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Obama and ISIS and Lebanon

ISIS now has a female hostage from the west coast, and are demanding $6.6 million for her release. They are also demanding the release of the Pakistani neuroscientist who plotted to kill American officials and sits in jail in Texas, serving an 86 year term. She was educated in the USA by the way. And there is at least one more American being held by them: Steven Joel Sotloff, a journalist who grew up in Miami, attended Central Florida, and was kidnapped after entering Syria from Turkey. They have apparently lowered their ransom demands but are surely just as willing to kill as before. At the same time, drone-based surveillance and missile attacks are being stepped up - not fast enough according to some - to try and disrupt ISIS on the ground in Syria and northern Iraq.

Should America change it's policy and give in to the ransom demands to spare her life as well as that of Sotloff? And if they do, what do you tell the parents of James Foley? Sorry, but we changed our minds? And as important, how do you communicate your policy, whether it is a case of continuing to refuse to pay ransom to terrorists or whether it is to negotiate some sort of settlement with them, to the public at large in a way that is morally cohesive?

The woman is an aid worker and Sotloff is a journalist who has worked in the area for some time. They voluntarily travelled to a very dangerous zone where they knew full well of at least some of the risks. But to not do as much as possible to aid Americans at risk around the world is to shirk your duty as President or as any official directly concerned in the matter. The heroic outcome would be to rescue them and lay waste to those who have inflicted pain and suffering on Americans and America, as well as on just about everyone in that corner of the middle east, including fellow muslims. Is this feasible? Some sort of rescue is ready to go without any doubt right at this moment, but would it work? Perhaps that is one of the varied objectives in mind as the drones collect whatever information they can, and information is quickly assembled from all other sources possible.

The ghosts of failed rescue missions in the area should not be seen as warnings not to attempt anything, but rather as information that can be, and surely is, used to assemble a coherent rescue plan. At the head of that rescue plan, a leader with the moral conviction and rhetorical capability to communicate that conviction is needed. This fall, it will be 31 years since the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon which ultimately led to the withdrawal of US (and French and Italian) forces from Lebanon, whose civil war was going through an especially bloody phase. Hezbollah rose on the ashes of that crime - as well as being directly responsible. Current islamic terrorism, like ISIS, can be linked back to that horrible event. In the name of the soldiers who gave their lives on that day, as well as those who perished in the rubble over the following days before rescuers could reach them, and in the name of all those since who have given their lives, and in the name of the freedom that Western Civilization, in all it's cantankerous diversity, represents, ISIS must be beheaded. As many times as is necessary, and in any manner necessary. And the president will have to find a way to tell the world why this must be so. That means he will have to find the conviction within himself in order to tell the world. Let us pray he does.

Posted by AllardK at September 2, 2014 9:03 AM
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We should wait until after the election when we will have more flexibility.

Posted by: Weary Willie at September 2, 2014 1:23 PM
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AllardK, the world situation has a lot to do with globalisation, the NAU, open borders, the move from nationalism toward socialism, and so on - -

Russia and China wouldn’t be able to fight a conventional war were they not dragged into the WTO. Do you find it ironic that even as Putin rattles his nukes they has been nary a word about removing Russia from the WTO? The Corpocracy would much rather keep the biscuits rolling while allowing Putin to have a new summer place here and there, IMO.

And, do note that our pol’s keep calling for ‘justice’ for aggrieved US citizens in the Middle East. How is that going to work? Is it possible to being back, say, ten thousand captured ISISs’ to stand jury trial in the US? We’d be standing in long lines to have our speeding tickets adjudicated, IMO.

Otherwise, globalism has allowed the US and Europe to be set up for a shakedown by radicals. All this EZ travel makes it possible for Europeans with passports to swing right on into Texas and kick up a little dust on the dance floor. Next best might be to take a mule across the Southern border, maybe trade the dance for a meat bean, and so on - - -

It seems things are shaping up nicely address the ME problem. We can take advantage of the public outcry over the beheadings. Maybe take six months to establish coalitions of the willing and develop some good strategies. we could giv the ISIS types a covert six months or so easy access to the troubled areas in the ME. Keep the heat on with airstrikes to run them out of the towns and pool them in the desert and Syria.

I see where the US, France and UK have beefed up their drone capability in Africa.

So, after spending six months or so of coalescing, developing intel and pooling them up, drop the hammer on them from throughout Africa and the ME.

Then, we could get back to working on abolishment of corporate personhood.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at September 2, 2014 6:23 PM
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You don’t seem to know that we have recently tried a special operations rescue mission in Syria for Americans held by ISIS. It failed due to faulty intelligence. The hostages had been moved by the time of the mission. We have not only been prepared to launch such missions but have already done so.

These gruesome executions of Americans by ISIS call out for vengeance. That is clear. Perhaps all too clear. The ISIS leadership is striking for its sophistication not only for its barbarity. Not your average terrorist movement.

So, it would seem to me that the taunting, published and cruel executions have a strategic purpose. That purpose, in my opinion, is to draw us back into a unilateral military involvement in Syria and Iraq. It would bolster their narrative of western oppression and exploitation of Sunni Muslims.

Response to these executions and advances of ISIS require patience and a cool head. We cannot go it alone. It will require partnership with responsible elements in that region. Thus far, the Kurds have been willing and responsible partners. The Iraqis have changed their governance. Syria remains a question mark. The FSA is riddled with fundamentalist brigades. It will take time to establish a reliable partner in Syria. Criticizing Obama for stating the obvious is just political opportunism.

It is also apparent that we need to call out the major Sunni states, i.e., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, etc., for their role in providing or allowing the financing of ISIS. It is also apparent that we need their active involvement in suppressing ISIS. They ultimately have more to lose than we have.

Posted by: Rich at September 2, 2014 9:16 PM
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Some are saying this cud be a major change in this muslim extremist thing. While it would be a frightening thing to see troops from all the various ME states lined up to go into battle it would, at the same time, be a wunerful sight.

However, I do believe they couldn’t advance 300 feet without a fight breaking about between some one or two of them, and so on - - -

Posted by: roy ellis at September 2, 2014 9:48 PM
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