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Corpocracy On Track With Status Quo

Not much to blog about lately, IMO. Media and Corpocracy have been able to relegate political debate to he said, she said. The Corpocracy is working to keep Romney on the front burner and the C of C is banking on a restoration of George Allen, here in Va.

Otherwise, status quo foreseen for a couple of decades:

Tip of the iceberg re home foreclosures, federal debt .gt. $15T, Greece needs more grease, the President is flying around looking for jobs, etc. The good ole USA will be on life support for a while . . .

Meanwhile, one very pleasing note is that the effort to remove the money influence from politics/govt is steadily gaining traction. This Citizens United vs the FEC ruling did a lot to get the ball rolling in that regard. One can measure the progress I was able to get an opine into my local paper last week. Slow response but, I hope by the end of summer to have a sizeable number ready to take the issue to local gov't. You may want to arouse your local community with this or a similar opinion.

"With the advent of the Super-Pac's we are witness to the further imbalance of power between the people and the money influence in politics and gov't. While people clamor for reform the Corpocracy strives for status quo and usually wins.

How did the 'money influence' come to be? The sharp contrast began in 1886 with the Supreme Court declaring that corporations were persons. Corporate Personhood became law without their ever being a case in law heard as to whether corporations had certain human rights in law. In 1976 the courts moved to equate money with free speech as it related to campaign contributions, dealing a fatal blow to the democratic principle of 'one person, one vote'. Further, with the 2010 Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited funding for media advertisements, for or against a candidate, the peoples voice is being drowned out by the voluminous 'free speech' coming from the corporate sector. People generally act as an individual and die at some point. Corporations act in groups with a tendency to grow into monopolies/conglomerates and live on, in perpetuity.

Could there be a more opportune time to address this issue? What can we do to remove the money influence and achieve REAL campaign finance reform? There are two organizations, and at the forefront of a strong national movement to remove/limit the money influence from politics and government. City, County and State gov'ts are being petitioned to adopt a resolution to the effect that 'money is not free speech' and 'corporations are not persons' Numerous local governing entities have signed the resolution: Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin, Boulder, Colorado, Missoula, Montana, and Los Angeles have passed measures. The New York City Council is the most recent entity to pass a resolution. More than thirty cities and counties across America have adopted this resolution to abolish Corporate Personhood law.

I encourage you to visit the websites of these organizations to learn more about the movement. If you think Rappahannock County should adopt this resolution and would like to join with other county residents to represent this position to the County Board of Supervisors please contact me."

The reader may want to check in with Move To Amend and/or Reclaim Democracy and start, or join an affiliate group, or just thank the staff for giving us this opportunity to abolish corporate personhood thus, nixing the money influence in gov't/politics.

Otherwise, we have the Corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by Roy Ellis at February 17, 2012 6:39 PM
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Roy, Montana is fighting and the fascist on the SCOTUS are defending their decision.

Posted by: j2t2 at February 17, 2012 10:09 PM
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Roy, I think Citizens United was over reach by the corpocracy, it wasn’t necessary, they were doing fine without it. If there is a big furor about it in this election, I think the Congress will pass some legislation to repeal or water it down to quiet things down so the corpocracy can continue with it’s plans. Of course, they may be so arrogant that they feel they have nothing to be concerned about, that their propaganda and their politicians can effectively thwart the opposition.

World competition is predominately American and European corporations competing against the workers and other companies in their own countries with third world labor. The only thing that is preventing millions of American workers from joining the ranks of the third world labor force is the entitlement programs. Get rid of them and it is a done deal.

Posted by: jlw at February 18, 2012 8:29 PM
Comment #336893

j2t2, it’s going to take a much larger effort than the state of Montana to move the Corpocracy off the dime. Just recently heard a political writer state that ‘inertia’ is the greatest tool of gov’t. It’s going to take a real people mover to overcome the inertia of gov’t on the corporate personhood issue. Almost comical that each time the SC has involved themselves with CP, CP has been further solidified in the law while the people have gotten the shaft. The SC managed to tie CP to the 1st amendment, equate free speech with money and came up with a thousand ways for the CP to unload buckets of cash on the candidates. Meanwhile, REAL CFR is something of a dream in the minds of most. Montana’s appeal to the SC is the proverbial flea crawling up the elephants leg with … .

But, this current movement may become the people mover we are looking for. Local govt’s of Ashville, NC and Eugene, Or are the most recent to pass a resolution to abolish.

Jlw, I can’t see where just backing up on the Super-Pacs will solve anything. Like treating a cancer, you just can’t remove some it and think that’s the end of it. I think of it this way; people grow old and die while corporations live on in perpetuity. Carve a piece off the corporations and they will grow it back in a year or a couple of hundred years.

Yes, the corpocracy is winning big against the workers of the world. Nationalism seems as dead as pole kat run over by all 18 tires of a tractor/trailer and being fought over by a dozen hard nosed Kentucky vultures. Example: Gingrich sez he will bring gas prices down to $2 plus on election. But, we all understand that a drop of oil or a piece of rock mined from US soil is immediately considered international resources by the WTO, to be refined/processed and sold to the highest bidder around the world. Unless Newt can walk on water … . Yet, we will hear electioneering talk about ‘controlling’ this or that price, etc. Let’s be xtal clear, the Corpocracy controls the price of oil, globalism, closing refineries and all that, beyond taxes levied. That helps us to understand that even though the US has had a mild winter heating fuel and gas prices are maxed out.
And, by the way, please do run and sign up with some community college to be retrained for some job that might possibly come your way over the next couple of decades. They could use your extra cash …

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: Roy Ellis at February 19, 2012 3:13 PM
Comment #337056
it’s going to take a much larger effort than the state of Montana to move the Corpocracy off the dime.

I agree Roy. The problem is not just the corpocracy it is those that support the corpocracy under the guise of free enterprise, capitalism,free speech and other such bumper sticker slogans that enable them.

Posted by: j2t2 at February 20, 2012 11:19 AM
Comment #337063

“and other such bumper sticker slogans…” like individual liberty and individual rights.

Roy, what J2 said is exactly how it is.

The cities and towns that are adopting the Move To Amend resolution are progressive/liberal communities. Both Asheville, N.C. and Athens, Ohio are islands of progressive thought surrounded by a sea of Christian Conservatism. This is a major reason for why the country is pounded daily on the evils of commie socialist liberal progressivism, to secure allies.

Purge the government of liberals and free the market, long live the corpocracy! Rush Limbaugh propagandizes his listeners and they propagandize their fellow church goers and or their fellow workers. They even propagandize when they are standing in line at WalMart. Two weeks ago, even a WalMart cashier began propagandizing me, a customer, on the evils of the liberal socialist Obama. I gave her and the fellow behind me, nodding his head, a return message, wallow in ignorance if you like. I realize that Obama is corpocracy as well, but corpocracy light compared to the corpocracy hardliner conservative/Republicans, and corpocracy light is between the hardliners and no corpocracy.

I hold out little hope for a third party solution so if we are to get this issue addressed, it must become the agenda of one of the two parties. If progressives/liberals and like minded centrists join forces to put and keep the pressure on the Democratic Party we may have a chance of prevailing. The Republican party is a non starter. No since wasting time on them, some of their working class supporters will come around if the issue can be made main stream. As you point out, the issue is gaining momentum, is making progress towards that goal. I guess we will have to hope that the momentum doesn’t loose traction as the economy improves.

My hope is that Obama is reelected, the Democrats regain control of the House and OWS and groups like Move On hound them persistently.

Posted by: jlw at February 20, 2012 5:12 PM
Comment #337083

Senator Sherrod Brown (D,Oh.) is urging all Americans to sign the petition to repeal the Citizens United Decision. For his efforts, he has been labeled, by the Republican party and the C of C, as their Congressional public enemy no.1 and they plan to spend millions in an attempt to secure his defeat.

Posted by: jlw at February 21, 2012 4:58 PM
Comment #337188

Jlw, if we were assigning labels the C of C could be labeled Chief of Corpocracy, IMO. I hope the people of Ohio will address the C of C’s plan to railroad Senator Brown appropriately.

Matters not a whit to me as to who is supporting ‘Move To Amend’ and ‘Reclaim Democracy’. I’m interested in ‘solutions’ to problems.

Bill ‘O’ was fired up this evening over gas prices and the lack of leadership on the issue. The President says it’s a ‘complicated issue’. The Repub candidates didn’t address gas prices in the deates last evening, other than Gingrich saying he would hold gas prices to $2.50. In the news today that Wall Street adds approx 22% to the price of gas.
‘O’Riley is upset that no matter how much gas/oil is produced here in the U.S. any excess is exported, keeping the price at the level of the highest bid. Bill wants the Pres and/or candidates to meet with the oil exec’s and advise them that unless prices are held down on US produced oil/gas an export tax will be applied for exported product. One would think Bill is running afoul of the WTO with his position but, it was pointed out that in the Saudi Kingdom gas is 90 cents a gallon. Goes to globalism, fair trade, etc.

Here is a list of locations that passed the ‘resolution’ or something to that effect.,-97.470703&spn=28.810276,79.013672&z=4

Only some 4M watched the debates last evening. What a sad showing for candidates wanting to be President. Something akin to a personality contest. It seems bold leaders can’t survive in today’s political morass.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: Roy Ellis at February 24, 2012 11:55 AM
Comment #337191

Roy, don’t you find populist price control arguments made by advocates of the Free Market Party to be rather dubious?

Last year when gasoline prices spiked and threatened the economic recovery, Obama lashed out at the Wall Street speculators and the Republicans screamed socialist. Perhaps a Republican president and a Republican Congress could us government prices controls on oil but that is extremely unlikely to happen and if Obama even mentioned it, the Republicans would rhetorically crucify him.

Whatever price the market will bear. Increasing oil supply is not going to have near the effect on prices that reduced demand has. We have just seen a demonstration. When the price of natural gas began to fall, the oil companies cut back production ng to boost the price. It costs considerably more to obtain natural gas by the fracking method than by conventional methods. The same is true for oil.

Saudi Arabia has less than a tenth of our population and it is sitting on an ocean of oil. Nearly all that oil is exported and the Saudis can afford to placate their population with low gasoline prices.

The U.S. imports huge amounts of oil and our reserves in this country will never meet the demand unless alternative energy sources and conservation play a major role in reducing the amount of oil we use. Until this happens, we are basically at the mercy of market pricing. The oil companies would prefer to keep us in this position for as long as they possibly can and that is why they support efforts to stymie alternatives and conservation as well as supporting the global warming is a hoax scenario.

Obama said he would not use super pack money till he discovered that would give the Republicans a distinct advantage. If Obama wins, and the Republican party or it’s right wing pundits make the mistake of blaming the super packs, many conservatives may decide that their support for the Citizens United decision might be counter productive.

Only 4 mil watched? Yes, many Republicans are wishing this was over with or are wishing for a new candidate to announce. Giuliani is making noise, I’m available. Plus, the hard core conservatives, religious or otherwise, are yelling foul over a perceived alliance between Romney and Paul, in which Paul throws his support to Romney and Romney seals the deal with libertarians by naming Rand Paul as his running mate.

Posted by: jlw at February 24, 2012 6:06 PM
Comment #337200

Jlw, with a little recessionary spending and the ups/downs of gas pricing the Corpocracy can drive the economy through the eye of a needle. In other words, dragging us along by our short hairs . …

A few are actually talking solutions re gas prices. Newt supposedly has a half hour canned talk on his website. O’Riley covered the issue again. One seemingly logical approach would be for gov’t to set royalty fees on newly opened drilling sites to something fair and float the fee based on the price of oil. If oil goes up a percent so does the royalty fee. Put that money in lockdown for a generation and it purportedly would be sufficient to pay off the debt in a generation. If nothing else it would give the folks a feeling of realizing something of value from oil production

Posted by: Roy Ellis at February 24, 2012 10:44 PM
Comment #337215

Roy, the oil industry is more interested in gaining control of all the potential oil leases in this country than they are in actually drilling those sites. They have already purchased many many leases that they are not exploiting because they are not profitable at this time to do so. They are drilling all over the world and many of those locations are abundantly easier and less expensive to exploit. This is especially true now that our companies again have access to Iraq’s oil. It’s all about control and delay.

Oil and it’s many supporters who are willing to ignore the realities of oil and are more than willing to deny global warming have become the corpocracy’s greatest allies.

That seemingly logical approach is another scam designed to delay what we as a nation really need to do. The longer the industry and the producer nations can delay progress in alternatives, they win. I don’t have any children, and no prospects for great grandchildren, but I refuse to be a supporter of a plan that will result in greater problems for others children, etc. for my own convenience in my lifetime.

My opinion is that particular domestic oil scam is part of the propaganda approach by the oil industry and it is being promoted primarily through right wing conservative venues like Fox and people like O’Reily. They use hard core advocates like Limbaugh, advocates that seemingly take a more sensible approach like O’Reily and even supposed populists like Dobbs.

We can’t change overnight, but we can change faster than we are and the corpocracy commandeering conservatives for their delaying tactics is and will in the immediate future, have adverse effects on our country and our posterity.

Posted by: jlw at February 25, 2012 5:50 PM
Comment #337219

jlw, while never anything more than a silent observer re politics it is my firm belief that both parties are bought and paid for by Corpocracy and NOTHING of import is going to change … . status quo forever … so long as the two parties remain in control. So long as candidates stand only for the duopoly we will continue with status quo. Doesn’t matter who the candidates are or how well they come off as candidates. The candidate elected must trudge off to Washington and play the game; do as we say or get sidelined to a broom closet office with an old maid secretary, etc. A well meaning official won’t hold out very long.

So, back to the old 3rd party with a diff pol att - - - - rules to prevent co=option, rules to reject those who don’t push the party agenda - - - starting with abolishing CP and followed by REAL CFR, etc.

May take 5 years or 500 hundred years but that’s the ONLY way change can come to this United States, IMO.

Otherwise - - -

Posted by: Roy Ellis at February 25, 2012 9:14 PM
Comment #355174

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