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Boehner vs. TEA Party: Not exactly a Rocky movie

With profound apologies to Mr. Ray Charles …

( *To the tune of "It's Crying Time Again")

Well it’s crying time again, they’re gonna leave you.
They can see that “give a sh*t” look in your eye
And before you think you’re gonna be re-elected
the rest of us will see you pay for all your crimes.

Now you might think you’re above the laws of this great country,
and that you can’t be held to blame for what you’ve done
But then you backstabbe­d all those fools who blindly praised you
and forgot most of them own at least one gun.

Yes, it’s crying time again, your career is over
You might as well learn how to cook McDonald’s fries
Because you screwed the country simply once too often
And now you’ll pay for all your greed and blatant lies.

Posted by Gary St. Lawrence at August 5, 2011 12:41 PM
Comment #327096

Gary, the Tea Partiers may want to start weeping, too.

Poll: Tea party support shrinks by half since 2010 elections

Quote from the link:

The survey’s historical data shows that tea party support peaked at 31 percent around the time of the 2010 elections, but has since declined to just 18 percent.

The steepest drop-off in people identifying themselves as members of the tea party came in just the last two months, as tea party Republicans in Congress held hostage an effort to raise the nation’s debt limit until Democrats agreed to severe budget cuts.

Posted by: Adrienne at August 5, 2011 5:32 PM
Comment #330309

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