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Trump Offers to Pay Bill for White House Tours

One spending cut that began March 1st, was the elimination of White House tours, an opportunity for people, including many students, to experience the marvel of a significant piece of American history.

Did Obama play this card to tug on the hearts of the GOP? Its definitely possible. The fact that this marginal cut is spotlighted in the media is strictly to ruffle our feathers. And who was the first person to respond to this spending cut? None other than Obama's nemesis, Donald Trump. It's always a game of cat and mouse, and once again we're chasing our tails.

Is this a grand patriotic gesture? Yes. But once again it's temporary Band-Aid fix to the real budget problems. Which is exactly part of Trump's point. "It's always been that simple, and it's always been open, and it's certainly not a lot of money," Trump explains, "We have $17 trillion in debt. Closing the White House tours is not exactly the biggest thing on the agenda." EXACTLY!

This is another media frenzy to generate emotion from Americans and fuel the fire with the GOP. Donald Trump offering to pay for the tours gets America absolutely nowhere in the big scheme of things, because as he has said, it's a fractional amount of the whole debt. I'm hoping one day, we stop chasing our tails, and the GOP stops taking bait from the Democrats, and vice versa.

Sorry, Mr. Trump. This isn't a solution.

Posted by MichaelMears at March 11, 2013 4:39 PM
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Maybe it would be a good idea to make lots of these tour type things the responsibility of private organizations. Lots of good people would contribute their money and time.

I visited the Alamo last year. Admission is free and the tour is great. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas runs the place. They get no money from local, state or federal government and depend solely upon money from sales in the Alamo Gift Museum, donations from individuals and private foundation grants to fund its educational programming and general operation.

Posted by: C&J at March 11, 2013 8:44 PM
Comment #362688

Maybe we should add on our federal tax returns each year $1.00 to be used for W.H. tours.

Posted by: KAP at March 11, 2013 11:20 PM
Comment #362689

Maybe we should get Obama to quit screwing kids over.

Posted by: Weary Willie at March 11, 2013 11:46 PM
Comment #362727

Symbolism is a poor way to run a government.

Posted by: Royal Flush at March 12, 2013 5:50 PM
Comment #362767

Reckon Obama needs to take a pay cut and keep his wife home so them kids can see the White House.

Posted by: Arkie Redneck at March 13, 2013 8:54 AM
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Ending the White House tours is just Barrys way of throwing a tantrum because his lies about the sequester didn’t come to pass, and now he looks like chicken little. Ending the tour is designed to piss people off so he can say it’s those bastard republicans. the whole thing is laughable, and childish. The cuts aren’t really cuts in anything but the growth. Either way they get more money to spend each year. Instead of looking for ways to cut out waste, he’s going to intentionally make it as painful as possible. What a great president….NOT !

Posted by: dbs at March 17, 2013 9:46 AM
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