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Corpocracy On The Move

By hosting candidate Romney at the Clinton Global Initiative recently Bill Clinton and the Corpocracy may be jettisoning President Obama and his administration.

CGI seems to be shaping up as the follow on to globalism driven by Corpocracy. The effort involves restoring the middle class, reforming education and establishing a more robust capitalism in the world at large.

The latter would be driven by corporate initiatives with trade being the carrot and gov't being the stick. Romeny agreed that, if elected he would work to create new trade agreements with developing nations based on gov'ts willing to implement civil reforms in exchange for sweet trade deals. Romney would like to employ US aid more directly serve the needs of the people, circumventing the tin pot dictators where possible.

Seems to be a new wrinkle to a globalised economy, the difference being the initiative will be largely driven by corporations with gov't playing a lesser role. That has to play well in Peoria with the economy on its back.

Since Romeny speaks the corporate language he is likely to get the nod from Corpocracy. Romeny said he would expound on the CGI over the coming weeks and will likely get a pronounced bounce in the polls.

It does seem nation building is about to ramp up exponentially. As usual, the risk will stop with the middle class. Any business ventures/failures will need to be backstopped by you through tax revenue.

Corpocracy on the move . . .

Otherwise - - -

Posted by Roy Ellis at September 26, 2012 11:04 AM
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Here is a Clinton interview with Jon Stewart. He talks about the CGI.—2


Posted by: Rocky Marks at September 26, 2012 4:56 PM
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The biggest winners in September were Toyota (up 41.5 percent) and Honda (up 31 percent), which continue to bounce back from depressed sales last year owing to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that disabled some of the companies’ factories for months. Hyundai (up 15 percent) and Volkswagen (up 34 percent) continue BMW GT1 to post gains from popular new models. General Motors (up 1.5 percent) and Ford (up 2.3 percent) are posting sales gains, but below the industry as a whole. And Chrysler continues to surprise analysts, posting a 12 percent gain from September last year.

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Callum’s designers pulled off a neat trick working with program manager Shunsuke Kawasaki, who envisioned a vehicle he dubbed the “metropolitan hawk.” What’s come to market strays surprisingly little from the original design sketches that guided the project.

One of Kawasaki ‘s key goals was to make the CX-7 look a lot more lavish than the $23,750 base price might suggest. Outside and in, Mazda worked up some elegant touches, including the refined piano black accent pieces (which first appeared on the much more expensive RX-8). That said, the automaker did cut a few corners, here and there,Vag Com 11.3 with some chintzier plastic pieces, but they tend to show up in out-of-the-way corners.

Posted by: ND900 at December 26, 2013 1:43 AM
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