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Boehner cries out of both faces

I make no denial of my loathing of the hypocrisy of Speaker of the House John Boehner not mentioning job creation as he took over leadership of the House, and clearly doing everything he can to avoid anything remotely related to job creation, other than to perpetuate the ridiculously orchestrated GOP-wide sing-song taunt of “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?”

After all, Boehner and his fellow Republicans ran on the platform that President Barack Obama did not create enough jobs and that this would be their first order of business.

Now we are into month number two of the Boehner era and still not one single job-creation program has been introduced. In fact, Boehner has not only not presented or even supported a single proposal out of the House of Representatives, but he has personally DE-PRIORITIZED no less than 27 job-creation proposals within his own House.

The man who complained that Obama didn’t create enough jobs has elevated the repeal of Obama’s health care reform, lit the fires under yet another anti-abortion crusade, and spearheads the systemic redefinition of the word “rape” to be his Holy Trinity of “top priorities.”

And all the while, he smirks and says that if 200,000 people lose their jobs for the sake of the GOP agenda, “Then so be it.”

My opinion of Boehner’s hypocrisy is inarguably justified.

But then, is anybody whose head is out of the sand actually surprised when you look at the highlights of Boehner’s career. He was elected in 1990, after a campaign that assigned a laser focus on the issue of term limits and swore to enact a six-term/12-year restriction on all of Congress.

Boehner’s twelfth year in Congress was in 2002.

Boehner said during his 1990 acceptance speech, “I will not be one of those Washington insiders who is more closely associated with big business and lobbyist than with the people who elected me.” In 1995, Boehner achieved near-cult status in Washington alleys when he stood on the House floor and personally handed out gigantic poster-board checks totaling more than $70 Million to the leaders of the tobacco industry and its leading lobbyists.

John Boehner literally surrounds himself with a veritable “Who’s Who” of K Street lobbyists. Click HERE to see at-a-glance exactly who Boehner's chief backers and supporters are.

Where was Boehner’s criticism of spend-happy fiscal policies when he was pimping the bank and insurance company bailouts at the behest of George W. Bush?

“We face a crisis, and if we don’t act and we don’t act quickly, we’re going to jeopardize our economy,” Boehner told ABC News. “The president has a strong, sensible plan to save America’s financial institutions, and by extension, save the American people.”

Boehner was all about bailing out bankers who happily took hundreds of billions from American taxpayers that was intended to be circulated and revive the economy. But the “best and the brightest” of Wall Street pocketed the money, immediately started doling out huge bonuses to themselves instead of being fired for running their companies into the ground. And … (insert gasp of surprise here) … Boehner sides with the executives.

And while voting that the executives who crashed our economy should be allowed to pay themselves whatever they see fit (you know, the same way Congress does), when it came time to give low-wage workers a raise so they could contribute to our economy, Boehner was adamant in voting against increasing the minimum wage to $7.25 per hour.

And throughout all his talk, bluster and tears about how badly Democrats have damaged the economy, Boehner refuses to even discuss any cuts to defense budgets, or his beloved lobbyists and contractors, or even his Congressional benefits – which represents 0.000318 percent of the debt – claiming that “the resulting benefit of such cuts does nothing to address the massive debt we face.” All the while, Boehner wants to strip National Public Radio and Corporation for Public Broadcasting funding, which amounts to 0.0000127 percent of the debt.

Back in August, Boehner warned Barack Obama against “using campaign promises as a yardstick to measure success” because it runs the risk of triggering artificial and premature victory laps.

Premature victory laps? You mean like campaigning on a platform of “We’re going to create jobs” and then throw every resource you have as Speaker of the House into every initiative that *doesn’t create jobs*?

You *should* be crying, Mr. Boehner, out of shame instead of photo-ops.

Posted by Gary St. Lawrence at February 20, 2011 3:23 AM
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So, the fact that Obama lost jobs since being elected after more than two years is not his fault. Democrats who controlled BOTH houses of Congress from 2006-2010, as given a pass. Yet, Republicans have been in power in only one part of the government for less than a month are supposed to change everything, despite the fact that Democrats still control the Senate and the Presidency.

I think your mistake lies in the idea that you seem to think that legislation alone creates jobs. Sometimes things go wrong BECAUSE of and not in spite of the best efforts of politicians.

But you are inconsistent is you think you can blame Republicans for not being able to do in four weeks what Democrats didn’t do in four years in the case of Congress and two in the case of the president.

When Nancy Pelosi took over the speaker job, unemployment was 4.6%. After four years of Democratic control it was - stated politely - higher. You can hold Republicans accountable after two years. A couple weeks is a little too soon.

Posted by: C&J at February 20, 2011 12:06 PM
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BTW - why is it that the “independent” column usually a species of Democrat under a different name?

Posted by: C&J at February 20, 2011 12:08 PM
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BTW - why is it that the “independent” column usually a species of Democrat under a different name?

Posted by: C&J at February 20, 2011 12:08 PM

Because the left wants to appear to be middle of the road and this only proves a liberal Democrat is a liberal Democrat…

“I make no denial of my loathing of the hypocrisy of Speaker of the House John Boehner not mentioning job creation as he took over leadership of the House,”

Multiply this comment by 10 and you will know how I felt about Pelosi.

“But the “best and the brightest” of Wall Street pocketed the money, immediately started doling out huge bonuses to themselves instead of being fired for running their companies into the ground. And … (insert gasp of surprise here) …”

Yes, surprising isn’t it? Considering Obama and the liberal Democrats are so anti-corporate (blowing smoke), and cosidering corporate America supported more Democrats than Renpublicans in the 2008 election cycle.

The Tea Party conservatives were elected for the purpose of destroying obamacare and cutting spending; just like the conservatives who were elected in WI, OH, and all other states.

Posted by: Conservativethinker at February 20, 2011 1:22 PM
Comment #318917

Since Gary is a “Third Party” and “Independent”, I look forward to reading his next article condemning the Liberal Democratic Party, for their share of the problems in America…

Posted by: Conservativethinker at February 20, 2011 1:26 PM
Comment #318918

Conservatives moved the GOP so far right, virtually everyone else sounds like a liberal Democrat, even various Independents. Today, moving right of the GOP goes beyond Birther territory, and enters the land of Militias, White Supremacists, and strange musings about an impending Islamic Caliphate.

Posted by: phx8 at February 20, 2011 1:29 PM
Comment #318921

phx8, can the links to you pearls of wisdom be found at the Thank you for your wisdom and liberal talking points.

Posted by: 1776 at February 20, 2011 1:58 PM
Comment #318922

The article decries the House GOP agenda. Since taking office, the Republican Representatives have done nothing- literally nothing- to address the issue of job creation. One week, the only thing they managed to do was rename a courthouse. Two other votes that week that Boehner & the GOP thought would pass, failed. It was simply botched politics.

They spent time on the floor reading the Constitution aloud. In a way I think that’s nice, but there’s business to be done, especially job creation, and that reading did not contribute to job creation not a whit. They’ve spent time on the abortion issue. That didn’t help either. They then passed legislation up to the the Senate that would CUT jobs. It’s just gross incompetence and blatant hypocrisy.

Posted by: phx8 at February 20, 2011 2:40 PM
Comment #318931

Oh, don’t get your pants in a bundle. He’s calling Boehner on his hypocrisy and failed promises.

Look, the stimulus worked. The CBO, a nonpartisan agency said so. Given that result doesn’t square with what some want to hear, it’s been ignored. It is, however the truth.

But that stimulus was meant to tackle a economic downturn that was smaller. The overwhelming momentum of that downturn, claiming several hundred thousand jobs a month when Obama cam into office overtook it.

And since then, Republicans have done their political best to keep the President from enacting any further economic measures. They want to treat this like a regular downturn writ large, exploiting the fiscal crises of many of the states to force their agenda down everybody’s throats.

Boehner is a symptom of a party that is more interested in advancing its agenda than taking care of what it told the American people it would be dealing with.

I’m personally committed to making sure your people are held accountable for that failure, for that dishonesty. You said jobs would be your priority. It hasn’t been. In fact, according to estimates, your budget could cost a million American jobs, and put us back in a recession.

Tell me, is your politics really so go good as to be worth that sacrifice on the American people’s part? I’ve seen how your economics worked back in the last decade. You folks don’t have the first clue about stimulating economies. You cripple them with uncertainty about the trustworthiness in the markets. You oppose regulations that would allow people to trust the markets again.

You confuse catering to the interests of the economic elite with satisfying the needs of the economic system. People can making money doing stupid and immoral stuff, and by the time their done sucking the blood out of the economy, they’re out the door, floating down on their golden parachutes. This country made the bet, on a bipartisan basis, that letting businesses do whatever they want would unleash America’s economic strength. Instead, we’ve lost an entire decade’s worth of productivity.

How much more of this counterproductive policy do we need to suffer through, before it’s clear we need an alternative?

Oh, and for the information of a lot of people complaining about the post Author’s left lean, I have received comments from God knows how many people who basically lay out the GOP line talking point by talking point, but get offended when I call them Republicans, telling me they’re independents. When some of you start calling yourselves Republicans for real, you can start Demanding he accept a party label.

Posted by: Stephen Daugherty at February 20, 2011 5:28 PM
Comment #319051


I never even know what the Republican talking points are. I agree that if somebody consistently disagrees with Democrats, they are probably Republican leaning or at least conservative. That describes me. But the reason I give you a hard time is that you want me to defend everything Republican. I do not speak for the party or agree with all aspects or everybody.

By the same token, when someone consistently disagrees with Republicans, they are probably Democratic leaning or liberal.

If you look at the “independents” here, which side do they usually fall on?

Re Pelosi - Let’s just go by the numbers. When Pelosi took over the leadership, unemployment was 4.6% When she left after four years it was nearly 10%. I don’t know if she did anything wrong, but she certainly didn’t help do the right thing. I understand that you will want to blame Bush. Fine. But in this post we are criticizing Boehner, who holds the position Pelosi did and we have a Democratic president.

So you have two choices. Accept that Pelosi messed up big time, in which case you can also blame Boehner, although it is way early to do that. Or you can let the Democrats off the hook, in which case you have no basis to blame Boehner.

You generally don’t like to be consistent and I understand why, but it is the test of fairness to turn things around.

Posted by: C&J at February 22, 2011 5:04 PM
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