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It's Time to Rev Up Republicans

There’s no reason that the Romney-Ryan ticket shouldn’t’ be marginally ahead of the Obama camp. There are so many aces in their pockets and they have merely capitalized on a single one. Romney is his own worst enemy and he’s the only person holding him back from getting to White House. Democrats and the Obama camp have completely changed the dynamic and makeup of this country into a sad, pitiful, wallowing nation of takers.

The economy, decline in job creation, and Obama's intention to merge Medicare into Obamacare are all strong decision points in favor of the Romney-Ryan ticket. The main trouble the Republican party faces, is Romney's lack of forming a concrete plan or standing strong with any opinion. With his selection of Ryan as veep, that was his chance to make grand strides to top the polls, and instead he has continuously failed to establish any real value to Americans or declare solid story for their campaign. There are way too many people who are still wondering what Mitt Romney has to offer? This is a question that should've been answered before he even ran.

At this point, there are millions of jobless Americans who have been completely let down, as the job market has turned around since Obama took office. Arguably, that hasn't even really been a priority of the Obama term. Now, as they continuously see the job creation numbers drops, too many have even stopped looking for work. They're at home watching Obama speeches during the work week and are buying into every word out of his mouth that he's going to defend the middle class.

This is the perfect opportunity for Mitt Romney to stand up and say, "Don't stop looking for work. Don't give up! What's the worse that can happen?" Americans have lost all hope, and there's no one to blame but the president. Romney should be making the Clinton-style motivation speeches to Americans, and that better times are ahead. The more people that give up, the more people there are standing with their hands out, and that is nothing but the worst possible thing Americans can do right now.

We're left in a hopeless situation, and it's shocking that so many people are still in favor of the garbage that comes out of Obama's mouth. It's sad that people have lost all faith in American, and completely given up. If nothing else, we need Romney to be the anti-depressant pill America so badly needs. Now is his chance to turn everything around and put some pep in America's step. The last things Americans should fear losing are their jobs and income, and we should be fighting every step of the way. Obama just keeps offering Band-Aid remedies for them rather than offering a solution to the real problem.

Posted by MichaelMears at September 17, 2012 3:08 PM
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The Republicans have no plan other than to impede Obama at every turn. Mitch McConnell made that clear from the very beginning of Obama’s presidency. They are now paying a price for a complete failure to provide any alternative policy. They have controlled Congress since 2010 but have presented no responsible alternative in any area. Vowing to repeal Obamacare without some reasonable alternative is a good example. OK, Romney said that he liked some aspects of Obamacare, but on second thought, he retracted his support, sort of.

Romney thought that he could just run against Obama on the economy. But, people aren’t completely stupid. They realize that Republican policy led to a massive economic problem (estimates that it cost 12.5 trillion dollars).

What is Romney offering as an alternative to Obama and former Republican policy? Thus far, he has offered nothing but the same old same all. More tax cuts to stimulate the economy and we will “save” Medicare by turning it into a defined contribution plan. Whoa, didn’t we try the tax cut thing during the Bush administration and how is Medicare going to be “saved” for us if we are going to have to pick up a lion’s share of the escalating premiums?

It is not that Romney needs to become more of a cheerleader, he needs to articulate a set of policies that make some sense. Promises of tax cuts for everyone with a reduction of the deficit, 12 million jobs for the unemployed and Medicare as you know it, just doesn’t ring true to many voters.

Posted by: Rich at September 17, 2012 7:42 PM
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Oh, Mike, don’t hold back, tell us what you really think.

What you’re saying embodies many of the reasons why Mitt is in trouble. For one thing, he’s not believeable as a spokesman for the GOP. He seems to be just a placeholder to prevent Obama from remaining in power.

But he sacrifices the center and the left in order to try and be that spokesman, try and act like the “severely conservative” Republican. He knows it, so you’ll see these bizarre attempts to grab for the center.

Trouble is, the President’s already firmly there, and his party and him balance pretty much where they need to to appeal to folks who aren’t rabidly Republican.

Republicans also help things by failing to even think about what they’re saying. If you want to call most Americans takers, most unemployed people lazybones who have been lulled into become Obama-speech watching drones, be my guest, because that’s unfortunately many of the people whose frustrations you were appealing to before.

What you’re expressing isn’t far different from what Romney was recently caught on tape saying, a rather obnoxious kind of economic elitism mixed with conservative contempt for those who need help. Obama can appeal to those who want to get back to work, but your side has chosen to claim that they’re simply moochers who want to live off the dole.

Good job persuading people to vote for you.

The problem for the GOP is that it depended on a lot of the pretenses it is now dropping in order to soften the edges of what happens to be a very harsh set of agendas. Now it’s just driving people further away, with every attempt it makes to double down on the one true faith of conservativism, to win back the people they wishfully think fled them for the lack of same.

At some point, you are going to have to realize that you will have to change as a party, as a movement, in order to make any kind of progress.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at September 17, 2012 8:30 PM
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Michael, seems you are suggesting more ‘hope and change’. Curious what you would suggest to turn our fortunes, put millions back to work in high paying jobs and so on - - -

With $16T debt and millions of people for hire in the cheap labor markets around the world, how can the US do any better than 1 to 1 1/2% GDP for 2013?

What level of improvement in the economy are you expecting?

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 17, 2012 9:55 PM
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Try a real plan for a change?

Posted by: Rhinehold at September 17, 2012 11:32 PM
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The 2010 elections were about shutting down Obama. If Obama had been on the ballot in 2010, he would have lost the election. Obama is going to lose big, it doesn’t matter who is running against him.

Posted by: BIF at September 18, 2012 12:41 PM
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Rhinehold, that’s a platform that I believe most citizens would support. I’m not big on privatizing the Smithsonian as I believe some of our history is too important to put in private hands. But, surely every person would take issue with a few line items. All in all, a great job, IMO.

Here is a fellow with a critical view, citing issues that wasn’t observed in your presentation.

My big hangup is that your 3rd party is not unlike any other 3rd party. I’ll use the analogy of energy. Right now we are paying circa $4/gal for gas. Natural gas is way cheap but, if it should become politically correct to use natural gas as a primary fuel for transportation it will take about six months for natural gas to hit $4/gal.

Same with parties. Right now special interest money flows to the demreps. Libertarians can hardly get a nickel, IMO. But, should libertarianism catch on big time, almost immediately we would see special interest money flow to the libertarian party. And, pdq, corpocracy interest would overtake your platform, install demrep type policies and we’d be back to square one, status quo and all that - - -

Which is why we need to take the bull by the horns, flip him on his butt. Any 3rd party should not be considered worthy unless their platform puts the issue of abolishing corporate personhood at the very top, followed by REAL campaign finance reform. Unless we can remove or severely limit the money influence from gov’t/politics reform will go nowhere. Platforms make nice reading and not much else.

Also, we need a party with a few new wrinkles, i.e. the Republican Sentry Party. Here members have the responsibility of holding their party’s elected officials accountable, can vote to have an errant incumbent rejected from the party. In so doing, national members can vote for/against senators and reps at the federal level. Charlie Rangel comes to mind.

Watched cspan coverage on the WTO this AM. Only one person had anything nice to say about the WTO/globalism. Corpocracy has busted this country and has no plans, sans political diatribe to change course. The President is using the WTO to harass China over their subsidization of the auto parts industry to the tune of $1B. Nice play, one month before the election and so on - - -

Otherwise, we have the Corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 18, 2012 6:27 PM
Comment #353326

From the link in my above reply. “Corporations: Eliminate all federal subsidies to private corporations, as well as all antitrust laws.”

Is this correct info, Rhinehold?

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 18, 2012 6:34 PM
Comment #353344

For someone writing in a blog called “Third Party & Independents,” You seem to have a high opinion of Mitt Romm… Oh, Wait!!! You’re making fun of the incompetent runner up and his running mate who is a pathological liar that can’t do math!
I’m sorry I doubted you! Yeah, I agree with your article… Mitt isn’t very good at this “Candidating” thing.

Seriously, though… Obama’s not perfect, but he’s not QUITE as bad as you imply. Romney is already down in the polls and he’s going to loose because he has no actual plans other than the fact that he’s not Obama. And I agree with Romney on that! He’s right that he’s not Obama! Unfortunately, that’s not TECHNICALLY an economic strategy…
Oh Wait… I’m wrong again! Mitt does have an economic strategy! He wants to cut taxes for rich people, eliminate tax credits for he middle class, and spend billions on weapons platforms that the military doesn’t want because the don’t work. True, this will increase the national debt, hurt the middle class and weaken the military… But it is a plan! So vote Republican!
Wait… Are you sure you’re an independent? I’m new to this site, so help me out here… Are supporting Mitt? Or are you really mocking him? In that case, are you supporting the President? I’m confused…

Posted by: Marc A. at September 19, 2012 1:35 AM
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