrorism is to make America an Islamic State, and to make Many other Countries like Syria an Islamic State in readiness for WW 3.

Posted by: Journalist at September 17, 2014 5:31 AM
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