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Indiana House Dems leave state

Indiana House Dems leave state

More than 20 bills — including “right to work” restrictions on unions — died Tuesday evening when a deadline passed to transfer bills from committee reports to the full House schedule.

Emphasis mine

The bills of concern to House Democrats:
HB 1002 Charter Schools. - Charter School Expansion. Diverts state funding to experimental schools at a time when the state has cut funding to local schools by $600 million over the past two years.
HB 1003 School Scholarships. - School Vouchers. Allows a family of four making over $80,000 a year to receive taxpayer dollars to send their children to a private school.
HB 1479 School performance and turnaround academies. - Private Takeover of Public Schools. Allows the state of Indiana to take over poorly performing schools and for these schools to be managed by for-profit companies. It removes local decision making in schools.
HB 1584 Vehicle Bill. - Public School Waiver of state laws. Allows school boards to seek waivers of almost any school law or regulation.
HB 1468 Right to work. - Right to work. Places the government between employers and their workers. It weakens the ability of working people to bargain for fair wages and safe work environments.
HB 1216 Public works projects. - Public Works Projects and Common Construction Wage. Weakens the ability of government to ensure that tax dollars are paid to the best and most qualified workers on public works projects, and that these tax dollars are spent at home.
HB 1203 Employee representation campaigns. - Employee representations. Ends employee rights to join a union by secret ballot and opens employees up to retaliation and firing by an employer who finds out they are trying to use their right to bargain. This is preempted by federal law. Will require the state to use taxpayer dollars to defend this legislation.
HB 1450 Unemployment insurance. - Unemployment Insurance. Shifts hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes from big businesses to small business and will cut benefits for unemployed workers by 25%.
HB 1585 Vehicle Bill. - Right to work for Public Employees. Removes collective bargaining rights at the local level.
HB 1538 Minimum wage required by local unit. - Minimum wages. Precludes a community from determining what wages are appropriate for its area.
HB 1001 Budget Bill. - Budget Bill. Allowed no public testimony on a school funding formula that cuts state support for K-12 across Indiana.
(This statement was sent as a release from the Indiana House Democrats.)

I have emphasized the words used in the statement released by the Indiana House Democratics. I urge everyone to read the words emphasized and compare them to the words of the actual bill on the official website!

It's no wonder Linda Lucy believes what she believes....

“I do not believe the reforms that are being requested right now are an answer,” said Linda Lucy, a teacher at Darden Primary Center. “I believe they’re going to tear away the basic fabric of public education.”

"...they’re going to tear away the basic fabric of public education." And these people teach our kids?

GOP leader says he won't negotiate with absent Ds

"As Rep. Bauer started going through his list, I just told him that we weren't going to concede to a list of demands, and that he needed to get back here," Bosma told reporters, adding that if those were the requirements for Bauer to return, "I said, 'Have fun in Illinois.'"
"The negotiation takes place on the floor of the House," Bosma said. "This isn't the old back room deals that Rep. Bauer's used to cutting."

This is closer to the heart of the matter. Rep. Bauer is using fear mongering and temper tantrums like a good Democratic. His position lacks the will of the people so he resorts to childish games in an attempt to get his way. I would expect something like this to originate on the least or worst coasts, but not in the breadbasket of America. These changes may tear the scab off of a festering wound but it will not tear away the basic fabric of public education. Linda Lucy and Rep. Bauer and Rep. Dembowski are acting like Chicken Little.

Posted by Weary Willie at February 23, 2011 5:18 PM
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Why, oh why, dear Weary Willie, are you attempting to turn a well established adjective into a noun? Is the English language doing you a massive injustice by making the word Republican both an adjective and a noun? Do you envy Democrats their separate noun and adjective forms?

Seriously, some of the right wing word games get really stupid.

Look, the solution, which has been applied pretty well in the rest of the world, is to better compensate teachers. That way, you can draw talented people who would otherwise believe that it’s not worth the time and money lost.

But Education is nearly always the punching bag for those looking for a quick and easy cut. Never mind that it’s the social equivalent of eating your seedcorn.

Republicans accused Democrats of exploiting the recession and economic crisis for political benefit. Now it’s time to make that accusation in return, this time with the substance of truth behind it. Republicans won’t balance a single budget with these word games and parlor tricks. But they will strike at a key group supporting Democrats politically.

And really, that shows you what matters to these people nowadays: winning elections. The question of whether they deserve to win a damn thing, I think, is a fairly open question. They’ll let this country fall to pieces to get it the way they like it. They envy the amount of power the rich and powerful have in third world countries, so they’re doing their best to reduce us to that kind of a society. Well, even in such countries, people eventually get sick of being stomped on.

It won’t take thirty or forty years to correct the national mistake of 2010, thankfully.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at February 23, 2011 6:12 PM
Comment #319122

That’s a perty thin skin ya got there, Stephen Daugherty!

My friend, a 4 year old, slipped off my lap and her jaw hit my knee. I could tell she bit her tongue before she started to cry.

She had a reason to cry, Stephen Daugherty. What’s yours?

Posted by: Weary Willie at February 23, 2011 7:00 PM
Comment #319127

Weary Willie,

You are aware of what the well respected conservative Republican Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniel, had to say about the Republican legislative bills restricting unions aren’t you? He said: drop it!

He is publicly on record before the legislative session advising against filing the anti-union bills. He is on record during this legislative session requesting the Republican legislators to allow the bills to die. Why? Because he thinks that restricting such fundamental rights (organize, collective bargaining, etc.) deserve a full and adequate independent hearing. He seems appropriately sensitive to the problem of exploiting a fiscal crisis to achieve an ideological agenda.

Posted by: Rich at February 23, 2011 7:26 PM
Comment #319128
Why, oh why, dear Weary Willie, are you attempting to turn a well established adjective into a noun? Is the English language doing you a massive injustice by making the word Republican both an adjective and a noun? Do you envy Democrats their separate noun and adjective forms?

I insist you answer this question, Weary Willie!

Posted by: Q at February 23, 2011 7:29 PM
Comment #319130

It is so frustratign to watch appointed politicians leave their state and not debate or accept the will of the people. I think it is more than fair for them to attack these issues and win the next election. I work in Champaign, Illinois and I find it aggrevating to know these politicians won’t stay in the system and do what is asked of them. Rather they leave and don’t acknowledge they are in the minority for now. I cringe to think if these were Republicans, how it would play out on this blog and in the media. Hopefully our fellow citizens understand how this undermines political discourse.

Posted by: Edge at February 23, 2011 7:32 PM
Comment #319147

Weary Willie-
Well, if we’re talking about four year olds, that four year old might have an excuse to butcher the English language, but you, an educated man, do not.

It’s an absurd misuse of the English language employed to defend a contemptuous misuse of the English language.

As a political writer now, you’ve gote better things to do than play petty word games.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at February 23, 2011 10:05 PM
Comment #319179

I get it now, Stephen Daugherty!

Since I’m a political writer I should write what you think I should write, right?

Posted by: Weary Willie at February 24, 2011 10:49 AM
Comment #319209

Misuse of the English language in defense of the New World Order is no vice.

The enemy that is befuddling our attempts to better educate our children is our new and improved American lifestyle and the economic forces that have helped bring it about.

As a woman of old wealth, that I once worked for, would say, those (leaders) who need the education are still getting it and those (workers) who don’t need the education are getting far to much of it.

Posted by: jlw at February 24, 2011 8:39 PM
Comment #319401

Again, does center = right on this blog?

… “liberal this” and “liberal that” …

… “least and worst coasts” …

Personally, I’d be interested to know what’s wrong with the sentence, “They’re going to tear away the basic fabric of public education.” It’s grammatically and syntactically correct, and accurately addresses her fears of what the proposed “education reforms” will do to the on-the-ground operation of public schools through the use of a simile.

As you said, “Since I’m a political writer I should write what you think I should write, right?”

Enjoy the taste of your own crow.

Posted by: Gary St. Lawrence at March 1, 2011 12:05 PM
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