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Let's Spend Our Way To Recovery

Would be so sweet for the GOP to go along with the Dem’s and ‘spend the money’. Based on a debt of $14T, heading for $20T, a half $T is loose change.
We are told that Keynesian didn’t work because the available funding was too small. So, why not give’um another shot at being successful?

Well, we know where that would go. In a years time they would be back with the same song and dance - wasn't enough, should've been a larger stimulus, etc. Simply put, there is not enough money in the world to prove/disprove keynesian. Or certainly, no amount of spending at which the Dem's would admit defeat. And, ironically, they could drop $20T on the problem at the same time the economy recovers on its own and the Keynesians would claim credit.

While we will probably never get a chance to really test Keynes, I've never been keen on implementing economic policy based on a theory by some Brit farmer from the 1500's. Minor embellishment there.

I suppose readers have come to realize that the little 'dust up' between the Dem's and Rep's over debt reduction is right in line with the Corpocracy working to manage the breakup of the middle class workers and the New World Order. I would suggest that today's economy is the new norm, 1-2% growth for a number of years. Over a ten year period inflation will work on that dollar and whip workers in line pdq. Likely some of the 'too big to fails' will need repeated bailouts over the coming years. And, the foreign banks will need a little help too. . .

Workers, as usual, will likely have to go it on their own. Young workers are likely to face $100k tuition loans, $200k mortgage and $50k federal debt. The National Un-funded debt is now on the order of $1M/person. Let's hope the grandkids don't buckle.

The Corpocracy does seem to have solid consensus on immigration. No need for a fence as people can tunnel under or crawl over and, 40% fly in and overstay their visa. And, there are so many here we can't send them all back, which would be even more true if we had 50M or 75M or 100M etc. Time is not of the essence here, IMO

Otherwise - - -

Posted by Roy Ellis at September 12, 2011 9:32 PM
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