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An excerpt re Soros from a New American article: A new Bretton Woods conference, like the one that established the international financial architecture after World War II, is needed to establish new international rules…reconstitute the International Monetary Fund (IMF)…[and] to reform the currency system…”

This implies ‘one world governing body’ and a one world currency. Ostensibly, making the UN the seat of world government. Much has already been achieved in that venue. World security, trade, administrative and immigration law has been ‘harmonized’.

Regionalization of North America was slowed due to the secrecy and lack of communications over the effort. But, many of the rules that were established under the auspices of the NAU are still in play, specifically, immigration rules and cross border transportation, albeit, somewhat diminished/slowed from the original intent. A work in progress, fer shure.

It is logical that as long as the US will carry the water for the world, then world leaders will go along with about anything that is proposed. But, it is also logical that ‘one world’ would work only so long as the economy was working for all concerned. We constantly hear that the EU is expected to breakup. The CIA has said they expect the EU to break up within 15 years. Each country will want to retain their right to return to governing themselves and printing their own currency. IMO, ‘one world’ would never get stronger than that.

In fact, one could look to the EU to see how ‘one world’ might work out. Things were looking good withTurkey expected to sign on to the EU and the world economy has humming along. Now Merkel and Sarkozy are pulling their hair out with Turkey threatening and the PIIGS debacle. Let’s google up a few and take a look:

Turkey threatens to pull out –
Canada threatens to scrap talks with EU - -
Sarkozy threatens to pull out of the euro - -
Germany may pull out of Llisa dam project - -
Turkey threatens to pull out over Cyprus talks - -
and so on.

I can see where ‘one world’ would work no better. But, you can bet Soros and company and the Corpocracy at large will continue to work to take advantage of the progress globalization has made toward ‘one world’.
A little more tautology to realize where globalisation has taken us thus far.

China, India and the Asian rim are full time capitalists. About 300M in India are below ($1/day) the poverty level. The per capita for China is about $3600/yr vs $46k/yr for the US. Then, there is Africa. At some point African’s are going to want jobs, roads, cars, etc.
Economists (read Goldman Sachs) tell us that if we wait long enough these countries will become consumers and want to buy US goods. Why would they want to buy US goods for goodness sakes? Would you? Right now you can bypass Wally World and head to your favorite grocer, if you are willing to pay a little more, etc.

Before I glaze you over, let’s broach a few questions for the Corpocracy:

With the US wealthy in natural gas that sells for something on the order of fifty cents a (equivalent) gallon cheaper than gasoline, why has the Corpocracy no energy policy for natural gas?
How long will the Bureau of Indian Affairs continue in existence?
Why are we giving foreign aid to China?
Why is more than half of the working population employed by the gov’t?
Why is the gov’t picking up the tab for the illegal population?
Why do the Saudi’s get a free ride on the intl scene?
Why does the gov’t provide free flood insurance for those who build on coastal areas prone to flooding? This one makes me feel like a bag full of beat up assholes everytime I hear about it.
I’m sure I have hurt the Corpocracy badly so I’ll shut down for today.

Otherwise - -

Posted by Roy Ellis at April 2, 2011 6:12 PM
Comment #321007

The goal of Soros is to destroy America. International banks and corporations have no allegiance to any nation. We are sliding down a slippery slope and there is no stopping the slide. It really doesn’t matter who we vote for; there is nothing that can be done. The foreign aid we give is only part of the problem. We give weapons and training to countries that use them against us. We rebuilt our enemies and unfriendly nations after WWII and then sent all our industry to their modern factories. Obama ran on a ticket of cutting our dependency on foreign oil and we are more dependent now than we were 3 years ago. Obama and the politicians put us in hock for TARP and stimulus money, that was used to bail out states, union pensions, international and foreign banks; all for the promise of unemployment that would not go above 8%, and guess what? Can anyone say 19.5%? We are told that the economy is turning around and jobs are being created, but even an idiot knows this is, in WR’s terms, Hyperbole. Soros is not a friend of America, and the liberals on WB will defend him until their last breath.

Posted by: 1776 at April 2, 2011 7:36 PM
Comment #321015

“Obama and the politicians put us in hock for TARP…”


You have your history a bit wrong. It was Bush that proposed the TARP bailout. You do remember Secretary Paulson on bended knees begging Congress to pass it on an emergency basis. It was passed by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by Bush early in October of 2008.

Posted by: Rich at April 2, 2011 9:26 PM
Comment #321021
Obama ran on a ticket of cutting our dependency on foreign oil and we are more dependent now than we were 3 years ago.

Thing’s would’ve been different if Obama actually was allowed to implement his energy policy.

all for the promise of unemployment that would not go above 8%
I think everyone knows now that it was rash for the Obama administration (specifically Christine Romer) to declare in January 2009 that unemployment would never exceed 8.5% without waiting for the 2008 Q4 data to come in, which would have shown that the economy already was much worse than anyone thought. As for 19.5%? Please don’t compare apples with oranges, I don’t know where you got that number from, but it certainly isn’t the same parameter Romer was talking about. It doesn’t make sense to compare a number that includes people who’ve stopped looking for work with the unemployment rate that excludes such people.

As for hyperbole, I don’t think so; the economy is certainly producing jobs. Of course we started in a REALLY big hole so there’s still plenty to be done.

Posted by: Warped Reality at April 2, 2011 10:16 PM
Comment #321027

“Why does the gov’t provide free flood insurance for those who build on coastal areas prone to flooding? This one makes me feel like a bag full of beat up assholes everytime I hear about it.”

Well, it doesn’t. The National Flood Insurance Program is theoretically a premium driven program. In addition, its availability is dependent upon compliance with flood plain building codes (i.e., elevation, etc.). Further, under the Coastal Barrier Reef Act of 1983 (COBRA), it is not available for coastal development subject to severe damage in a hurricane, etc. Private insurance must be relied upon for coastal area building subject to severe threat.

That’s the theory. However, it is also clear that catastrophic events such as Katrina have required government subsidy for the national flood insurance pool. That is supposed to be payed back by the pool with interest through increased premiums. It is also clear that many of the flood plain and coastal maps triggering building code requirements and prohibiting coverage under COBRA have been outdated and/or inadequate. FEMA has been engaged in a major revision of its maps for a number of years resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of flood plain designations and triggering mortgage servicing requirements for purchase of flood insurance and revisions of building codes.

In my opinion, the theory is fine. However, it is equally clear that recent catastrophic natural disasters have highlighted the inadequacies of the flood mapping, flood mitigation building codes, coastal restrictions and actuarial premium structure.

Posted by: Rich at April 3, 2011 9:39 AM
Comment #321028

I’ll tell you why the so-called “corpocracy” exists. It’s pretty simple. Nice, trusting folks are told that regulations are impeding the economy, that taxes are making the rich less likely to create businesses and jobs.

So, those nice, trusting folks vote for people who will let the rich people give them jobs, create businesses. And those leaders are good as their word.

And the results are, the laws that restrained corporations and folks of higher income from dominating society with their decisions are done away with, and they can earn more money doing less work, and support the government they so love to use to their own purposes less.

You get the “corpocracy” you deserve for undermining the government that held them in check all these years, for buying into the notion that if you let the rich and powerful have more money and power, that they’ll use it in your interests for some reason, rather than using it in yours.

If you quit looking out for the interests of corporations and rich people in elections and in terms of what you support, and looked out for your own, you’d be in much better shape.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at April 3, 2011 10:54 AM
Comment #321033

“The goal of Soros is to destroy America. International banks and corporations have no allegiance to any country.”

The New American website and the author of the Soros piece is libertarian. The libertarian agenda calls for minimal regulation on business (bankers and corporations), a laissez faire, caveat emptor free market, a non-interventionist foreign policy, an open borders policy with minimal restrictions on immigration, strong civil liberties and freedom of trade across borders. There apparently is no such thing as treason for libertarians.

Posted by: jlw at April 3, 2011 4:20 PM
Comment #321036

Roy, is the speculation about the E.U. breakup any different that the speculation about or the demand for the breakup of the U.S.?

States rights, nullification, secession, etc.

Posted by: jlw at April 3, 2011 5:46 PM
Comment #321040

Rich, I did embellish by using the word ‘free’. While relatively cheap, a few hundred dollars, the federal subsidy does have some associated cost. Here is article that prompted by post.

IMO, we have rule by Corpocracy for one reason only. The people allowed it to happen. Conversely, only the people can remove it- - VOID, AVC, and a 3rd party with a diff - -

Just like with the political BS going on now - budget- shut down gov, etc. Every incumbent known to be playing that game should be VOID’ed asap. The Founder’s didn’t expect us to sit it out, spectate, while the country slides into the ocean. They gave us the power of the vote. If we vote enough of them out, eventually they will come around and ask the people, ‘what do you want’. As it is half don’t bother to vote and just as well as they couldn’t identify a candidate who might be helpful in restoring the country.

jlw, seems the movements you mentioned are so small as to be insignificant. I get the sense that EU countries will vote their pocketbook.

The EU may be dropped in priority if this Middle East thing goes into meltdown. How to put that genie back in the bottle - -

Otherwise - -

Posted by: Roy Ellis at April 3, 2011 7:33 PM
Comment #321042

Roy, about 22% believe that a state or a community has a right of secession from the government. The majority of them are associated with the left, Hispanics, blacks, community activists, PETA, etc.

Politically, the Libertarian Party promotes secession, especially community autonomy which is appealing to some left and right leaning community activists.

There are a number of elected libertarian politicians in the Republican Party and a growing number of Libertarian Party candidates. It is the largest third party.

IMO, the money pretty much voids VOID.

When we get to the point where the politicians ask the question, what will our answer be?

Stephen is pretty much right Roy, as an example, Bill Clinton told the American people that there would be safe guards to protect the jobs of American workers if NAFTA and other trade agreements were passed. Enough trusting folks believed him to put him in the White House. Well, he lied!

Since the Carter Administration to the present, a majority of the politicians in both political parties have endorsed deregulation and corporate free trade, and they still do.

Although it began slowly, and the change could have been manageable, it was accelerated greatly over the last decade. While manageability was exasperated by the inclusion of massive jobless tax cuts for investors, the wealthier the better, who invested in outsourcing to the global economy and the housing bubble. This mismanagement has also included two unfunded wars and two massive corporate friendly entitlement programs.

While all this was happening in government circles, the nice trusting folks were still practicing partisan politics in between practicing don’t worry, be happy, go shopping; walking over their fellow workers to buy the goods that they used to make, but are now made by the Chinese.

Well, we know the results, massive consumer and government debt, massive government deficits, a huge number of unemployed, increased demand for government assistance, and an increased demand to end government assistance.

The corpocracy marches on, it’s priorities remain the same, outsourcing, tax breaks, deregulation, mass consumption, and diversionary scapegoating.

Posted by: jlw at April 3, 2011 10:55 PM
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