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Burger King is becoming inverted in Canada. One of about 50 large corporations that have chose to further globalise their bottom line.

Inversion is supposedly about improving the profit margin but, in this case, not easily seen. The US corporate tax rate is around 39% while Canada's rate is around 15%. Makes good sense when using these numbers.

However, the GAO reports that the effective US corporate rate is 12.5% and that one in 4 corps pay no taxes. So, one has to assume the true Canadian rate is less than 12.5% and/or, it could be that Burger King will now be able to use profits squirreled away in foreign tax shelters to burn more burgers, etc.

Tween 83 and 03 there were 29 inversions. Tween 04 and 13 there were 47.

I tried inversion myself a while back. Stood on my head 3 days but each call to the IRS went unanswered.

When corporate human rights exceed human human rights I think its time for a new 3rd party w/a/dif/pol att, and so on - - -

Otherwise, we have the corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by Roy Ellis at August 27, 2014 4:19 PM
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When corporate human rights exceed human human rights

It’s a shame you had to throw this incorrect assertion into your article. :/

Posted by: Rhinehold at August 27, 2014 10:16 PM
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