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Voting With Their Feet

Americans fleeing blue states for red states?

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, talked with Sean Hannity about the benefits of red state economic conditions.

Governor Scott touted a 0% income tax, 200,000 people a year moving into Florida, an unemployment rate lower than the national average, and a 42 year low in the crime rate, less regulation, faster permitting time, 280,000 jobs available.

Sean contrasted that with the state of New York by pointing out a 10% income tax rate, 3.5 million people having left New York as per the last census. I wonder if Cuomo is getting his wish by them all being conservative?

While Cuomo and de Blazio believe in cocooning themselves in people who agree with them, Governor Rick Scott believes in a conservative approach. Here's what he said about his beliefs and what he hopes to bring to Florida:

You know what we believe in? We believe in freedom. We believe in, you know, the right to live your dream.
Sean, I have a 2-year- old -- he wants to be a cowboy right now, 2-year-old grandson. He wants to be a cowboy. But you know what? In our state, you can be a cowboy. You can be an astronaut. You can build a technology company. You can do so many things down here. And that's what I want. I want the dream in our state. And that's what we all want in our state.

Given Cuomo's and de Blazio's attitude toward people who think like Rick Scott, it's no wonder New York has a budget twice the size of Florida's with the same amount of people.

Also interviewed was Johan Goldberg of the National Review. Johan Goldberg sums up Governor Cuomo's attitude this way:

The left these days defines tolerance as being incredibly warm and receptive to people who completely agree with them already. You know, that diversity is to have lots of people who come in lots of different shapes and sizes and colors and sexual orientations, but they have to all agree on the same things.

That sounds about right. Tolerance to a liberal means agree or you're not welcome. He also made my eyebrows chuckle when he made this observation:

You know, something like close to half of the net jobs created since Obama has been in office have all been created in Texas. I always like to, you know, wonder why, if he's creating all these jobs, is he putting them in George Bush's Texas.

Add the jobs created by fracking and you have to wonder if Obama created any jobs at all? Too funny!

So these are positive situations that give me hope for the 2014 elections going toward conservatism and a less intrusive government. Red states are receiving the people who are dissatisfied with the way blue states are treating them. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of that dissatisfaction played out in the next election cycle as well.

Posted by Weary_Willie at January 26, 2014 8:09 PM
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