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Federal vs. State Policy Failing Gay Marriage

As if the government system isn’t messed up enough as it is, now we add same-sex marriage to the cluster. Two women met in college, fell in love, and then they got married. One of the women is Pakistani, and now that her student visa is expiring she is facing deportation because the federal government does not recognize their marriage in Massachusetts.

The Pakistani woman, Gloria, is 24 years old and is now facing a very dangerous future if she returns to Pakistan. She refuses to share her last name because she is afraid for her safety. She says, "It's very unfair. It's unjust. It's almost to the point it's cruel," adding, "I feel much more American than Pakistani. Whatever I've built of my own identity is here. I've never experienced my own decision making there."

The Defense of Marriage Act was implemented in 1996, and only sponsors citizenship to an immigrant in a marriage between a man and a woman. Same-sex couples are excluded from this act even if they are legally married. The couple has sought the help of Senator John Kerry who has contacted the Department of Homeland Security and asked the case be delayed before any decision is made on Gloria's deportation.

When did America become a country where the government has become so deranged, it affects the freedom and safety of its own citizens? While trying to protect her identity, her safety is in jeopardy if she returns to Pakistan. Coming from a culture that views homosexuality as a crime, and particularly for a woman, Gloria is in a position where her life is on the line if she returns to Pakistan. To willingly subject someone to his or her own torture or murder is despicable. It really doesn't matter if you do or don't believe in gay marriage, but in a humane society we should knowingly subject this woman to torture.

Posted by MichaelMears at July 12, 2012 5:04 PM
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This is an interesting post MM.

“When did America become a country where the government has become so deranged, it affects the freedom and safety of its own citizens?”

Is this Pakistani woman a citizen of the US?

There are many liberal Judges in America who would like to include Islamic law in our court system. How would it go for homosexuals and gay marriage if this happened?

It kind of makes me glad to be an American.

Regarding the young lady; maybe she should have thought about this before?

Perhaps Obama could do the same thing for her as he did for his relatives; you know just throw the immigration laws and the Constitution in the old preverbal “shit can”

Posted by: Frank at July 12, 2012 10:46 PM
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So, Frank…. was your last comment made out of ignorance, or just a long-cultured hate of anyone not anglo-American??

Posted by: jane doe at July 13, 2012 1:41 AM
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I support gay-marriage. Not allowing gay-marriage isn’t a violation of rights and is not where near being the same as the struggle black folks went through in the past, as gay-marriage supports disgustingly claim, but I support being allowed to marry whoever you want.

Gloria knew how intolerant her country was. She knew her visa would expire. She knew her marriage would not be recognized by our federal government. She chose to marry another woman. She put herself in this position.

“To willingly subject someone to his or her own torture or murder is despicable”

This excuse could be used to justify never deporting any illegal alien.
Legislating by emotion does not work.

Posted by: kctim at July 13, 2012 9:28 AM
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“So, Frank…. was your last comment made out of ignorance, or just a long-cultured hate of anyone not anglo-American??”

Posted by: jane doe at July 13, 2012 1:41 AM

jane doe, as I explained to Adam Ducker in the 1st column, I am black. So I do not have a “long-cultured hate of anyone not anglo-American”.

But let me ask you jane, did Obama make a special attempt to keep his illegal relatives in the US?

“After two rare secret court hearings, President Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt has been granted political asylum by the same judge who deported her last spring after noting that she had previously ignored multiple removal orders.

The judge’s abrupt reversal will remain a mystery because it all took place behind closed doors, even though the Justice Department’s immigration court manual—as well as a federal appellate court—says such proceedings should be open. Yet the most “transparent administration in history” arranged for the deportation hearings to be held out of public view.

That’s probably because the commander-in-chief’s aunt, Zeituni Polly Onyango, has essentially flipped the finger at U.S. immigration laws for years, twice ignoring deportation orders (in 2003 and 2004) before getting busted again in 2008. Onyango has for years lived in a South Boston public housing facility and was denied yet another stay of deportation during her nephew’s presidential campaign.”

Posted by: Frank at July 13, 2012 10:30 AM
Comment #348362
There are many liberal Judges in America who would like to include Islamic law in our court system.

Name one

Posted by: Rhinehold at July 13, 2012 12:04 PM
Comment #348363


“I am black. So I do not have a “long-cultured hate of anyone not anglo-American.”

Really, and merely being black precludes this sort of thing?

“But let me ask you jane, did Obama make a special attempt to keep his illegal relatives in the US?”

Interestingly enough, she can’t prove that he didn’t, and you can’t prove that he did.

It interests me that the fringers find it necessary to use wild speculation, rumor, and innuendo to insult Obama when there are more than a few legitimate things he has gotten wrong.


Posted by: Rocky Marks at July 13, 2012 12:05 PM
Comment #348374


1) Was a case on whether a ballot initiative was constitutional or not and the initiative said nothing about Sharia law. It had nothing at all do with instituting Sharia law on anyone who isn’t Islamic.

2) (I’m assuming the second link was a duplicate)

3) Was against a state constitutional amendment to block courts from using Sharia law when appropriate. The defendants could provide no evidence of it every being used and applied to non Muslims. Even further, the court was NOT liberal.

The Denver-based court, which is not known for holding progressive views, on Tuesday upheld a lower court injunction against the proposed amendment, which passed in 2010 by 70 percent of Oklahoma voters in a referendum. The court decision, sparked by a lawsuit brought by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, repudiated, in part, the fear of “creeping Sharia law” that has inspired over 20 proposed state laws and has infused some Republican campaign rhetoric.

“Appellants do not identify any actual problem the challenged amendment seeks to solve,” the three judge panel wrote. “Indeed, they admitted at the preliminary injunction hearing that they did not know of even a single instance where an Oklahoma court had applied Sharia law or used the legal precepts of other nations or cultures, let alone that such applications or uses had resulted in concrete problems in Oklahoma.”

4) Once again, nothing to do with forcing anyone to follow Sharia law, this was a case where people were upset about funds going to AIG, a private organization that is sympathetic to Sharia law. I suppose we should also block any federal funds going to any religious based organization that isn’t Islamic, right? I am all for that, but the courts found for all religious freedom, not specifically Islamic.

Sorry Frank, but you are actually going to have to read what was written in these ‘links’ (and please try to avoid using such moronic sources as Right Side News) if you are going to make your case. You have simply failed by not knowing the difference between defending religious freedom and violating it…

Posted by: Rhinehold at July 13, 2012 3:37 PM
Comment #348382

Wow, you’re really reaching, aren’t you Frank?

1) Was about someone responding to a religious incitement. It has nothing to do with Sharia law or considering foreign laws to determine guilt or innocence. If the person protesting was defecating on a bible and a devout Christian attempted to stop him, would you want him in jail for assault? Or would you be defending him?

The right to free speech does not assure that we won’t incite responses that are not welcome.

2) I was wondering if you would toss this one out. Had you actually done any research you would have seen two things. First, the decision was based on a contract between Muslims and their Mosque. This is no different than a lawsuit about the firings individuals working for the Catholic church because they were gay and the judge using the bible to determine the outcome. I am sure you would be on the other side of that battle if it were related to Christianity, right?

Nielsen limited his use of Islamic law to deciding whether arbitration by an Islamic scholar mediating a dispute between the mosque and ousted trustees followed the teachings of the Koran.

Oh, and the judge was a conservative appointed by Jeb Bush.

3) This is just the second one again, are you actually reading these?

4) This one is interesting but is not exactly as your link explains. The case was not in finding if the man raped his wife, it was a restraining order hearing. The judge did NOT find that the assaulter was not guilty of rape, only that his actions were not intended to be criminal and therefore the restraining order was not warranted. It did not use Sharia law to determine guilt or innocence.

And as should have happened, the case was reversed on appeal and the restraining order issued.

I’m sorry Frank, again you are going to have to do better. I would suggest starting by actually reading the cases in question before posting the links..

Posted by: Rhinehold at July 13, 2012 5:11 PM
Comment #348383

Oh, I forgot this quote…

Markus Wagner, a professor of international law at the University of Miami School of Law, said courts often refer to religious codes in arbitration cases.

If two sides in an arbitration, for example, agree to use Jewish law, then a judge could properly use the Talmud in deciding a case, Wagner said.

“On the legal side, it’s just not all that unusual,” he said.

Posted by: Rhinehold at July 13, 2012 5:47 PM
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