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Time For A Different Political Attitude?

Ask the individual what change is most needed to set this country on the right track and there is no end to ‘solutions’ for correcting our problems. One will hear, trash the Fed Reserve, the IRS, Fannie & Freddie, Congress, repeal the Health Care bill, properly fund Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, limit the size of government, the military, balance foreign trade, reduce the deficit, repeal some amendment, campaign finance reform, just plug in the ox you’d like to gore here - - -

People bringing forth such recommendations can’t be all right but, neither are they all wrong. It’s clear the country is having serious problems but, for the most of us life goes on, basically unchanged. It’s also clear that this country, in a short span of 25 years, went from being the wealthiest nation to the largest debtor nation. Something bigtime serious must be going on here.

Certainly, a country of this size, comprised of numerous ethno/social groups, with complex business models, relations with foreign countries, etc, is going to experience plenty of problems. No one should expect a perfectly smooth ride and change can have both good and bad affects. And, we are aware that the Federal Gov’t was, in the beginning, organized to be somewhat inefficient across three branches.

What then, has happened to make people feel so uneasy about practically all aspects of our government? To what end can we attribute the legitimate responses in the first paragraph? At the highest level most all problems can be viewed in terms of morality, or how one interacts with their fellow man. Man comes with avarice and greed while full of love for his family and compassion for those known to him. Man makes a decision to balance his own interests and those known to him against those tribes afar. In that sense one of our first problems as a nation may date to the formation of political parties, enabling Congresspersons to divide along party lines as a means of influencing the political outcome of government.

President Andrew Jackson made a valiant but futile attempt to rid the country of a quasi-government banking system. Along the way elected officials learned to ‘help themselves’ as well as others with their ever growing influence. In so doing, congresspersons really fell off the wagon when the Supreme Court, in 1896, gave corporations some human rights. With corporate personhood law in place congress began to ‘follow the money’, more in alliance with business interests than the populace at large. Add-on’s, such as ‘money is free speech’ law and the more recent supreme court ruling permitting corporations to directly fund adds for/against a political candidate have exacerbated the ever growing alliance between business and government, culminating in what is often referred to as the ‘corpocracy’. Rule by corpocracy infers that we are less a democracy and more of a corpocratic society. The voting public was not asked to vote for corpocracy rule but, neither were they asked to vote against it. The voting public has been silent to this point in time.

Rule by corpocracy seemed to work well enough through the 1980’s. But, as pressure on world resources mounted corporations and governments believed that a globalized trade system where resources could be bought and sold in a ‘free market’ system was the better policy. Anti-trust law was shelved in favor of promoting corporate mergers, giving more ‘buying’ clout to the large monopoly or conglomerate. And, to maximize their bottom line global corporations have chosen to locate their product manufacturing in/near the cheapest labor markets. This has worked to disrupt labor forces around the world, the US in particular.

To expedite globalization governments established a ‘world trading organization (WTO) and an international monetary fund (IMF) to regulate finance and trade agreements between the nations. In trying to work around US sovereignty issues ‘trade agreements’, rather than ratified treaties were adopted. Trade agreement authority was delegated by congress to the executive branch where the President manages the numerous trade agreements between regions/countries. Attempting to further maximize efficiency in global trade the ‘corpocracy’ has worked to establish trade regions such as the European Union. An attempt was made to create a ‘North American Union’ (NAU) comprising Mexico, Canada and the US but, largely due to sovereign issues, the voting public rebelled, putting the NAU on hold for the time being. However, much of the trade, administrative and security provisions have been implemented, including many of the rules related to a migrant workforce between the three nations.

The effort to globalize world economies has had a 30 year run. Unfortunately, at this point in time, those efforts, while having some success in involving China and other developing nations in the process, have failed on a colossal scale, culminating in a worldwide recession requiring drastic measures to prevent wholesale anarchy in some nations. The US, in particular has been hurt severely, going from the wealthiest nation to the largest debtor nation in a relatively short time span of 25 years. Unemployment stands at near 10 percent with no plan for recovery, nothing on the table. This, coupled with stagnant or falling wages and severe home foreclosure statistics has set the US back on many fronts.

The corporate sector has recovered from the recession with stocks hitting a two year high on the 21st of Dec 2010. And, the wealthy have increased their wealth exponentially over the last 30 years. The top 1% of the wealthy pay about 48% of tax revenue and about 43%, 43 million, taxpayers pays no tax.

Most would agree that this is an unhealthy situation for the nation. Our history has been that the voting public will move to correct undesirable situations when they arise in government. But, even with Independents making up 40% of the electorate the corpocracy has managed to hold on to positions of power in government. One might be hopeful that the Tea Party movement will serve to bring some reform to the corpocracy form of government but, we are aware that several elected to office of that movement are engaged in lobbying activities as if it were business as usual. Pushing back on earmarks has more to do with long standing public sentiment than any reform policy of the Tea Partier’s.

So, here is the pitch. Have we not tolerated this increasing rule by Corpocracy long enough? If yes, then what might be the best approach to restoring our Democratic-Republic style of government? I suggest/advocate for a new 3rd party but, not just another 3rd party. The voting public must find the ability to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions/inactions. A 3rd party with a different political attitude can provide accountability in government through oversight of party members elected to office, state or federal. If complaints toward an elected official of the party are significant then the official would stand for an up/down vote by the party membership. Failing to garner 65% of the favorable vote the official would be rejected from the party, left to serve out their remaining term in office but, with no further support from the party. The official could circumvent such an outcome by broaching a complaint with the membership and, through good communications channels provided by the party website, engage in a dialog with the membership which could serve to thwart or nullify the complaint.

Communications between elected officials and the voting public is highly desired. Through good communications and dialog we can achieve a good measure of accountability and get beyond this ‘left and right’ holding the conversation/debate while the independent majority remain silent or sidelined in the debate.

Are you ready to advocate for a new 3rd party with a different political attitude?

Otherwise, we have the Corpocracy we deserve.

Posted by Roy Ellis at December 29, 2010 9:55 PM
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Attempted to post a comment on this article over at Discuss America, but could not see where it had posted. However, I do believe if you look at the MBA students today you will see a very different attitude. And though it may take a few years before our leaders can change the minds of My Generation, I do believe it will take even longer for Americans to learn why they are the Owners, Stockholders, Managers, and Laborers of “The Corporation.”

In fact, one could say you own the Automotive industry, Food industry, health industry and so n and so forth. Because whether you work for them or just use their products and services The Corporation could not exist without everyone doing their part. And though this will result in a fundamental shift in education and social acceptence I do have to wonder if the Republicans are not taking advantage of the conservative nature of the Older Generation.

For why President Reagan said “Government is the problem” in the 1980’s, today I believe it is the Private Sector who is the problem. For why they have worked hard to put as many humans around the world to work, they have IMHO failed to understand the Principles and Standards of Trickledown Economics. Since up to the point the bottom dropped out of the economy, Americans were all to ready to allow the Status Quo to continue to call the shots.

Now Americans do not deserve the Corpocracy we have, but until Individuals, Communities, Goverments, and Societies learn to become Self-Sustainable than owning a government By, For, and Of the People will have to do what is necessary to maintian Domestic Tranquilty, Provide for the Common Welfare, and ensure the Common Defense of Her Citizens. Because why a Prefect Union may just be out of the reach of Man, a More Prefect Union has, is, and should remain every new generations guaranteed civil and constitutional rights IMHO.

Posted by: Henry Schlatman at December 29, 2010 11:00 PM
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It is for certain that something has to be done. If not, we will be in the same boat as Ireland, Greece, Spain, and the remaining Euro countries within a short period of time. We are already seeing cities and states on the verge of bankruptcy. We will see American cities and states reach critical mass in 2011. There will be cries for taxpayer bailouts and I hope for the sake of America, we have enough politicians with large enough balls to stop it dead. You can’t keep borrowing in order to spend. It’s not logical. We don’t do it in our private personal economies and we can’t do it nationally. The union contracts of city, state, and fed employees have broken the bank. Even democrat politicians are seeing this now.

A third party sounds good, but it will never succeed. All it will do is further divide the voters. What needs to be done is exactly what is taking place now; a takeover of the Republican Party by conservatives. The Tea Party is the means to do this and it is being successful. A third party would simply allow liberals (the socialist 20% of America), to continue to control the other 80%. The freedom of communication in this day and age allows the American voter to know the issues and be in contact with their representatives in real time. Why do you think Obama and his cabinet (FCC) are so eager to limit our access to information and communication. The battles for the next two years will not be just on spending and taxes, but there will be a constant battle by conservatives to block Obama and company from taking away our freedoms.

Posted by: Conservativethinker at December 30, 2010 9:55 AM
Comment #316072

A conservativethinker is that even possible? Anyway I know I have not lost any freedoms what freedoms have you lost? Just another angry tea bag blaming unions.

Posted by: Jeff at December 30, 2010 3:28 PM
Comment #316086

Roy, good job, you are refining your message well.

With the exception of illegal immigration, it seems to me that the tea party is in alignment with the corpocracy, only preferring a third world American workforce rather than a foreign one judging by conservativethinkers comments. They are more interested in taking back their country from those who stole it, namely the 20% who are liberal and the 7% who are union.

For them the problem is the unions that broke the bank rather than the banks that broke the union.

Roy, have you ever heard a conservative-thinker use the term corpocracy in a negative way?

Posted by: jlw at December 30, 2010 7:31 PM
Comment #316120

jlw said “With the exception of illegal immigration, it seems to me that the tea party is in alignment with the corpocracy”

if illegals become legal then the low wage bonus and all the benefits paid to legal workers that arent paid to illegal workers, that corrupt employers enjoy, would go away… fighting the dream act and any pathway to legalization fits exactly into the corporate paradigm…so they (the corporation) are in essence in line with tea party goals if for a different reason.

Posted by: John in napa at December 31, 2010 9:58 AM
Comment #316130

Yes, the time for a 3rd party is most likely approaching.

Fortunately, there is a potential built-in self-correction mechanism, fueled by the painful consequences of too much wide-spread, short-sighted selfishness.

However, until then, as long as the majority of voters tolerate it, this is what they have.

At any rate, the majority of voters have the government that they elect, and re-elect, … , and re-elect, at least, possibly, until repeatedly rewarding failure, and repeatedly rewarding FOR-SALE, incompetent, arrogant, greedy, and corrupt incumbent politicians in Congress with perpetual re-election rates finally becomes too painful.

Posted by: d.a.n at December 31, 2010 2:38 PM
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