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What Size Jefferson's Gonads

Ezra Klein had a good article in WaPo today discussing the degree to which gov’t has sold out to Corpocracy. He starts out by stating that “campaigns need votes to win. But they need money simply to survive.’

He notes that according to Harvard Professor, Lawerence Lessig, only .26% give more than $200 to congressional campaigns. Only .01% give more than $10k in an election cycle. And, fewer than 200 folks, of 310M people, have contributed 80% of all super PAC donations
Lessig calls this corruption, even if not illegal and believes the Founders would easily recognize it as corruption. He uses Federalist 52 to make his point; "dependent up the People alone." And, that today gov't is dependent upon the people and the Funders.
Klein notes that last week Senate Democrats made a run at weakening Citizens United by voting for the Disclose Act. This Act would require groups contributing more than $10k to disclose contributors who had donated more than $10k. The effort, however weak and ineffectual, was defeated by Senate Republicans.

Klein goes on to note that a real power of Super PAC's is just the threat to a candidate of buying future airtime . The Super PAC doesn't have to expend the money, just threaten to do so.

Klein states that the real problem with campaign contributions is not Citizens United but Buckley v. Valeo where the Supreme Court held that money is free speech. This ruling lets congress off the hook in regulating campaign finance .

He says fundamental solutions require more radical thinking. Amen to that. He offers "one utopian" idea - - a constitutional amendment that limits private money in politics. He doesn't like the idea as it "seems impossible to imagine it actually happening."

He ends by acknowledging that it must have been difficult for a previous generation to imagine that the Constitution would be amended to permit the direct election of senators, thus necessitating expensive campaigns that only a small fraction of Americans would fund.

Indeed, the Constitution has been amended 27 times and none were easy. But, it is definitely possible. WW believes the way to reform is to repeal the 17th amendment, reverting to the appointment of senators by their state legislatures. He believes this would reduce the huge expenditure of money during election cycles. I agree that would help but have to ponder why the folks felt the 17th was necessary to begin with.

I believe, for every drop of rain that falls - - -

No, when you look at the big picture, starting with the big bang of 1776, it you will, we should recognize where we went wrong and try to correct those things. Like driving on a leaky tire. Best to stop pumping it up and put a few patches on it so that it performs close to the original.

Therefore, up with a 3rd party w/a/d/p/a - - - sans the Republic Sentry Party. We can use a 3rd party to fight fire with fire, abolish corporate personhood, then implement REAL campaign finance reform and maybe a flat tax.

Also, support groups seeking to abolish corporate personhood;


Also, vote incumbents from office every chance you get,

Also, support the effort for Article V Convention,

How can it be that this constitutional right for the people to propose reform through constitutional amendments is denied by the congress and the courts? Through this conduit alone the people ouuld, over time, put in place reforms that would save us from ourselves

Begs the question; collectively, do we have Jefferson's gonads?
Otherwise, we have the Corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by Roy Ellis at July 28, 2012 8:29 PM
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